Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Manipulators of the Protestors, and LGBT Scam

I am not going to say this is what is happening in my family but after a series of synchs tonight and things that were brought to my attention today I am wanting to get this post out.

Today I was drawn to a few posts that reveal the protestors are being setup by Trump and the right wings imposters coming in as though they are going to help,,, like this car of white masked folks handing out bricks to black people during a riot.

Now you can already see Trump knowing it is his own ultra-right but blaming the left as he works his setup. The con man will collide with the SPIRIT. For as the whites who are there "supposedly to help" are videod by so many as the ones setting the fires I myself feel a spark coming and all this as gas for the fire that will ERUPT IN THE GOP AND CONSUME THOSE MANIPULATING AS WELL AS ALL UNDER HIS HAT. That is what the SPIRIT can do with this energy, YOU do know that! Not exactly but likened unto this.

Beware like in the LGBT bill where someone comes in saying they are going to help you especially if the master manipulator wrote the bloody thing.

For I have spent a lifetime being manipulated by those who say they loved me but really were there waiting for a situation to occur so that they can effectivly do the will of another manipulator.

Like if someone comes to my door late at night and I did not even know they were coming and they try in the dark to get to my house and find it treaturous and then blame you for putting them in a dangerous situation when really it was the other way around because of their vibes and their true intent. And if your partner would be stressed to the point of getting sick so you have to get her out of there and off to find the root of the problem and sure enough it was not what it seemed, the phones were fine, it was the network and also about the other situation I will see where that goes. We will leave it at that. Turns out that the con that was being pulled on me helped me to understand what was going on with the synchs and the con that was pulled in the Guatemala synch yesterday and the lying president as Trump said visious things about them when it was he who was mistreating them, so it is that these cons are unfolding in perfect timing with the synchronicities. Let the SPIRIT overtake and manipulate these manipulators off my planet. It is the number of sheer manipulators on this planet that makes me realize why desolation is inevitable because what was supposed to be a mutually benefitting empathetic relationship turns out to be a pathetic plan for the real haters to devour whom they hate. Thanks be to the SPIRIT that knows the true intentions of the heart of men and has planned this time for this reason.

This is my Prayer, MY LIFE
These things are now the expected for Trump
Let the Unexpected become prevalent to cause them to stumble because of their true intention
of heart to Trap, let them be Trapped/Stuck
The Conspiracy to devour the Tree
If you are in the GOP and know he is manipulating like this then you are also implicated
Watch how the SPIRIT without anyone's help will reveal your hearts.
This was already put into the seed from 1993


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