Saturday, November 30, 2019

Secretary synch 2013, Trump Masquerade and endangering America


Saturday, November 30, 2013
Secretary synch 
Yesterday on Monk was about Monk's assistant being called a secretary and that she did not like that.he called her as Secretary. Today watching Battle For Britain the Secretary of State was spoken of much. Also looked at China's news agency to see their reaction to the US and their air space. Their Air Force is on High Alert. Is the movie Battle for Britain related to the Air Force synchs.
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Trump Masquerade and endangering America
Trump Masquerade of lies and manipulation related to North Korea, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine etc he is wanting to appear to his base like

The Great Deal Maker
but what it really is doing is charging up a hellatious quantity of bad will which I am seeing the horendous outcome as wars and rumors of wars. Especially with Kim Jong Un because of how that has broken down and now he is threatening
and the synchs related to what I am saying are as follows
You and I collide and especially around January and February this is the edge of desolation and most Americans are blinded by Trump's lies even those on the left.

Kaboom Orange Cloud synch and the Trump Orange synchs

synch from 2007
http://stephentree.com/orange/ parody about this time


At last the world is safe!!!

Other synchs from this date

synchs last night
she cut herself

Intuitive Improvisation


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