Monday, May 18, 2020

Shame and Blame for everyone until your heart is reached, Mission Impossible

It does not matter if Trump sent the virus or it was an accident in China or if it came from a pangolin or a bat, it came because of greed and nature was hurting and a decision was made. All this shame and blame and now between Trump and Obama and China and the USA. The fact is that everyone is guilty and everyone is deserving death and anyone that says otherwise needs to be taught from SPIRIT and nature just how stupid thinking is when the equation is so big only the SPIRIT can say truly what is what.

Everyone on Earth is Guilty

You may not want to hear this but it is not what you think. It is not meaning what you think if you get the point. We Humans chose to live alone and hide ourselves behind a veil of interpretation but without being guided by SPIRIT (though we have been unconsciously) we always lead astray into a sea of blood and death. So it is not that we cannot continue what we do (as much) as it is we must do it while being guided and yes we may have to let go of some things so that "others" may live such as our children and other species that are needed and loved. Unbridled greed will lead to desolation and we are even now at a point we do not know. "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they do" Therefore "children" we are given this "blessing" of unfortunate events that we might learn the True Intentions of the Heart.  But time is Short!

Princes of the earth will it have to come to this?  For it was written to ask anything of the father believing and I asked for the smallest of points overlooked that could redeem all from such a fate as everyone is guilty and did not seek the SPIRIT.Everyone on the train is guilty.

All those following ideology (both religion or science has overlooked the smallest of points) and  believing themselves right are as those caught in a net right now. They are as those aboard one train. This has been orchestrated by the SPIRIT not to destroy them but to reach them to the heart. Even if I told you that the path of birth and death and rebirth normally leads to a new life but for these when passing through that tunnel they will have nowhere to lay their head. But politics will not allow you to be reached with words.  This is all humans that have put ideology before the SPIRIT and never really believed the SPIRIT was there to guide. And it seems that those believing they are first according to ideology/interpretation are actually the most veiled because of how such as that was nullified by religion and practice without SPIRIT. To follow a leader rather than SPIRIT is being led to slaughter though it seems they are your savior according to the letter which is said to lead to death. So how do we cooperate in this world while following the SPIRIT? That is the story of the cross and not the interpretation about it but what the SPIRIT tells you. In fact you do not need the story at all as without SPIRIT it only leads to more veils and more death. But believing yourself right as a Veiled Christian and not actually laying your life down and allowing the cross experience as demanded in order to enlighten you to suffer in the same manner as the SPIRIT revealed as through the Christ then you just continue in the law of the letter of MIS- UNDERSTANDING until you are taken away or you have another chance to allow the cross to reach you. We break each others hearts as there really is only you and I. But if we allow the SPIRIT as through synchronicity to grow in our lives we come to see the "True Intentions of the Heart" the scripture is fine so long as it is the SPIRIT leading otherwise it is no better than Islam or some other tradition without SPIRIT. But within each tree the fruit contains a seed. For as Rumi in the 12th century revealed the same SPIRIT of love and passion as Christ yet greed manipulated both until they were of no use but a veil over the eyes.

You will never Trust a leader again after greed has finished being revealed rather the same systems but with true servants will remain. If money is your rock then it will fail you, but if the SPIRIT is your rock layered by attention to the manna you are given each day by the SPIRIT then you have a cameo stone to hold onto.

Sheep not of this fold

Just because you believe a certain interpretation the cross makes sense, but in other traditions the same thing is taught by the SPIRIT in other analogies. Let the SPIRIT reach them and do not demand your path be theirs. So I do not lift up my path as much as I lift up the SPIRIT, for as the Great SPIRIT speaks as one with the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus but those saying Jesus, Jesus really never knew him or his wild hearted cousin John the baptist or Samson, or Moses. For all these seemed contrary to each other until you let the SPIRIT lead and not the "interpretations". of men.


Mission Impossible

The real thief is the accuser and they know it but do not believe there is a reckoning.

Pam was watching Mission Impossible on CBS and I remembered every part of the scene where they enter upside down into the inner chamber to steal the codes as it was a very on edge experience. I did not remember the movie as a whole but that scene I knew every drop of sweat and how it would be caught.  This is why this moment of politics and coronavirus will be written on the hearts of humans. Such on the edge experiences are meant to write on the heart that it might be there even for your great grandchildren to feel.

another scene is where the lying manipulator faked his own death to convince whom he wanted to trick to believe he was the victim and the other person was the criminal sort of like the grifter Trump and Obama scapegoat at this moment. Not that Obama did not make mistakes but you have not witnessed the level of lying such as was predicted. 

Mission Impossible "Jim Phelps faked his own death to throw off others that he was the villian"

Trump believes himself smart and will tell any lie as predicted

You cannot negotiate with that because

Bewitched and Bewildered, Judaculla and Greed, Easter,

Make No Mistake about it Greed will tell you any lie and use the law in any way to control you!

The Masquerade Trump blames Obama to make you believe it was someone else like in the movie Mission Impossible 1996, Any Lie right Trump, whatever it takes. Trump your doing a great job at revealing it is all crap except for the smallest of points you have overlooked about reality. 

With man this is impossible, but with the SPIRIT all things are possible. Therefore the world will stumble to the edge of death with accusations shame and blame though all deserve death in order that we might know the true intentions of the heart

My synch this morning about explosion, mudslide, stuck and CBS this Morning Mt. St. Helens video youtube.com/watch?v=kbvUSJ twitter.com/dnatree/status twitter.com/dnatree/status Prediction made as you will see it to save lives, but the presumptuous like Trump will misunderstand

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Evil as self rightness because of interpretation and presumption and misunderstanding personified. Faith in self is crap without the SPIRIT that connects all things as one.

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