Saturday, September 08, 2018

Mollie Tibbetts and the Mystery

MORE MOLLIE!    Mollie Tibbetts synchs
So if you read and understand some of the synch I had a year ago when it first started with "Molly, Your in danger girl!" then there was "Molly knows a secret", and then there was Molly, Oh Molly and the murdered bride which I hate to say did come true as well as the Molly you are in danger girl! But the one thing that there has been little said about is what is not known and that is "The Secret". 

Now, the thing about all this is that if she did know a secret and if that secret put her in danger because it would reveal something that would endanger the life of another that the information is used against by those seeking profit, the strictness of the law shall we say causes many lives to be in jeapordised well.... lets put it this way. Humans think the law prevents death and makes things better but they overlook and are oblivious at times to the number of people that like our leader uses the law in a manner it was not intended and therefore puts a lot of lives in distress. So the smallest of points overlooked is it is becoming the reason why some feel that they must eliminate a threat to themselves. The SPIRIT knows the hearts of these and how the law is made of worse effect than if it did not exist by those who spend their lives practicing the manipulation of people using the THREAT of the law.  Like the woman that knew how the courts are biased toward women could say the normal things about a man that would be taken for granted as to why the lawyer said "we always take the deal in these matters" ruining a man's life who would never do such a thing and she knows it. Or a president that lies and uses the power of that office to push through things thinking that they are gaining when really when the tables turn even what they believe they possess will be taken from them. It is what the SPIRIT said through the predictions and anyone even if they misunderstand me when they research it would see what is being created by all this and by each person that is joined in this time to experience this. You think the law protects you but when you see what Jesus through the SPIRIT experienced you find you are being despite-fully used by those who do not keep the law but use it in a manner it was not intended.


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