Saturday, June 20, 2020

Washington DC, Tulsa Oklahoma, A bridge too far

As tentions rise, remember manipulation and lies are the enemy not concervatives or liberals. I would like for what is coming to be more like an intervention with loved ones and let the SPIRIT take care of those without True Intention of heart who love to hate and love a lie. The Unexpected like the Coronavirus and the protests can do more than fighting. Perfect Love is better than a bullet!

My synchs today have to do with the Nazi Eastern front
And the western front seems to be Tulsa Oklahoma today
and then Pam and I were drawn to Itchy Boots and a bridge too far in her newest video
So Pam and I felt like watching the movie A Bridge too Far (11:30) and sure enough the Nazi's are on the run as Trump supporters seem to be but I feel something coming related to this synch. It is very important to see that no party would change Trump's hold on the American People until the SPIRIT got involved and this needs to be seen so that you can cooperate to complete the mission and reach the Christian Right to the heart. My intention is that desolation be of the heart but those that love to hate may create for themselves according to what they believe, for by your right hand/own words you are judged.

The Power of the Unexpected to thwart the Con Man
Lots of Trump rumblings about Antifa and left whom he hates but none of Boogaloo Boys and they already believe they are at war. 
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Civil War
Peace, Peace
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in progress....

5:45pm central time "after dark" and at 6:40 I realized why the "panic" synch needed to be posted though I had hesitated when I first got the synch as it is not complete and we have to wait for more to know. OK waiting for more synchs with this
7:32 another panic synch "totn cbs"
8:15ct Outside in Tulsa a lot of energy, watching for agitators as Trump feels like he is planning for a problem.
Live outside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpR8TQ4IDdE&t=1051s
8:45pm ct Trumpee's trying to start a fight now so they can blame them. BLM saying keep marching that is what they want.
10:20pm ct Ok, good no one seems to have gotten hurt, will be interesting what happens when information comes out later.
two panic synchs and one "after dark" synch so when I was first learning to follow synchs I was wrong all the time until at least the third synch and that is probably what is happening so we will wait for the third synch. Ok exciting stuff just reviewed the second synch and it was "panic attacks" at 1:18 of "totn cbs" So now I see I have to wait for a third synch but perhaps it will be news after the rally. So we will wait on the SPIRIT to reveal how the "panic attack" synch may unfold. So the first synch made us presume that it would be a panic in the rally or outside the rally but then it turned that it may be related to a panic attack but we usually I need to wait for the triangulation to see the true intent further. Same way on all the synchs you cannot presume or you find next what you have overlooked. This may even be the case with the Carol Barr synch as the synchs that grew over years are much more developed. So much happening!
12:33pm ct Sunday: Had a dream last night about the "panic attack" and trying to find your lost car on many levels of parking and it just is not there. Lost Car dream meaning related to "panic attack" and the presumptuous caught in a net.
Less often your car can represent a direction you are headed in. To lose it may mean you are losing your motivation or are feeling directionless and just don't know how to proceed. In addition, being lost in a dream means something in waking life is causing you to feel directionless and/or uncertain as to what to do.
Bridge dream meaning
bridge in a dream could be symbolic of connection, stability, and progress. Often, when bridges appear it could mean you are encountering a new start, travel, different way of life or a change or transition.


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