Thursday, June 18, 2020

Do not "RESIST" the SPIRIT as to struggle will lead to death like with the Police

Trump said "You can't resist the police" related to the Rayshard Brooks shooting but I am here to tell you that you cannot resist the SPIRIT that is here now, to struggle with it only leads to greater humiliation and even death. It can be likened to someone being crucified or reached to the heart, for to struggle with what is coming only leads to more pain. It is better to let your brain die to manipulating and lying or trying to figure out how to get out of the problem that is developing and let the moment speak to you about surrender and learning from SPIRIT instead of your presumptions which will become more and more dangerous as tricks that used to work for you will begin to fail now and only doing what the SPIRIT says through your moments, even though you may not understand it yet, this is the only way to go past this "impassable way".

Like the man that listened to the Jesus when he said "go and wash seven times in a river" as the obedience to SPIRIT and not the action is what healed him. Because the action was poetry for paying attention to what your moments are saying and learn to hear SPIRIT. Sort of like when you say you are the "ultimate authority" and then the "real ultimate authority" shows you your an idiot. You need to heed and learn from the SPIRIT because if you do not bend you will break! Small change to say the least! The least occording to Trump's world will "get it" much sooner and go on to thrive in this world which is forming around you. But those who continue to struggle in their own manipulation and control of circumstances will find it increasingly difficult to impossible. Because you did not wash in the river of the SPIRIT all around you, but rather kept a veil over your eyes that you loved more than the SPIRIT therefore the river will take you under, but if you don't struggle it will bring you back up.

You will find that your interpretations will now lead to more trouble and even death, but to reach the SPIRIT is to hear the smallest of points related to the "interpretations" that you have overlooked and that is You must get your daily truth from the SPIRIT through your own experience in order to know how to navigate your life. You must take on the virtues the SPIRIT leads to and not the "interpretations" of virtues. The law cannot fulfill the SPIRIT but was for those that reject the SPIRIT. Not lawless, but filled with the SPIRIT of love and synergy with all that is.  Really with the SPIRIT you are able to do what your heart desires but it is not money, but experience and the best "things" in the moment that they are "of the SPIRIT". We let "them" do what they do and the SPIRIT provides, such as we let the bees work, but we take only what the SPIRIT allows. The synergy of life is perfect the closer you adhere to SPIRIT. Starting fresh without preconcieved notions as though you were a child being taught for the first time playing in a sand box. I know, you think you cannot do that as you have a mortgage to keep up, but is that mortgage worth your life when a leanto might be better for this moment until you can learn to evolve your system without dependence on structures that tycoons can take away and manipulate your life because Cesaur owns the system. That is why the rich get richer and the poors work is harvested to benefit them more than you. I don't speak to them, they will not lay down their presumptions and live, but you who have been used and do not fight with them will inherit the earth, the rest will be blessed in other ways I am sure. But the Meek, who let their moments give them everything they need will evolve their system such as a house built on a rock.

We cannot say exactly where we are headed but being brought up in a conservative envirement as a child and evolving to ever more freedom through knowing the SPIRIT and learning from what my moments are saying is life indeed for me. Both liberal and concervative are one really. It is only those that divide that are least now among you. There really has always only been YOU and I and YOU and I are really one. If you are concervative continue learning from the SPIRIT in that reality, and if you are liberal continue in love from that perspective to learn from the SPIRIT and see how YOU and I will fit like a hand and a glove.

All the words of the events of Jesus can be understood as "tokens of the covenant betwixt me and you." But when the fulness comes, all the partial is done away with. You, coming to know the SPIRIT in it's fulness is the fulfillment of all scribbling by scribes.


Hal found a whisk in his driveway and called to see if Pam had lost one but our two whisks were hanging right there so I told him it means there

Seeing or using a whisk in your dream (in synchs life is a dream) points to a situation requiring swift action and prompt decision


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