Friday, April 17, 2020

Fragrance, Epic, Not even the smell of smoke was on them

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This synchronicity with SPIRIT about the FIRE or anger of the SPIRIT known as CORONA VIRUS is about the Epic Fragrance Marker without which you cannot go out and interact in society without fear. But that is not bad because like myself when I was stuck and struck to the heart I had to let go of thinking and feel my way with the synchs to YOU/MY LIFE because I could not trust anything else to be the answer as all interpretations always failed. I had to get something from YOU that I could believe in that I would be able then to go out and live. So the fact that many may have to stay in their sanctuary (Social Distancing) may be a great blessing rather than the interpretation of scripture where you find because you never knew the SPIRIT of GOD you had no chance to go on, but here we see the smallest of points overlooked by "interpretation" which can only come from SPIRIT and that is knowing how the path will go on for you. I realized because of the synch with FIRE and with Shadrach meshach and abednego the part of the story I learned as a child that came to me was that not only did they survive the fire, but those that threw them in the fire were killed by the fire but they were in the fire "singing" most definitely way up in pie/ umm JOY and they saw this other or fourth person in the fire with them. And when they came out of the fire not even the "fragrance" of the fire was on them. Now this had to do with what they ate in the story which synchs with SPIRIT about getting your truth from SPIRIT and not from an interpretation. You might understand it this way.

We don't want to feed on hay like those that love interpretations but rather we seek for the water of the SPIRIT for a morsel to drop from his table. For as spoken by the SPIRIT through Jesus "I am that water that comes down from heaven, as Jesus said he was the fountain of that living water and that collecting that water in you becomes as a fountain rising up to eternal life. So it is this water rather than the waters of men's interpretations or the water of understanding comes from the SPIRIT and not from such interpretations of men. Here is a good portrayal that has been right in front of us but mis construed by everyone that interprets without SPIRIT. It has been there all the time in plain sight but everyone that found the SPIRIT was thrown out of their assemblies.

So it  is the SPIRIT that was to interpret but so many have taken up these interpretations rejecting the SPIRIT now because they believe already they are "right" but they are "self right".

Ok, so now we see that those that worship an interpretation not from the SPIRIT would be stumbling over their interpretation when the simplicity of what is being said is "you did not get your interpretation from the SPIRIT".

Like I have said "I am lost" most all the time, but that is exactly where I found you over and over in my moments and it turns out the place I got lost to was exactly where YOU/MY LIFE was to meet me and give me what I needed in that moment.

Not following some ideology..... by the way, how is that working out for you? EXACTLY! it does not work, it only leads to ever more division and misunderstanding. But the SPIRIT in this moment makes you and I like a hand and a glove as lovers know it was always in plain sight.

But those that find it are hated as being nuts and yes they are but we're never going to survive unless we get a little crazy as the song goes. Those people reading the book and judging people are those least likely to believe in the SPIRIT because they joined a group and never actually knew the SPIRIT.

Also it is a fire that takes the oxygen so that you cannot breath.

Ok there was one more part but the SPIRIT said again that it is "Low Key" As those that seek the SPIRIT will find IT.

Ok we could not reach them because of those that keep the attention on them. (Trump) That's ok, as our attention is now elsewhere so we will leave the struggle and focus on YOU/SPIRIT.

Oh Yes, of course the love that is between You and the SPIRIT of God which while you may still be lost your love for the SPIRIT which also allows the love of SPIRIT toward those that are part of your life but this love is the love that covers a multitude of sins as it was said. Not our own love which is as filthy rags, but YOUR love working through me.

Ok, Pam just found out this moment behind me that her brother has cancer. Oh and coincidentally my synch with Metastatin is today.

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