Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Cannot reach men, therefore they take the blame

It is true that if you do not speak what the Snake and the woman's interpretation of how a man is supposed to feel about sex it is blocked from reaching men. Women aggregate together to lift up what is not from SPIRIT and therefore men are told to worship an interpretation that keeps them in shame. My 20 yrs of trying to reach men past the veil of interpretation demanded they worship by both the snake (man who wants to influence women such as the poetry in the garden of the snake and rejects SPIRIT) and the woman (female that does not want men to follow the true intentions of the heart and presumes to know what is best for men)

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This was the original problem in the garden when humans chose good/evil over attention to SPIRIT/GOOD/GOD Because this was DEMANDED AS A LAW they were given over to their demands and led to desolation which is now. Money is the root for snakes/men and women alike and if you knew the true intentions of the heart of those that use the law in a manner it was not intended such as snakes and many women then you would see why desolation was predicted even when Jesus found he could not reach them so he said men would take the blame. Which is the essence of why desolation is ever more occurring except for those redeemed by SPIRIT and taught by SPIRIT and not believing the interpretation as they were given a lie and given over to their lusts for power and money. The law is designed to control men and allow the hidden things of the heart to be outweighed by appearances which are the power of the snake and the woman. It has become the law that women can berate men but men cannot even defend their true intention of heart given them by SPIRIT. And men without SPIRIT are like lambs to the slaughter of the interpretation of the snake and the woman. Therefore if they do not worship their interpretation they are rejected as Jesus indicated. His words would never have reached this time without him first seeming to agree with them.
All are presumptuous without SPIRIT as the predictions show.  Leave the Struggle and let the world experience desolation now that it is inevitable. Men laying down their lives for this has been the world of society but it is come to an end and the sheep are now led to slaughter. Some by violence, some by natural disaster, but all who reject SPIRIT over the interpretation of the snake and the woman are headed for ever more desolation. The SEPARATION is speeding this up greatly. As predicted in 2001 with the coming fire so hot it will melt the veil separating Men and Women, dem and gop etc.

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