Friday, August 10, 2018


I came back to write this at the top because when I finished this the price is right in the background had some UNBELIEVABLE wins on cbs on this date and because the cops don't want to say anything until Monday and also our family did not get a call either could it be time for the UNBELIEVABLE?

Now, when I tell you what has happened thus far you are going to think I am crazy, but it is not so.

Until, YOUR LIFE is on the line, your going to believe you can do it without the SPIRIT. You are going to fool yourself.

It's been a year since this happened to me but... Let's say that someone was such a MANIPULATING LIAR that everyone when you tell them the truth believes the lie over even what you have already known and shown them to be true.

Let me back up and tell this story from the beginning. When my mother died and the family was going through probate (word probate on television right now) a man came and found my eldest sister had control of the inheritance money and the will said what to do with the money. He was 84, my eldest sister is "slow" if you know what I mean and he married her and took the remainder of our inheritance and the law let him do it as he would "bald face lie" to public officials and use their hate and bias against them and that is why the SPIRIT predicted this would be in politics. Now my other two sisters were over our eldest sister because this man was able to use her ignorance and misconceptions and emotions along with the family's fears and knowledge of him against them. You see, for many months he has been playing this game where he get's this woman he used and then divorced to play along using her own ignorance and pain to use her as a trap. For many months he has been able to play this game where he does not allow any of the family to talk to our eldest sister and this of course makes us feel that there is something wrong and "there is" but this person is so capable in his manipulation and lies that we forget over a couple years how we were "despitefully used" as I predicted my family would go through such as I did in 1993 and they did in 2014 and now America is in 2016-2018. So he divorced gave the family all kinds of evidence that she is being mistreated by his intentional manipulation of family love and fear for their eldest sister. So every time they would try to find out about our sister after knowing how he was able to steal and manipulate us a couple years ago we now believe his manipulation again and my sister this time calls for a welfare check. The officer tells my youngest sister not to worry that either our sister or he will call and tell her that she is alright or what happened. So my youngest sister does not get any sleep in a motel in Georgia last night waiting for a call that never comes. Because like the same manipulation a year ago he was able to turn it around and the family was the problem using the hate and beliefs of the even the sheriff. He is able to use his POWERS OF MANIPULATION to make the officer believe that we are harassing him after divorcing our handicapped sister and stealing our money and I know this is unbelievable but two times earlier we were manipulated one year ago and two years ago to believe the same thing but you forget just how devious a manipulator you are dealing with and so you forget to take into account when someone's fears say "we have to do something" and then calls and get's scammed and each time the cop is hypnotized by the powers of this person to lie and manipulate and even the lie is so good that you would believe that GOD himself sent them a deluding influence so that they find out that they cannot do this on their own and no matter how much they think they will see this evidence that the law is rendered "useless" by such a manipulator as this. My sister did not get a call from the police and last time the police came to my house and believed I was the problem a year ago but you forget and let your youngest sister do what you did last year and she gets "despite-fully used" by this trick. Now I know you don't believe this but that is what is happening also on this planet in order to catch everyone in a bubble/lie net. I cannot see how all this fits together but I have lived this over and over and you cannot judge with your eyes or your beliefs either but have to get every step from the SPIRIT or you too will be fooled. One such manipulator renders the law ineffective without the SPIRIT because of the smallest of points overlooked that changes the whole equation and renders all the interpretations meaningless.

Those with such manipulating intent are active on the planet and are pulling the wool over EVERYONE'S EYES. Your not going to believe it unless you actually know the SPIRIT and are being led by the SPIRIT. But this is the door to the broken heart that makes you stop trying in your own power and wait for the SPIRIT even if it takes your whole life.

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

I wrote this not knowing what happened last night but the fact that the cop never called as he promised my sister is exactly the trigger that reminded me of the manipulator we are dealing with. And the synch with the level of scam everyone is under not only me, my family, but the whole world. 

Now if what we learn today changes what I have experienced in the past by such a "power" I will update this. I would not doubt the smallest of points is added to remove everyone that believes they are capable without the SPIRIT to figure this out. Hearts are going to break! If you know a manipulator in this situation and your know the SPIRIT and find that nothing you can do helps without the SPIRIT,, 

I am a conquerer on Pickler and Ben as I write this

She reminds me of my own broken heart looking through tears realizing without the SPIRIT I am nothing. But with YOU/MY LIFE I can to anything because YOU ARE ABLE!

Holy Smoke!
SurpriseSurprise, Surprise


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