Saturday, March 28, 2020

So I Sense a Change Coming, being around people again

We were sitting outside and the question I was holding was "How Long" MY/LIFE. Later tonight we went back in the cabin and Pam asked if she could watch the next episode (E5) of Anzac Girls so I put it on for her from the phone app onto the tv. And I walked around as I always have waiting for YOU/MY LIFE.

And then in the background coming out of the many waters that were being presented around me came these words

I will make you "MY OWN" and I will make your HOME in my HEART

Because of words and the synchronicity with Anzac Girls with the words of the SPIRIT in the past I feel like this is not presumption to post this. Let the presumptuous misunderstand, what do they know about this love anyway.

But then from the same program I heard

I am actually enjoying being around people again. People that are not unconscious anyway

It might be presumptuous to post that one now but I feel you can join in as we allow the SPIRIT to clarify later further as I wait on the SPIRIT.

Have I got your attention YET?

The SPIRIT seems to be saying

How we treat each other if the virus is lifted

Such crisis no doubt will flair up again or even continual crisis,, but ALL IZZ WELL

Yesterday I took my lawn chair down to the creek and sat there as the water flowed by. Moses came to mind and his name meaning because he was drawn out of the water. Understanding and water.

So I feel more coming on the "Hold On" synch

I went to step over my dog and as I lifted my foot he moved to where I was going to step and so I said to him "I need you to stay put" so you don't get hurt for a little bit.

So it might be presumptous to interpret yet but it is looking better and we will wait for clarification and I wanted to share part of the process. Of course faith grows by hearing the word and learning to discern.

It would be nice if others knew about the growing tree of synchronicity so that they could join in if they wanted to but those that know better want to block that it seems. Oh well

Time is Short, so it was necessary to break your heart for the one that would take it away.

quote Anzac Girls E6

So perhaps it is possible to make a new life after an old one has past

Remember YOU and I created the sunrise to remind us to start new!
There has always only been YOU and I
No greater love than you lay down your life for another, like dying to an old way of life so that we can live (With Nature) Now I don't know when but at least there seems to be an indication of an end to this crisis. Yes, I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. Up from the Ashes

Oh if they try to manipulate using this,,,, they will be presumptuous doing so

Edit to add:https://twitter.com/dnatree/status/1244107719423987714
Wow been having a synch with a storm and maybe a tornado in Washington.10:42 PM ยท Mar 28, 2020


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