Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Synch from Jan 23rd last year and it's connection to liars in Trump Trial

Synchs around this date
Help save lives by telling your senators to not lie in the Trump Trial
Prediction on tomorrows date

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lying and Blame draws own punishment faster now, Bridge Massacre, Trump Trackdown

Lying and misuse of public trust intentionallyI am feeling something and getting synchs which I will put out later about those that lie knowingly when really the opposite is true. Like those that say things about their opponents that seem bad but it really is what they are doing which is the con man/woman. Such experiences from someone that said they loved me began my journey to understand the "true intentions of the heart" from SPIRIT.
Things are going to start happening immediately to those that block the message of SPIRIT which is the source of all truth. As to reach people with this message is becoming critical to making it much further. (not about the messenger) So things will be happening to those that cannot be reached in order that it speak to those that can be reached. That is the message of reach one to the heart rather than many suffer.  



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