Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Power to Caricature your enemy, Fire, Dots,

So we know that such as Flynn was corrupt and that Trump used his office to make it not so and now he is using his office to make things that are not so about Obama appear as though they are.  The power to use the office to Caricature your enemy is what we knew real tyrants did so now we are seeing what was never thought possible in America. The problem is he was given power to do this by his base and talking to a lying manipulator will change nothing but republicans like the Lincoln Project that know he is a criminal would like his base to know he only has power because they GAVE UP THEIR TO HIM.

FIRE synchs are off the charts today

The DOTS are back in synch as on "THE GOOD FIGHT"

Diane knows the feeling. Memo 618 is always on her mind. Since there is nothing she can do right now, she might as well draw colorful dots in a notebook.

So I had synchs before with dots and I also looked up the dream meaning of dots related now to Coronavirus

 Dot Dream Symbol – Dreaming of dots is telling you there are new opportunities about to cross your path. Polka dots in a dream can represent the monotony of your daily routine. It can represent a situation or something you keep repeating or returning to.

An earlier synch with dots was  

Synchs are about HERE and NOW, all true power is in this moment. My taught beliefs kept trying to get me to go to the future or the past failures but the Spirit kept me looking at the wonderful things in this moment and over time it proved the most important. Hey it is where YOU are, it must be the most important. (find a dot, save a lot, Old synch with Ross's clothing about finding synchronicity)
Pam and I are talking just now about how the spirit takes you from the thoughts and intentions of the world view such as a group of people talking in a room and you are just open to the spirit or YOU, spirit and you hear it over in the words of this child in the corner and then written on a magazine but it keeps you focused in spirit. (When you change the way you look at things, the things change. On tv right now,Wayne Dyer)The changes that are coming are to teach you a new way of seeing only YOU.


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