Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Mar a Lago

My day started thinking about Mar a Lago and the meaning of the words as to what the SPIRIT has in mind for the place. I then found that Trump was manipulating property there for his family to build on and found that Mar a Lago was for sale. He offered 15 Million and when the people did not sell he threatened to build such a structure on the property adjoining to block their view and then he lowered the offer to much less and they sold after being threatened. (Or so the story indicates) So how should this manipulation be re-payed. Then came on the tv that the cone of uncertainty revealed the path of Irma moving to the right and Palm Beach and I began to see that breaking one person's heart that is very callus would be better than the horror of pain that is needed to reach Americans about their presumption about SPIRIT. I think the Aztecs may have had it right with how the leader was to be sacrificed.  I think removing it and even what he believed he possessed to be taken from him would help to reach him to the heart and therefore those that follow his folly. If the property does not exist anymore nor the island and it takes a bee line for that property then it may do the best to reach Americans about SPIRIT. So I have not had much more than that as a synch about this but I wait today for what the SPIRIT will give me about this.

This is to reach them about the presumption of being a smart person and overlooking and not having humility toward what is greater than yourself. (Smallest of points overlooked which is 
SPIRIT) This feels like it is best and what the SPIRIT may have in mind so I wait for the synchs today.

In this case the manipulation of money and possessions caused a family to loose Mar a Lago so that someone with greater power based on Money was able to take that Mar a Lago from that family therefore something greater will take even what he believes he possesses from him because of the horror of his use of money for power. I feel this is what the message to the American People should be. But I too wait for the synchs to reveal what I overlook..

I am talking about reaching one person to the heart that it change what such callus presumption and rash use of power and money could do causing desolation to the world. Would it not be better to cause one such desolation to fulfill the predictions if it reaches all to the heart?

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