Thursday, August 09, 2018

Handsome Molly synch

Following the Mollie Tibbetts synch unfold

The synch with the secret morphed today as I went walking asking SPIRIT where is Mollie Tibbetts? I had found on Brian Predictions about the "secret" as related to my Molly Secret Dnatree. I am feeling I was presumptuous about the Oh, Molly! third synch. I felt while walking how no one had heart that tree fall in the woods and asked the SPIRIT to transmute that. As I did this began to form. Because that tree had not been heard to fall love can transmute that. Another synch was "It's strange what Love makes You do some times". Which also shows how another lover can make you do things you would not normally do. It will be interesting to see how the synch does play out and I feel this can turn and play closer to her father's feelings, Love is very powerful to change reality, therefore I must reach You. I think if you don't make it such a crime that things more often can become less of one. Anyway, if this means she ran off that "they" might feel more comfortable showing their face if they feel humiliated right now. They might also want to question Dalton Jack and his brother to see if she was seeming like she might have a secret though they may not want to say what they know or spoke to her about.

Then last night Pam and I were watching Steven Colbert and he brought out a puppy named Molly and explained that Molly had found out the "secret"http://www.cbs.com/shows/the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/news/1006704/stephen-colbert-and-aubrey-plaza-play-with-puppies-for-a-good-cause-on-the-late-show/ Start at 3:16min
Now I felt that the Oh Molly, Oh Molly was not about murder but about a secret.

I went walking and felt more and more that she had a secret and that it had "conceived" and she felt she had to do something.

I got home was looking for spiritual music and found Rising Appalachia and enjoyed Medicine. I then looked at a couple more and found Handsome Molly.


Here is another version of the same song

Well, I wish I was in London,
Or some other seaport town
I'd put my foot on a steamboat
I'd sail the ocean 'round.
While sailing 'round the ocean,
While sailing 'round the sea
I'd think of handsome Molly
Wherever she might be.
Don't you remember, Molly
You gave me your right hand?
You said whenever you'd marry
I would be the man.
But you broke your promise
Go with whom you please
My poor heart is aching
You are at your ease.
I went to church last Sunday
Molly came ridin' by
I could tell her mind was changin'
By the rovin' of her eye.
I go down to the river
Though everyone's asleep
I think of handsome Molly
An' I begin to weep.
So I wish I was in London,
Or some other seaport town
I'd put my foot on a steamboat
I'd sail the ocean 'round.

Songwriters: Jim Rooney
Handsome Molly lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


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