Monday, January 08, 2018

Built an altar to the SPIRIT/LORD

Built an altar to the SPIRIT/LORD

I began my evening in SANCTUARY with YOU/SPIRIT reaching for what is needed in this moment. The picture of wandering in the wilderness picking up stones and putting my synchs in the moment with them and stacking them like an altar. As I put let go of what I needed in this moment the synchs began to speak about what was really needed vs what I thought I needed.  A song on the tv came on about the new moon and I thought about the fresh start of a lunar cycle. I began to think about tribal beliefs and the moon cycle. Also about a woman's cycle related to the moon. I then asked for the SPIRIT go give me a perspective I need to "look from".

Both sides are wrong. As it was said,
There are none right, no not one.
The side that appears to be right is really only the appearance of self rightness. The one that blames actually has the least love and humility and trust. Often using the easy way out like the beliefs of women to pile up against men when those women really don't know the heart of the woman using them.

Only LOVE  and humility can cross the divide in such a separation/pickle/stuck/edge

Without TRUE INTENTION OF HEART by both sides in any separation how can we go on, without the humility and LOVE the two cannot be joined again.

But you misconstrued my intent

Neither side needs to change in their own power from what they are
The SPIRIT starts exactly where you are
But the two, as there is ONLY YOU AND I, have to be joined through love which is the power of the SPIRIT when you let go of the struggle.

Both sides can be fulfilled, but without love there is nothing, only shame and blame.

A man that walked with true intent and knows the love and forgiveness of the SPIRIT but others blame who never knew the SPIRIT and who's hiding their true intent, how do you believe this will end? What if the truth the SPIRIT leads you into differs from what the masses worship and condemn whom they hate for?

Where to begin. If you want to escape the judgement of your own self rightness then reach to the SPIRIT with TRUE INTENT and the other side is probably reaching also. If HE had to lay his life down for you once then you need the humility it takes to get from SPIRIT what is offered. Speak ONLY what the SPIRIT gives. And keep doing so until fruit is ripe.


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Deep End

The Smallest of Points overlooked

One thing is those believing an interpretation they do not keep themselves are judged by the letter of such as the interpretation of the bible will even be blamed for what they misinterpret such as wearing a head covering and being subservient to a man. I mean they want to use the letter against others they have to be willing to die for that interpretation when they find they are wrong themselves. 


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