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EPIC synch returns and 2013 post speaks perfectly

Trump's View of life is a fight, a ball game and winners and losers, Life in the SPIRIT is dying to that and enchantment with attention to YOU/MY LIFE. Dogma Separates/Love Integrates,
 All that now follow after the lying manipulator want to follow a lie. This is what happened with the other synchs with such experiences that lead to the SPIRIT because we cannot fight such manipulation, we can only trust the SPIRIT. Instead of looking at Trump I pay attention to the flowers on the side of the road as in 1993 for the fragrance that is of the heart will draw exactly what is needed to reach you all to the heart. Those that love the lie, want the left to squirm, but the SPIRIT is using this to reach "MY OWN" and then the tables will turn and they too will be implicated. For everyone that seeks to know the SPIRIT experiences being despitefully used in this manner as Trump is manipulating.

Last night as we were falling asleep the word EPIC came out of nowhere but it felt like I should remember it. I asked my life to remind me of this word if it is a synch and this morning Pam and I were watching a van life episode of the Expaws and I heard the word EPIC and remembered to look up my post about EPIC. Some of the synchs I will put the color green on a part having to do with this moment. I was "The Leaf" in many of the posts at this time. Remember: this post was written in 2013 and speaks perfectly of this moment and there is a reason.
Quote from 2013 Because of the synch with the Three Manipulators we have a wonderful synch about what is happening to help those understand Love's intent. You were not led into this "Temptation" EXCEPT to deliver you from EVIL.
Don't side with a manipulator over the SPIRIT cause you have no idea what the SPIRIT will do next! Redeem me MY LIFE from the wiles of the devil.

Ashes of Chaos and the Weakness of the Law

Bubducere,,, to lead astray , Trump, get ready for the wild ride

The Coming End of Presumptuous Americans 8YRS ago
Now for the EPIC synch

The New Children's Movie EPIC

Been having many synchs related to the Word Epic on billboards and on Coast to Coast
I am The Leaf on another forum 

The new Children's Movie "EPIC" is coming and has the Evil "Queen"which is also my synch

Tells the story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and the forces of evil. When a teenage girl (named Mary Katherine) finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters (the
'Leaf Men') in order to save their world (and ours) from the evil spider Queen Tara.

My synchs are "The Leaf" (My name on some boards where I was manipulated for appearances) The Queen synch


Some Lyrics from "EPIC" and get ready for the wild ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Speak ( I Came to Make a Bang! ) by Eagles of Death Metal
Don't move, don't speak, even whisper 
There's something happenin' but don't be scared 
I'm too smooth, you never see me coming 
I'm never in a hurry, I'm just movin' fast 

I said HAOW! 
Oh yes you know I said HAOW! 
I came to make a bang! 
I said HAOW! 
Yes I said HAOW! 
I came to make a bang! 

Pull me, I'm your fabulous weapon 
I'll hit your target, girl, so you see (Hit the Mark)

Well I'm in too tight, gonna feel it tonight, yeah 
Baby here I stand, I'm your impossible man 

I said HAOW! 
Yes I said HAOW! 
I came to make a bang! 
I said HAOW! 
I said HAOW! 
I came to make a bang, yeah! 

Don't move, don't speak, even whisper 
You have my weapon, girl, but don't be scared 
I'm in too tight, gonna feel it tonight, yeah 
Baby girl, gonna take your whole world 
Yes I said HAOW! 
I came to make a bang yeah! 
Yes I said HAOW! 
I came to make a bang yeah! 
I came to make a bang yeah! 
I came to make a bang yeah! 
I came to make a bang yeah! 
I came to make a bang yeah! 

Don't side with a manipulator over the SPIRIT cause you have no idea what the SPIRIT will do next! Redeem me MY LIFE from the wiles of the devil.

Thursday, May 03, 2018


It would be great for those thinking we are their enemy to rather join with us in reaching others about the synchs and what they are saying. Best to find a way for the hand and glove to fit. If they looked into what is really happening instead of trying to invent alternative facts to win they would join. With SPIRIT this is possible.

 May 05, 2017, 10:32:59 PM »
Today I was remembering about the meaning of fragrance and how the SPIRIT came related to fragrance. Just as created beings have experiences related to memories and how fragrances draw them up.

About the idea of KNOWING YOU even to the fragrance and what it meant in my experience.
I have sensed in my life the meaning of the lotus flower and the layers of heart and of course the fragrance

This intention to begin to delve again into the fragrance that attracts and the use of feelings related to this and not so much words but thoughts was stimulated by yesterdays synch with the synch with the Honeysuckle. Not the kind of thoughts that are taught by the world but more like following a train of thought that your own self feels like following.
Developing through experience with SPIRIT a sense of what direction the fruit lies in or the fragrance of the heart that draws in the direction of fruit.

Of trains, trees, tunnels and candles
Yesterday we lost ourselves on a train bound for experience. We dream them up you and I, those long trains of adventure. Where the synchronicities flow one after another like a caravan from another world. A world you and I created before we dreamed up time. Time makes more elusive this moonlight fantasy journey. Things, when what we really want is this moment. The best things, in the best moments.

Knowing YOU/MY LIFE even to the fragrance and how that is how we knew in our dna and the memories of Those who went before us.
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Re: Mountain's Stream
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Been thinking about Mairin and your birds and how cold it has been in the mornings. So cold I had to use the woodstove in the evening and the morning. I am thinking how the cold that came down is about to change to warmth being sent back up your way and along with it I want the birds to come your way.

I took a walk the other direction down the holler and found a wall of honeysuckle this morning. And the sun was wonderful.

Your thoughts and what you think in private is what you worship. This synch with attention and worship was also said in a movie we watched last night. One thing I did while alone for many years was let go of any energy that was not from SPIRIT like those intentions that will not serve the original intention of the heart.  {removed  8)}
 It would be great for those thinking we are their enemy to rather join with us in reaching others about the synchs and what they are saying. Best to find a way for the hand and glove to fit. If they looked into what is really happening instead of trying to invent alternative facts to win they would join. With SPIRIT this is possible.

When we choose to see each other with love the opportunity for redemption will appear

May 6th 2012 Hidden in Plain Site

Explosions of late and the synch with Titanic and the queen synchs may 13th 2013

Country being led down the Garden Path by haters within

Allow yourself to be swept into wonder- Dove (s) crying on a branch April 29, 2017

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Follow up on Lucky for Life

Hey, Leaf Man...

My daughter and I finally went to see Epic tonight. :D

Skiddish...that is a funny word...wonderful news about your dove.

Thank you for the trail of synchs...truly love to follow them.

This sunset is for all you leaf men... ;) It's been raining here all day, and on the way home the sun came out just in time to set. I rushed home to take a picture.

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I had just come from this video about South Dakota night skies and the words and music were swimming in my mind when I read your post..Great Experience, thanks for sharing that!. Thanks for that,,, I really mean it. The SPIRIT sent You this morning to soothe me.

I love this song "I forever" as the SPIRIT is so prevalent in the words.
when tradgedy unfurls it seems around the world washed upon the shore
and I soothe you, when all your hearts are broke, when everything you know is
dashed upon the rocks, I love you
I forever say goodnight
I forever lost inside
I forever light the light
and on and on

Pam and I had a wonderful day in Davis Ca. Yesterday and on the way home the lightning filled the sky in the distance and this music video reflects the romance with SPIRIT between YOU and I,

Here are some words to go along with that sunset
Just another day we never forget
Life takes a turn that we don't expect
One journey ends, another is set
And I have found you are my home

One day we're lost, another we're found
So hard to know which way's up or down
Somehow we land, feet back on the ground
And I have found you are my home

Another day is done
Another setting sun
We have come home

So take my hand, their playing our song
All that we have will never be gone
One thing I know, though we travel on
Is I have found you are my home

One thing I know though we travel on
Is I have found you are my home


It's all perfect.. Don't stop me now!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Lucky for Life+

Had a few synchs with Lucky for Life

I have been busy building a LCD repair facility and have repaired several units that I bought as junk. I have a video.
The way the flow goes to create my reality and the simplicity and freedom of such enterprise is one of the most valuable parts of my experience. I watched a pbs program about global warming and inventing out way out of it and I thought about how the SPIRIT will lead us in the way land through synchs we will see what we are unable to see through intelligence. Humans do not know "all of what they do" and it is through following what some reject because of the path of the one that learned it. The stone that the builders rejected will become the chief corner stone and it has not changed, for as man has thought that following scripture was following Jesus but really to follow Jesus is to know the SPIRIT that spoke through him which IS LIFE. This SPIRIT not the person Jesus is "the way, the truth and the life" but knowing that they would desire an interpretation or law to keep rather than true experience with SPIRIT it was given to them to presume and therefore go astray. Punishment is not from GOD but from each person's beliefs. For this reason "sofia" it is important to learn to let go of the law of sin and death and cling to the joy of experience through SPIRIT. When the soul cries out "why have YOU forsaken me" the answer comes back, You have drawn this to yourself believing in such punishment for others. This freedom from the pain of shame and blame and new life away from human interpretation/law to a life of attention to the beauty and grace of the life of SPIRIT as lived through You.

The collision and creation of "YOU and I collide" was predicted in 2005
and has revealed how we each draw to ourselves our own experience. Like when my heart was broken through loving another I again retreat to the sanctuary and trust of home with YOU/MY LIFE as it is complete! I still write my synchs and experience but will not connect with humans but retreat to that life alone with MY OWN, where even walking the streets with folks walking past WE exist in our own world of romance shared through SPIRIT.
Synch with home, trust and my dove... (By the way, our dove also laid an egg the other day,,,,H E R first)

So I have developed a sanctuary experience with music and the bird where I play Pandora on the tv through the roku box. I like to listen to ambient music and the names of the tunes reflect the mood in the sanctuary. Like the idea of home as being a sanctuary free of struggle elevating me to a place of Joy where YOU/MY LIFE remain. The bird was sitting "her chair" and was listening to the music of a tune called Resting Place on an album called TRUST. Her eyes were closed and she was completely comfortable through we passed by her chair very cloesly. This is completely different than when we first met this dove as "her" beginnings were in turmoil and she was at one time very skiddish.

The idea of sanctuary now includes separation from those without true intent of heart toward the SPIRIT that speaks through my experience on the net. They may hate the man and so they misunderstand the SPIRIT. Wash away my sorrow" (It will all come out in the WASH) (Song Rain by Maddona... daughter Raine) The idea of sanctuary and seeking home and all that home includes. This is why many relationships are not home but hell because they seek to make life unbearable for each other in order to get what they want rather than asking the SPIRIT. Such a dwelling is the opposite of the original intent.

To follow Jesus is not the act like Jesus but to seek the SPIRIT until there is ONLY YOU AND I, MY LIFE. This became all important until the day of plucking out one eye/interpretation and throwing a mountain of interpretation into the sea and starting new with ONLY WHAT CAME FROM YOU/SPIRIT which constituted the true intent of the heart of Jesus knowing what a monstrosity they would make in the abomination of interpretation that did not come from SPIRIT which is our present accepted beliefs from religion. I have gone through the humiliation and know why the what exists exists for the presumptuous. There is no longer any connection nor enmity "for Me" with anyone on the net as I exist in my own world as I did for years and that struggle is over. There are a lot of good things to see in people on the net but if they need to see the same in the least of them and let go of what they misunderstand.


Speaking of Rain Pam and I finally watched the EPIC movie with the leaf men, I am the leaf in many of my posts. Great show and it reflects many things going on through the ever growing synchs.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fairy Tale come True

Pam and I agreed last night about our experience with the SPIRIT, YOU/You and I, are like the two little girls in the The Fairy Tale, A true story, who believed in fairies. Like the two witnesses dead in the streets and trampled on by the nations. No one who truly loves escapes humiliation and without love we are nothing. We took off last week stopping in Monterey then to Santa Maria, Porterville, Bakersfield and then after finishing our work we decided to take the mountain path home through Glennville, Lone pine, Bishop Topaz then Gardnerville. We watched the fairy movie and found that it was our experience on this trip and how through the SPIRIT and love “we believe all things”. Between the fairy movie and the Victorian Grimoire were the words “willow, topaz, fairy, rodeo, fairy garden, and the things that attract the fey”.We now realize that the move we want to watch that is even now in the theater “EPIC” Which tells of the LEAF men that battle the Queen. (I am the Leaf,Tree,dnatree on the forums)

Now to the humiliation that is love, for as we reached to know each other we unwittingly were led to the cross where YOU and I collide. If it is love, YOU and I will go on past the humiliation.

What do I mean by this humiliation that IS love? The man with true intention of heart that does not save himself by attention to the law that keeps men dead, or the fears of loved ones, but rather by attention to the SPIRIT has been set free but he will collide with whom he loves and if the love is mutual he will want to fulfill her intentions so long as they are not born of fear. In this way there is no end to those whose love is true but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where the snake tells the those that want to hear a lie what seems right but is the beginning of death to relationship. This collision between YOU and I which is the cross is the path of those with true intent and those that want strict adherence to law rather than to know the heart are enemies of the this cross. Love will fulfill all scribbling which is the law. But of course without belief in SPIRIT a law is believed to be necessary but those that hate men such as the snake and the those hiding behind a veil create laws that reflect the hate they have for men and there is no law against the manipulation of those that use the law against the SPIRIT in those they hate.

So I went walking and spoke to a friend and he spoke of his intention for memorial day and then he began to speak of Mermaids and how they have prove them are real and how interesting he found a program on a nature channel last night.. I then told him of my experience last night with the fairy tale and how the SPIRIT makes everything. true because of love. How we cannot say that the beliefs of another are not true for if they know the SPIRIT the SPIRIT will MAKE THEM RIGHT. In this way the SPIRIT through love BELIEVES ALL THINGS as the SPIRIT sanctifies them through the word that is the poetry of this life.

The problem in a forum is there is no love like in a relationship where she has seen it and knows the SPIRIT is real in his life. But the SPIRIT can make it all right for those that believe.

Editing and writing synch

We were passing through Ragged point and I noticed a young lady editing a manuscript and I asked her about it. She said it was a book written for a 14 year old audience. A little later we pulled into a Starbucks and met another person editing a manuscript that was a thesis about education. A little later a fellow sat down that told me he was an investor and also a science fiction writer. Once we made it to Bakersfield I notice a man who was with his son and his grandson was in his son's arms. He gave his son a kiss in front of the grandson and I felt his intent. I spoke with him later and he told me he was a writer and gave me his card with his website on it. http://www.dsmilton.com/.

What folks call weaknesses in You, will be to You the power of God to lead You. No longer do we need to see our own weaknesses either(our attention to anything keeps it in our pie,) but we will only see the SPIRIT in whom we are complete.


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