Friday, May 15, 2020

This Summer was Predicted, Death Valley, Presumption, Those that remain 76983

Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Summer was Predicted, Death Valley, Presumption, Those that remain 

It is time, everyone on the planet has followed me down to "Death Valley" whether they know it or not because of the synchs and because of the presumption of following leaders. And it was at "Death Valley" that the predictions of the only storm of the summer which began on my father's death date August 26, 2011. The events happening (Orange Event, Leaders Lead Astray, Humiliation) were all predicted to change the consciousness of humans so that they may live in harmony with Earth and not die. The deaths were to reach all that remain to the heart but the message of the SPIRIT has only reached those of "MY OWN" in family and forums that experienced these things over the years. Those that cannot be reached are being "taken" while those that remain are here to be reached to the heart. Everything was predicted including the epidemic even inside the whitehouse and when YOU AND I  collide this summer what will come out of it will be that you are "changed" so that you may remain on this planet. You created the "unexpected" by your presumption.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

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Friday, December 16, 2016

The JOLT that will reveal "They Followed a Lie"

Monday, August 28, 2017

The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as President

If you want to die then continue to be presumptuous about what I am telling you here.
So Be It!
something seemingly rash

They expect something,,, give them something else

            This is my prayer,,, My Life!

What is happening right now and where we are in the Wild Ride!
Prediction from 2011

What wonderful responses to find after returning from Death Valley on Easter. And what a wonderful experience I had there as I WAS AT MY LOWEST POINT IN MANY YEARS ;D and my experience with the Spirit there of course was so hilarious and inviting though the whole world deny and reject the synchs what the Spirit has done for me this weekend really has lifted my Spirits and to come here and see what You all are experiencing is even more of what I have experienced this weekend.

For even though I was at my
seeing that desolation is assured the Spirit indicated that this was exactly what was expected and that now that it is assured that I am to also know that thedesolation caused by the abomination of interpretation that is the deluding influence without the Spirit is now to be encouraged so that desolation is complete and that beast shall never rise.

What an experience this weekend was, perfect in it's timing and message for me. I am so delighted in that though the whole world deny the Synchs that the Spirit has such favor towards all of us. What a glorious experience this life really is!!! From now on those that love the Spirit will be encouraged and those that love interpretation will also be encouraged as it is all perfect. For though they saw the synchs and the destruction the Spirit that only wants to find fault and overlook the Spirit in a person is at it's peek even on these forums.

We had such a fun time even barefoot at Badwater (the Lowest point) and did video's of the fun we had playing with folks about being at the lowest point of their lives. ;D And then immediately before this we met a couple who were into mischief playing in a dessert garden where Pam and I enjoyed the coos of doves and played ourselves among the beauty. Then this beautiful Coyote came right up to our car and the Mischief Spirit of tricking the world through interpretation without Spirit as they are easy. NO RATHER AT THIS POINT WE MUST ENCOURAGE THE DESOLATION THROUGH THE ABOMINATION OF INTERPRETATION WITHOUT THE SPIRIT THAT IS RAMPANT NOW. That in that hour those that are to remain can experience first hand.

So much has happened but I am still back in Lone Pine and cannot recount all of it until I have more time to absorb it.

Why I was SO LOW from all those that wanted me LOW that I had to go UP TO THE LOBBY.
Hilarious experiences with old man about being at the LOWEST POINT IN OUR LIVES.
The synchs with Trickster and the whole world has been tricked by interpretation

Barefoot at Badwater

Well the story goes that just when the SPIRIT had said that the storm would come and how it would effect the people that were banning me at that moment and how it led to the new site.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Red Horse Synch, presumptuous begin to kill each other

Big and Bold synch happening right now today and the Juggernaut force 

The whole story since 1993 can be accessed via this blog and Stephentree.com
and on many sites over the years/google groups etc.


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