Saturday, September 19, 2020

Manipulators being manipulated by the SPIRIT,

 One of the most painful things about being spitefully used by someone without true intention of heart is when the law is manipulated and used against you in such a way that the criminal actually manipulates a situation to make the people he is trying to entrap appear like criminals when he really is the criminal. 

This is what we experienced in 1993 and with my family being manipulated by a manipulater relative to probate.

The manipulater (Trump in this case) just overlooks what the true intention is and even sends in right wing goons to make trouble that then he blames on the left instead of looking at the real reason for their protests. And those who will be implicated with him are those who love the lie of self rightness that is used to manipulate the law in their favor. 

But the way it all comes down is all the judgements of those that follow the manipulator will turn and become what happens to them as they think they are judging the left according to their interpretation of reigning with Trump but they are actually leading to their own desolation.

This was broutht to light by spiders lately as many more synchs happened relative to them and the dream meaning reveals how the spider sets up the prey and uses the law if you try to protect yourself from their manipulations which was the hell of what I went through by the lawless who pretended to be the "good guys" and got a following to use against me. But it all ends in horror because these same are being manipulated toward their end by the SPIRIT. The manipulators are being manipulated by the SPIRIT to transform "my own" to see only the SPIRIT and then they are being manipulated to their own end.

Dream meaning spider

From a psychological perspective, to dream of spiders means the dreamer is being manipulated by someone in waking life. Or the dreamer might be the one manipulating others in waking life. The explanation of such dream interpretation spiders has the ability to manipulate their prey into their web.

You don't care about the SPIRIT and these predictions then I fear you will not live past three more years


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