Friday, January 29, 2021

The Circle of Americans, the Struggle, the War, Or Divorce

 So I don't see America the way they are trying to picture it. America is not two sides. America is a circle of many million people. Like the earth a circle of eight billion people which half do You.... decide should be the lamb, the sacrifice? 

I say leave the war, divorce, struggle www.stephentree.com/struggle

The shamed party let's say Republicans will probably see everything is wrong with the other party but really shame and blame should really not come into the equation,,, every person is different from the others but really everyone is wrong and following an interpretation instead of being led by the SPIRIT. Sure we were brought up in the wisdom of man and we want LIFE to santify what is right for all of us so that we can have an understanding about what side of the road to drive on so we don't constantly crash or run into each other intentionally as we can rather all love peace and we can draw to ourselves those that we synergize with and allow those that are different in the circle to draw to themselves those that they love/fit. The twelve tribes in a circle around the tablernakle where YOU and I Fit together in such as way as to show the labyrinth, the cellular design that can play out in so may ways. There has always only  been YOU and I. 

But if YOU and I collide and our hearts are pierced is not the whole story already written in our hearts? And we dividing, go into sanctuary and find our life NEW and find YOU again in the form that our dream draws, that we might have yet another chance to KNOW YOU, MY LIFE.

Do you hear that, the siren, an incoming "doodlebug" perhaps sent from the orange Hitler to divide and confuse so that he can take the opportunity. Perhaps a psychological Doodlebug, but a Doodlebug for sure, especially when the government allows this man or perhaps your mate you thought loved you, but no, as he/she can just say a lie and manipulate the situation and the base of like minded people that they can use to shame the other side. But you know the True intention of the heart and so does he/she but that won't stop them from using the situation. 

Thanks be to the SPIRIT as we can put our attention on what we know will be our constant help and  take our attention OFF whom the intentions are for a hidden reason.

Oh there she goes faining Unity so as to get you close enough to stab you

Best to leave though the picture she/he paints for his base is what they want to hear

So we go with out broken heart to find our life new, perhaps we just synergize with those that fit now and let those that don't find their own. Surely within the circle there are those that synergize well with them and we synergize well with them too so that through loving whom you are seeking and who is seeking you for love and peace we in that way love all of them. And for those that we cannot reach, we cannot fit with, we give to the SPIRIT the intention of Perfect Love which if needed can be better than a bullet, or the right thing needed to synergize the two groups and detente the two, in order to keep the Sacred Peace modeled by the veil between the two rooms of the temple. The separation barrier, the cell wall, by which within our circle we worship or give our attention to whom we love and we allow the SPIRIT to join the two together in that moment. It is the SPIRIT that is meant to reach across the barrier according to the beliefs of those on the other side be it unto them. 

Like the Christians that fain love but never knew the SPIRIT that is love. You don't DO the Magic, You Allow the SPIRIT to do it 

When there is shame and blame and fiighting and war it is best to leave the struggle and go to that place and interact with the SPIRIT, but if you do not believe then what is coming is designed to reach you to the heart, perhaps by what happens to those that could not be reached will reach to the heart that you might believe and hear the SPIRIT, it is already written in the heart and will give unto you according to what you believe.

There has Always only been YOU and I and this veil that separates us, if the veil cannot be lifted by dying to interpretation and being alive to the SPIRIT then maybe the body will be the veil that needs to be torn. The dna is perfect in drawing to you exactly as has always been Perfect Love.  Relax, and trust the SPIRIT, if you have true intention of heart I think it's gonna work out for you. If not, well the SPIRIT will reach you, I don't need to deal with you. You don't DO magic, You ALLOW it!

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