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SPIRIT blockers, deaths, stonehenge

The only law, the one that fulfills all scribbling by scribes is the law of Love, supposedly under the Christ which is the SPIRIT such as who spoke through Jesus or anyone who sought the SPIRIT and grew to  KNOW YOU. The SPIRIT that speaks through creation. Those that demanded a VEIL be over everyone's eyes. The anti-christ is the SPIRIT in those that used the letter to justify their right to make laws other than the law the human race as a child had been given such as the ten commandments but this was to be done away with as the being spoke through Jesus said that love is all of the law, in that YOU LOVE THE LORD AND YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. But those that love an interpretation and wish to use it against those they hate like the alt-right, draw unto themselves interpretations that bypass the law which is given to those who have become a man and put away the law of shame and blame for the greater love which is first loving god enough to be reached to the heart by the SPIRIT therefore resulting in the law of love. They do not convict others but reveal how they are DRAWING TO THEMSELVES THEIR OWN PUNISHMENT. Such as the alt-right that out-rightly coopt-ed

past tense: coopted; past participle: coopted
  1. appoint to membership of a committee or other body by invitation of the existing members.
    • divert to or use in a role different from the usual or original one.

      "social scientists were co-opted to work with the development agencies"
    • adopt (an idea or policy) for one's own use.

      "the green parties have had most of their ideas co-opted by bigger parties"

the interpretation of the law in order to use it against whom they want. But these that USE THE LAW WHICH IS NOT THE LAW AT ALL but the rules of disobedient children that will not be reached, therefore they MUST FULFILL THE LAW TO THE LETTER WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE RESULTING IN DIVISION (separation/sin/death)

While those who have been reached by seeking the SPIRIT with all their heart do not look at the law but adhere to the SPIRIT of God  and in doing so even if they were wrong the SPIRIT makes them right!

Now the misuse of the law by those under the law by using it in a manner it was not given to them for and even blocking the door to SPIRIT through their self rightness are like those that use the law against others when it was for them to keep because they do not know SPIRIT which fulfills the purpose of the law these really disbelieve in SPIRIT and it is in this time that they believing an interpretation of the end create ONLY FOR THEMSELVES an end....a death eternally as they believe. 

The synchs have grown to reveal how the SPIRIT through the hidden passion of those who know SPIRIT will accomplish this while these who hide behind a law of their own interpretation draw to themselves their own punishment such as those who intend to bloce the SPIRIT because the misuse of the law makes them believe they have power over others when really the cross was to reveal it was them all along doing what they hate to themselves.

In other words if Trump's power was only given to him to catch all who are like him, who manipulate and use the law in a manner it was not intended and then surprisingly he finds out what he overlooked then also this will be the result of all who both followed him and those that hated him yet it is in themselves what they hate which is being mirrored. Thus revealing the true intentions of the heart of all who deny/block SPIRIT.

Therefore, death synchs have grown to begin manifesting because of the MUTUAL intent to reach you to the heart and those who will not be reached their deaths will be a manifestation of the SPIRIT capable of reaching those with true intention of heart.

So it is soon to be the halfway point where the tables turn and those who worship the brain and manipulation and money will run out of luck which was designed to get them to follow this lie as it was given to intend in 1993 by the SPIRIT as the mutual way with creation to CLEAN HOUSE OF ALL THAT cannot be reached. The interpretation overlooked the SPIRIT and will reveal itself to become the great stumbling block revealing all those liars and thieves that used the power of a lie to MANIPULATE FOR POWER AND OR MONEY. The strap is being wound to rid the temple/earth of the money changers and all those that would gain from an interpretation without SPIRIT, this will reach those who were blocked from SPIRIT by the interpretation of men as that veil will be lifted.

Other synchs 
Rocket Scientist
Cannot buy or sell unless you have the upc code / or like Iran and North Korea unless you agree with the master manipulator.

The path is not figuring out anything by the brain which cannot see the whole equation but like such as Jesus whom could not say truth but show obedience and passion to be reached to the heart so that the brain died but SPIRIT is alive in the vessel and the fruit manifestations of SPIRIT. 

SPIRIT destroys the law in your by love such as bringing to face to face with the love and passion to know truth of those who are hated by those that love an interpretation such as LGBT which is of the law of SPIRIT, for as those who have ofended those who love a law of mis-interpretation, so they like those fed to the lions have been misunderstood and fed to the lions because of their passion to know truth. This love is so much greater respected by SPIRIT as only sinners of the law can be redeamed but those who consider themselves greater by keeping a llaw they use in a manner it was not intended believe themselves not needing to be redeemed by SPIRIT as their interpretation os their self rightness.

The links to synch will be added later today 

Stonehenge and where the shadow falls and what I placed there to remember that pointer so as to see what I was considering within the heart/temple at that moment and what SPIRIT through synchronicity at that time. The intention to cooperate with SPIRIT must be believed for it to grow.
Need to see the correlation between Storms and the intentions occurring at given times,,, also the Stonehenge idea of where things are placed at different times of the years before manifestations and at what moment

The Stonehenge of Synchs from this date previous years


So what seems to be evolving relating to this next synch is that a person uses the law in a manner it was not intended and tries to thwart the rule of law such as the supreme court ruling about the census question and those giving this person power if it is against the constitution are actually enemies of the constitution and country therefore this is one of the fulfillments of this prediction below.


Synchs are like the synergy of the nose, they can mean many things according to the SPIRIT in the moment

This synch from July 13, 2011 called

The growing divide, desolation is inevitable


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