Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Timeline, seat belt,

I have to reach you, because of the desolation that is being drawn 

Timeline synch about someone that was not wearing a seat belt and reaching one to the heart. Please (without knowing SPIRIT) wear your seat belt! Accident! Well they won't listen to the SPIRIT, will they.  I don't want anyone to get hurt but the SPIRIT is saying this to reach them about what they have overlooked but both sides hate SPIRIT by loving their interpretations that are leading to desolation, because they will not allow the SPIRIT to reach them and will not let go of their interpretations which fill the cup leaving no room for the truth. If you would learn from SPIRIT you would understand why it is as it is, but instead you love an interpretation about SPIRIT and men that condemns you more than it does them. It is the same energy of listening to a snake in the garden instead of SPIRIT which leads to death and separation which is revealed even now through the synchs that are happening.  Once you find SPIRIT you will let go of all interpretations including mine as you are a new creature beholding only to SPIRIT that is GOD. Even when one believes they are reached and the world listens to that one do not listen, except to the SPIRIT speaking through everything. Without letting your heart be broken, you will not let the SPIRIT lead, What was being said about baptism is to listen to whom you know speaks from SPIRIT but then once your heart is reached you listen only to the SPIRIT. This was my intention through the many years of Christianity was to hear only YOU/SPIRIT/Jesus, but I listened only to the synchs guiding me to understand the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus and then I grew into only hearing SPIRIT. I actually went through many experiences of rejection by those in religion etc until that one that caused me to live alone and hear only YOU.

Numbers, timeline,  vibration sound 123\, 369 Tesla, History is not the truth it is what those seeking to control you want you to believe.
Impassable Way, Fire synchs with Jan 22
Jan 2018,2017 etc
Jan 22 2012
24th 2012
The SPIRIT of God is the smallest of Points overlooked by all who think they are wise above all men

Fresh Start


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