Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Next Three Years, Waves of Desolation and Redemption

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It is my intention that these either are reached or DISPATCHED off this planet within the next three years by the SPIRIT and not by their opposition so that all will see what happens to those that lie and manipulate and use power in a manner it was not intended and lift themselves above the SPIRIT. So we give it to the SPIRIT and let it be done perfectly as Perfect Love is better than a bullet and if understands their true intent so that we cannot judge but rather wait on the SPIRIT. They who believe their salvation is a gun are scheduled to have that god turn against them. Let those that know it is all manipulation and lies and want to live turn and uncover what is hidden.
So much for "we know what is best for American" by lying.. LOL It is Finished!

Are you going to wait until they are blinded so much that they demand you worship this beast or kill you?  Without the SPIRIT many will not survive past the next three years

Fire came up to my house three times 2007

The Coincidence that all the places I have been has later caught fire and burned up to the home but did not touch the home.
As in my experience at the Farm in Milton Florida where the fire came up to my house three times but never touched my home.

Like in my book “Wild Hearted Romance with Spirit”
Where the fire cleared away the chaff and left what was weighty.  What is really Weighty remains. In fact fire reveals the weights and true intentions of the heart.

Listen to the tide slowly turning ,, listen to the ashes burning A door A passionate burning cross Shake the tree (dna) Shiver me timbers captain The virgins and their lamps waiting , drawing the fragrance of the heart,, the veil

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Waves of  Desolation     and Redemption, The Pickle

This has been kept from you by those that know better

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Get off this planet synchs!!!!

You could not be reached, therefore your hearts will break!
I tell you what the SPIRIT has told me. I don't speak except the SPIRIT speak!

Saturday, February 16, 2019
Epidemic, Dance, Morning Routine

I Myself Love many things that humans are doing more so the wildhearts than those veiled by interpretation, but you cannot see what is coming without the SPIRIT. It has little to do with being good and more to do with ATTENTION TO SPIRIT makes you a fountain of good. I know you don't understand but it is not you that will accomplish this but the SPIRIT working through you with your attention kept on the SPIRIT and not on the interpretations of religion.

Dogma Separates/love integrates

Relax All izz well and continual crisis and you will adapt.

Those blocking and keeping this from getting out will experience the horror and humiliation of finding themselves blamed when the spark hits the powder.

I lift up the SPIRIT as spoke through Jesus or even the "great SPIRIT" that spoke through the American Indians, but I do not lift up myself or a person. Those that are caught in a net never knew the difference between Jesus and the SPIRIT that spoke through the person. The smallest of points overlooked by interpretation IS THE SPIRIT.


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