Monday, February 03, 2020

Last Step to Reach America, Trump Base lie, Authority of the Father, Whale Breaching synch

Those that are "following after Trump" have given their energy to him and if what he is doing is a manipulation as is being shown then they are implicated in that they are what gives him the power to use in a manner it was not intended. The interpretation like a golden calf that they worship is nothing because they never should have picked up that book if they were not going to give their lives to the SPIRIT. Instead they gave their power to a preacher, to an ideology and it will be like those that when the enemy is at their door they will lift up the interpretation not knowing that they never made it to the SPIRIT and therefore their hearts will be broken. They are now being given a deluding influence by those that really do not believe in the SPIRIT but in the power of propaganda, money, influence,,,, so it is coming to the moment when the "tables will turn" but he is now allowed to propagate a lie in order to lead all that want a lie to their end. As is happening in other arena's right now, those that manipulate and lie will die and their humiliation will be revealed to all men. The authority of the father that is connected to SPIRIT/The Spiritual FATHER will be shown to reach to the heart with Perfect Love, revealing those who fake love and manipulate and lie. They think their interpretations will save them but they never knew the SPIRIT.

The seed for all that is going on was intended is related to the beliefs of those that interpret revelations in the bible and the words of Jesus without ever knowing the SPIRIT. I saw what they were drawing to themselves by believing an interpretation over SPIRIT. I reached to the SPIRIT through my broken heart when I saw how everyone believing the interpretation had overlooked the salvation that is of the SPIRIT and that the the interpretation they worship will break their hearts and reveal they never knew ME/SPIRIT.

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

As to the synch happening right now related to the father

You may not understand how a father can do this but look at your own beliefs and you will find you believe exactly that the father has the power over his family's lives more than you want him to know.

Men who pander to the woman and do not know SPIRIT are drawing the same as the harlot.

Often women draw to themselves an interpretation that favors their hate of men, but what is coming even what they believe they possess will be taken from them. They cannot fathom the passion of the son given to the father which cannot be matched by those that use shame in such a manner that they thought he was apathetic and are sourly mistaken


It turns out that those that have power over humans keep them under an interpretation that is controlled by them and they will not allow anything near the truth about SPIRIT to reach you, not the left of the right and that is why Jesus had to give them what they demanded while hiding the reality of what teaches truth to be in the background. They demanded a leader and a law that is their interpretation but that is over now. And they are drawing the end of all that.


You could not be reached, Take your brand of love that is not from SPIRIT that condemns men and get off this planet! Thirty years of humiliation by those whose love is crap! You do not understand an intention given to the SPIRIT and sanctified by the SPIRIT is the end of PRESUMPTION for all the haters and those that lust money so as to manipulate. These did not seek the SPIRIT with all their heart first but rather took the fast track to their desolation. They cannot be reached and will begin to leave us now. No explanation will be given as they would not be reached!
Since 2001
The Coming Fire so hot, It will melt the veil separating YOU and I, Men and Women, Democrats and Republicans, Christian and Muslim, There is only YOU and I and this veil not given you by SPIRIT that is only separating and leading to death.
You have sought to punish them and those men without True intent toward SPIRIT will also share in that Punishment, but for those seeking money and hate men, their drawing their own punishment.
The Perfect Love of the SPIRIT is better than a bullet and you will see that it has been patient over many years and knows how to reach perfectly to the heart for those that remain. I do not intend to be misunderstood by those that intend to misunderstand anymore. If you are one of MY OWN then you will be reached but I am going away soon and all is finished.

The Three examples of the lying manipulator that have sorely misunderstood and have drawn to themselves according to their own punishment they believed for others. I wished I could reach my family and this is the last attempt which was intended when they followed this leader back in 1993 when the seed was planted.

At this point you need to be loved by someone that knows the SPIRIT and does not want to live without you, maybe someone you have offended.

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If any link is broken search the words related to the post under stephentree.com or dnatree.blogspot.com

More on what the SPIRIT is doing in this moment and the synchs about where it is going is coming.

Trump and his base are just a TOOL being used to reach you and after they have done so they will draw to themselves the Punishment/Fire that they prescribed to everyone else.
Trump has not yet payed the Price


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