Monday, March 30, 2020

Broken and Contrite hearts and MY HOUSE

I am So Tired!!
I want it all consumed except for MY HOUSE
and MY OWN

There is only YOU and I though we are talking about God and man, man and woman, democrats and republicans, Islam and Christian.

Broken and Contrite Hearts toward each other

After this event such crisis will flair up when you intentionally misunderstand the SPIRIT

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You may misunderstand me, (on purpose) but DO NOT misunderstand (none will escape, nor humiliate) the Spirit when it begins SPEAKING through the coming events.

 I know Trump, we all who are reaching to save lives and working on this do not get much sleep lately.

No Shame or Blame is needed

Like the woman being stoned for adultery and Jesus spoke to the crowd saying "he who is without sin throw the first stone" but what was really going on was Jesus saying we have to have "Broken and Contrite hearts toward each other".as your "right hand" is condemning you right now.
So from that perspective you can understand how you are condemning yourselves.
Such as this:

Trump condemning those under his Hat, Ferocity of the Event

In my HOUSE says the SPIRIT there is only Broken and Contrite hearts toward each other which between a man and a woman is related to Romance and Empathy

True Romance with SPIRIT begins with a Broken and Contrite heart toward each other and forgiving each other because you are only condemning yourself. 

I want to brush your hair and speak softly to you once your heart is reached

You will Find You MUST ADAPT!

No more competition, synergize in love

Whatever it Takes,,,, Right?
Fatherhood "Provisions" My House

See humans as one house and the whole as 12 houses 
See our place among humans as one house among the whole 12
These are circles within circles like tree rings
whole systems, you do not know what you are doing to the whole, you cannot go on without SPIRIT!

How this ends is not my (SPENCE) story as much as it is "ours"

Let the SPIRIT do the work through you

Trump, Ok the Ideology is Trash and the lying but the passion is great so anyone with a broken and contrite heart that surrenders to SPIRIT can be led by the SPIRIT to do what needs to be done but such a one is a servant not a leader. So even the lying manipulator can be redeemed by the guidance of SPIRIT and not speaking except the 'SPIRIT speak. Silence is Coming!

You do not know what you are doing
Neither do those you judge

I am lost

Broken and Contrite hearts toward each other and SPIRIT

Yes I am lost but you find me where I am

and you show me the Next Step to fulfilling the seed of this TREE

to have been born into a conservative reality and then coming to know YOU/SPIRIT is very good. It is like having two eyes and seeing with great clarity.

Intentions grow like a tree once SPIRIT and Man see eye to eye

If you cannot fathom the SPIRIT then throw yourself on love and be broken

What is killing you is in your water (water spiritual understanding)

I am not elequent of speech I need Your Help to communicate. Those such as youtube influencers etc.

This morning I had caught another mouse in a sticky trap and for the sake of housecleaning I had to turn the sticky trap over on the ground outside and smashed it's head in. It had to be done! But I really hated doing it so I can understand the heart of earth with respect to breaking hearts. You would not be reached otherwise. 26yrs


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