Monday, July 11, 2005

The smallest of points covered up by the interpretations can be the weightiest

The smallest of points covered up by the interpretations can be the weightiest. For Jesus said that I do not speak except the spirit speaks. Therefore it is the spirit speaking of itself through Jesus when it is spoken I am the way, the truth and the life. And I tell you truly here that the spirit says "I am YOUR life". For Jesus gave religion what it wanted, a leader. But he snuck the truth that it is the spirit speaking and not myself and he spoke so that the religion that never knew him would not destroy his words until they got to this time. So that hearing they would not hear and seeing they will not see. And you will be hated above all for speaking the truth to religion which hides behind the veil of interpretation and speaks of the spirit but I tell you truly "they never knew me". The end of religion is the cross when all that have followed a lie and then the veil is lifted and they say "my God, my God" why have you forsaken me" and go on to a new life in the spirit not according to the law or interpretation but in the spirit. Get ready for the wild ride! For the word you seek is not the interpretation but that which you find in your mouth and in your heart and this truth is hidden from the veiled. Now when you speak in the spirit to one that is veiled it is like those that said. We cannot understand, how can you go back in the womb and be born again as many reacted to the spirit through Jesus. They believe you are crazy though you are as the wind, they just don't know where you are coming from or where you are going with it. For the spirit has always been contrary to the law and the new law called "interpretation". For God cannot be mocked *immitated", and there have come mockers "immitators" but the spirit is not in the business of making more Jesus's, YOU are a New Creature. Religion reads the scripture like an instruction manual as the Pharasees did. But the spirit says that as in all stories and written literature that is a deluding influence for that would make the scripture itself an idol to be worshipped when the scripture is none other than 66 book written by man who's number is 6. The true lover is he who sees the spirit in all things and knows the "Original intent of the heart" of Jesus. And therefore it is written of religion, those that are first will be last and the last, and the most hated will be first. Religion will fight to the death over "who is right" but that is the wrong rightness. The rightness of God is he who does not struggle but goes always to the spirit in wonder. Religion is the interpretation that seeks to cover up the spirit such as the "Great Spirit" of the indians that not having the scripture they knew the spirit better than those veiled by interpretation. You are free from their interpretation go your way without shame or blame being unveiled and uninhibited in the spirit and you will learn from the poetry of all your moments not just from things that seem spirititual as there is nothing that is separate from spirit. No, the mind is not perfect but you can dream it perfect and when she comes like a dream you find why you need the spirit for the spirit is the original intent of your heart. Agree with me in the spirit and get ready for the wild ride!