Sunday, February 02, 2020

They Chose the Robber, SPIRIT says to laugh

It was intended that nothing can beat the lying manipulator, except when the SPIRIT steps in, but

you have to allow it.

Laugh at the Criminal that they have chosen to sit in the Oval Office because all is finished and they have already lost but so has everyone that rejected the SPIRIT. Laugh at the base that like the sheep that do not know they are being led to slaughter they believe what they are being told by the obvious manipulating liar. They control all who want a lie and the opposite of what they believe is where they are headed.

Now it was intended that all see and choose if they want the robber that stole the office or if they want the SPIRIT that is truth. Also, to be despitefully used in that you know this and yet you are being made to look like the problem when it is obvious to all who see it. This is what makes one seek the "True intentions of the Heart" because the weakness of the law is made clear by the lie and the manipulations that they believe they are winning but the SPIRIT has this all planned to reach the world to the heart and what is coming, all will reach to the SPIRIT and let go f the veil of interpretation that is ever increasingly separating You and I. The veil of interpretation that separates because they have overlooked the SPIRIT. That is the intention here. And when you go down as they want you to, you lose your joy. So to laugh, as the SPIRIT has always been up there where joy is, that is how you get to the answer. You cannot fix a problem residing in the problem. So forget about Trump and even the government that is manipulating you as well. And live through joy and you will fulfill the true intentions of the heart. You need to find the SPIRIT and not follow the lie. Trump and the right, love their interpretation more than they love each other and they have found the person to blame and that is the left. They will use your passionate love for each other against you because they have always loved their ideology more than they love each other. They will hate you, and lock you up for what they determine is evil when what they are doing is actually separating/sin. Therefore, your hearts are being broken, and when the tables turn theirs will be broken! This is where real love and joy begins. I could not reach you, and if the intention was to reach you but you will not allow it then what is left? It may be that I only needed to reach one person, but since experiencing all this I feel like that one person who lived a life of manipulation appears to no longer be worth reaching as there is no love and never was, this is what I have found. I hope they can be reached as Obama was the Last President if you know what really has been going on and what is covered up.

Obama was the Last President
This is the last attempt to reach America
The synch with "The Last Face"
Leave the Struggle, because everyone that fights will lose
Allow the SPIRIT to reveal whom cannot be reached and who will allow their hearts to be reached and see how everyone that cannot be reached are being guided into the net.

Jesus Rose again
When the SPIRIT that spoke through him and all of nature became MY LIFE
He was cool, but he gave those demanding a law and a king what they believe they wanted and now he has caught all that follow the obvious manipulating liar in a net. Watch as the smallest of points they overlooked and cannot manipulate around reveals they hearts and presumptions.

The Horses are champing at the bit and Victory will ride his Chariot and all flesh will see the smallest of points they overlooked by following a leader, especially this fake president.

There is a reason why it seems that none on the left can stop Trump.


But since they have chosen the robber over the SPIRIT, will we now be taken to the edge of desolation while trying desperately to fix it ourselves which will lead to real shame for both sides. The synchs reveal what would happen if you accept the SPIRIT then this can be turned around. Study the synchs over the years and what has happened and you will see what is real. Because those that control what you are able to see have will also be destroyed.

It was intended that nothing can beat the lying manipulator except when the SPIRIT steps in, but you have to allow it.

Humble Pie will be served for everyone soon.

I began to have whale synchs on Jan 16th 2020 again which means we are in the last days of trying to reach American. The left needs to lift up the SPIRIT above the interpretations of the right and then this can be turned around.


Laugh and stay up in joy and watch as the SPIRIT reveals the lie.

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