Tuesday, February 04, 2020

You too will follow a lie, Red Mountain and the GOP

Red Mountain and the GOP

It would be a lot less painful now just to let many on the left follow the lie and hide under the hat of Trump with those being led astray and I would like to go to a indigenous village and let yall create your hell.
You think you can fix it without the SPIRIT but you can't.  Cannot reach democrats so even You will follow a lieI will let them be manipulated by Trump and their own misunderstandings until their hearts are broken and humiliated. Or even worse democrats try to do the same as Trump and manipulate and find that SPIRIT is helping him to lead you astray and your manipulations fail, probably like the Iowa Caucuses this morning. I am feeling angry at the DNC and am feeling it is time since both sides are wrong to let the manipulator take a lot of those in the Democratic Party to follow the lie and get under the hat of Trump believing it is less humiliating for now. After all you all are liars and thieves without the SPIRIT. We are passing a point that there is not turning back and you have drawn this to yourselves and make no mistake about it, desolation is coming. After all we turned a corner with senate vote and this is no longer America. You have chosen your fate and those chosen to go on have are already known. Will sit some time out as the storm passes over soon.

I feel it is like my own experience 

I had a presumption about the humiliation that was coming and thought that it would 
be the Christian and right wing people but like my own experience with "She iseven now at the door"http://www.stephentree.com/yi.htm I had thought, at the time, that my life was coming to me, and it was, but first it seemed like the opposite as the purification by fire was that beginning. It was such a jolt. And it worked through humility to reach me. Turns out those that are dead don't need any of this and are just a tool used by SPIRIT to reach the hearts of "my own". (Those I truly wanted to share the reality about SPIRIT with.} And it turns out that "my own" are those with true intention of heart that have already left the "right people".

The Senate Vote and this equivalence
 One of the heads of the GOP seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed.(manipulated to go away) The whole country was filled with wonder and followed the GOP

Trump, if win at any cost and with any lie causes many lives to be lost and you lose is winning really what you still want?

Women and Men in America, the separation and the desolation that it draws



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