Saturday, May 16, 2020

Tanks in the Street

Tanks in the street was in the post for May 17th 2017 and this morning my friend called and said the same line which got me thinking about where we are in the growing wild ride.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Bubducere,,, to lead astray , Trump, get ready for the wild ride
We need SPIRIT based systemsThis guy Roy Cohn (The Con Man) that taught Donald Trump to instill fear and exploit power been having a lot of thoughts about him. My friend Mark mentioned tanks in the streets and that brought back the images of tanks on the trains on the way to California and my synch about why I moved here. So I feel that he is not going to give up that easy, and that the coming fire so hot that will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet is to be lifted by something backfiring on Trump and he who hides behind Trump's Ideology will have nowhere left to hide. (Total Eclipse of the Heart) But look at it as that stone in the road that blocks the way until you allow your heart to be reached past your interpretations about the messenger, which will lead to all your interpretations as meaningless without SPIRIT.

Each time I experienced the manipulator in 1993 and with Dutch and our family I found that the manipulator will do crimes while accusing whom they are scamming of all kinds of crimes and taken un aware they have their hearts broken being unable to stop the grifter. This is one of the MOs of such a criminal. This was also one of the predictions recorded as what happens when you are being reached to the heart by the SPIRIT using such as these con men like Jesus spoke of being despitefully used. We don't have to fight them or shoot them as Perfect Love if you allow it to work is better than a bullet.  Lately Trump has taken to raising such threats when the left has seen what he is really doing and like Dutch that had the whole town that wanted to believe a lie because of their hate they were easily duped into believing the con man and then becoming implicated in the crime because they knew he was a story teller but chose him as one of theirs while the outsiders were thought of as well,,, immigrants, but they were really being used to steal in PLAIN SIGHT. So this was all predicted as why we experienced it and when you call them on it and they know you know they are thieves that is when they jack it up a notch and begin to threaten like I have seen Trump is getting close to doing this week. Next since everyone knows he uses the office of the President in a manner that would be illegal but he just masquerades as though the other side is the criminals knowing he has sold his base on anything he says. Well in a rash moment where so many know he is a criminal what do you think such a leader is going to do. Tanks in the street is when you get too much evidence against the real criminal and he has to stop you using what is not his right to use. But of course would he care. It is ratcheting it up a notch is all, win at all cost, who cares if it's right or legal. But this was intended so you can see what the SPIRIT has planned and you will be changed.

So this base that is also getting implicated and does not know it likes a "hard man" telling others how it is until he does not need them anymore. He has implicated his whole family but they are used to manipulating the law too and they don't think he can be stopped because of the office that he holds, believing themselves that he has "Ultimate Power" with the office and the money and the misuse of the law in the manner he learned to manipulate. If they knew it is "already finished"  how this tree has grown it is for this reason that this moment was prepared as what is going to happen is going to change the world forever. You see what I have found about the SPIRIT is there is always that smallest of points such as these have overlooked such as the reasons the unexpected happened and was predicted.  It was known before he ever "DREAMED THIS UP" how not only will the SPIRIT use the jaw of this Jackass to reach those hiding behind a veil of interpretation called religion while never knowing the SPIRIT but also he himself will be taken by the SPIRIT because he lifts his 6brain66 up above everything and the prediction of Sick Whitehouse and the prediction of Bounty one month before he said "Mutiny on the Bounty" was a sign of his impending failure. Hurricane Irene was predicted on May 21st 2011 to begin on my father's death date and to be the only one and it was itself a prediction about what is going on now.

So cooperate with me and let's transmute this synch to think tanks looking at what the tree of synchs is really saying and by putting this out it can head off the manipulator because even if Trump and his Republican enablers are voted out of office in November there is a good chance they don't want to leave in January without tanks in the street or this could be even sooner! 


Monday, December 31, 2012

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,

Other synchs with this date

I also like to look at past synchs with tanks to reveal other factors like letting go of politics and focusing on what is really important to Americans right now instead of politics.......
Ok I will start from the beginning with this one. You see, while in Ohio at Pam's brother's house I was running around fixing his tv (got hit by lightning) his dryer that would not turn on, his charger for his toy tank and his computer while everyone was discussing politics. The conversation got heated and I got the picture in my head while they were speaking of a young boy playing/ learning from bugs. I said that it would be better to leave the struggle in politics and learn from bugs. They looked at me strange and kept talking. Five minutes later a program on Animal Planet had everyone glued to the set as it was not only on bugs but also was fascinating. Soon Mike's daughter and family showed up and the little boy came up to me and I said "You wanna go look for bugs?"So while they were preparing the fireworks we were out looking for bugs. Pam was looking for raspberries.

Which leads me to this recent post 

Learning True Intention of Heart from Bugs/Microbes



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