Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We are all presumptuous

We are all presumptuous but of course it is the SPIRIT that leads to all truth, while the scripture of course would not exist if it did not say what the presumptuous demand, so the scripture is the SPIRIT at work outsmarting those that demand a law. The reason I find to love your enemies becomes very evident because of the veil that separates all of us and what returns across the veil where my own loved ones are concerned. When there is no separation we wait for the SPIRIT to reach us all each according to their separation and disbelief. I often need to leave the struggle and will for good but it is not my word or any man or woman that needs to be heeded but the SPIRIT alone in order to stem the desolation that is inherent in life. It is absurd that those veiled by ideology and not knowing SPIRIT are the heaviest judges not knowing it is themselves they judge.

On this date

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Miracle that carries us through the Storm!

As to Florence the synchs here are related to the aftermath of the storm

So last night pertaining to my mother and others I was given the promise I gave my mother on the trip out from Florida,,, 

For the SPIRIT said there would be a storm in back of us and in front of us but that we would be delivered from them all.

Again from the post BapRain
My mother also knew it was right and soon we found that the water had just receded and everyone did not believe me when I had told them at the motel that the way would open up. We noticed off to the side by the tracks up above the road that dumpsters and Ice machines had been carried by the water and deposited at the tracks but could not go over them. People were out taking pictures of this as we passed by. Sure enough the way was open but no one was on the road because of the notifications that all directions were blocked

Why nobody believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!

Why nobody (heard or) believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!


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