Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Without finding True Love you will be ashamed at the SPIRIT's coming

Without knowing the true intentions of your heart you have wasted life and you will be ashamed at the SPIRIT coming. And without first coming to know yourself in SPIRIT and Truth you will misunderstand me.  I found that like all men in my longing I could not do anything other than dream of her and finding this got in the way of my early Christianity I surrendered it to the SPIRIT after years of "trying" to make it right. It was then that what I dreamed came to me exactly as I dreamed it as the dreams came exactly as synchs about food and water came. Basic things that I had to have to live were in my dna and seemed to ring bells whereas beliefs like money did not excite my dna. So I surrendered to YOU "thou the whole world denied me" and made all these things as though they WERE YOU and I found they were made perfect. Even when my heart was broken and it caused me to live alone only with YOU for a while,,, it was exactly as it was meant to be. Without True Intention of heart toward YOU/MY LIFE all that I did seemed a sin/separation when I interpreted the book. And I longed to be with YOU and shameless in your sight. Therefore, I broke my own heart and through MY BROKEN HEART like blood and water through a spears puncture YOU CAME. (extremely explicit and passionate singer I use as an example of passion on the level that leads to self knowing) But if it is not for the SPIRIT's sake, you just ruin your life.

I see now that those "interpreting the book" without the SPIRIT are being led to not use a mask believing if they die for the SPIRIT's sake they find their lives. But without knowing the SPIRIT first I would wait to hear from YOU before I did that because it was in the actual learning in about YOU and synchronicity that I needed to grow in first.

All the "self right" that worship an "interpretation" but never knew the SPIRIT will deny you but Jesus did not come to know the SPIRIT in that way. He was babtized by his cousin John who was a wild heart. 

Wild Hearts the time is right
The sun is chasing away the night
And the battle will be won without a fight
Cause no ones wrong, cause NO ONES RIGHT
You see the Baptist was no wind swept reed
His heart was sown from a WILD SEED
And everywhere that Jesus Went (His Cousin)
Few understood what he really meant (Like on this Forum)
But there is coming a time and it is drawing near
When within their hearts ALL MEN WILL PEER
No longer will they say the truth is out there (YOU WILL ALWAYS MISUNDERSTAND INTERPRETATION)
For the word they seek was very near, even in your heart and in your mouth and you never needed a teacher. Dnatree (SPIRIT)

But if with True intent you seek with all your heart the synchs begin and with enough passion to KNOW YOU MY LIFE you will not be ashamed at the SPIRIT's coming, though the whole world shamed you your whole life because they never knew you.

when I was 17 "I still get jealous" but I transmuted away the pain and found I could not marry or live with a woman as I was too wild hearted and needed to stay focused only on SPIRIT. I was meant to dream and wander in wonder and YOU showed up in the form of a lover or an experience with someone that was in synchronicity with my moment where they found I understood them because of that moment.

I was there in the moment; I was walking down the street
I was turning round the corner when who did I meet
It’s a girl/spirit named Moment; she was looking mighty and fine
I asked her if she had a moment, I asked her if she could spare some time
Then I saw that she was layered, I knew that she was deep
She said she knew that I was coming and that any moment we would meet
I noticed a spark, like a twinkle in her eye
Began to wonder about Jesus, and Santa and how life comes in a moment
In a twinkle of an eye

Let the moment give you everything you need. Let your heart unfold like an apple seed. As on the fruit each moment you

This is related to the Turtles synch

It is the slow way but any other way is like a shortcut that you end up "stuck" in a "thicket"
If it takes my whole life I will follow YOU/MY LIFE
Even though you slay me, yet do I love you.

Money seemed to give us that promise of a shortcut home but now we are stuck in the mudslide
The least of them on this planet is greater than the snake or the woman who use greed and lust after money and betrayal and setup such a wild heart to be killed. The blood under the altar of the billions slaughtered by such as these is a passion that will wipe such from this planet. The Accusers of the brethren and the explosion of passion. Beware those that know his true intent yet seek money through humiliation, these have no home on this planet anymore and if you hate sex then sow it up as you will not need it in outer darkness because you wasted your time with money and presumptions and never came to know the true intentions of his heart. The End of the Presumptuous woman. Desolation is inevitable

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