Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Fire is Melting the Veil and those Separating YOU and I

The Fire is Melting the Veil and those Separating YOU and I

Those saying they will die for Trump's Economy are the same that divided the nation and are part of the veil separating YOU and I on this planet. They say they will die for "his" economy and re-election and so let it be, let all who love an interpretation that separates and did not follow the SPIRIT into truth be thrown into that fire. For the anger of the SPIRIT is toward all who separate me from "MY OWN".

Let SCARLET and her serpentine belt become a thread to the very edge of desolation by FOLLOWING a leader because you love your interpretations and despise the SPIRIT.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

The get of this planet synch!!!!!

The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I
We should never have been "taught" shame of blame
Remember the pain in the garden
You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears
and like a veil, You have hidden yourself from ME
I am waiting, 
Waiting at the door between our two houses 
Until the MOMENT you take me back
Why do you hide yourself from ME
Remember the covenant we share
Remember we created the sunrise to remind us HOW to START NEW!

As it was in the beginning
When I was the honeybee and You were my appletree
For then, It was the fragrance of your heart that drew me to you
Remember how
We let the seaswell rise in the air
We let the mountains crumble we did not care
Whatever happened, I was your honeybee and you were MY appletree
I was the Prince
I was the Wizard
I was the Lion of Judah
Anything You wanted, I brought it to you

Forget the World that is perishing
There has always ONLY BEEN YOU AND I

The latest "All Was Predicted" including Epidemic, Tennessee, Trump, The Orange Event

I only speak what the SPIRIT has said, Forget the messenger allow the SPIRIT to reach you to the heart
That you might live unveiled and uninhibited as it was in the beginning. 

You are under the law because you demanded it and therefore be it unto you until the SPIRIT has reached you to the heart and with True intention of heart through the SPIRIT you fulfill the law by the SPIRIT doing it through you.

Being blocked and manipulated on the net. I do believe they are hurting themselves right now


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