Saturday, September 26, 2020

Taking down two Trees that were leaning over my house

 Today was an experience that was successfull though one mistake was made. I needed to make sure one tree that was leaning OVER my house fell properly and did not destroy my house. I had just dropped another tree and felt I needed to get this one dropped today so I set up the rigging and checked it to see what else was needed to make sure this DUAL REDUNDANT system worked. It was duel redundant as I had two ropes to two pulleys to make sure the tree dropped exactly where I wanted it to and not on the house. And the system worked but a final check to one of the ropes I had entended before I called my brother and had him come over but then he came over on his own this time and I told him I did not feel 100% but I felt it would accomplish what I needed it to. And when the moment came the one rope did the job of keeping the tree away from my house but the other rope I had put a rope on to pull it tight while I joined it to another long rope and had told myself I had to remove this in the final check. When my brother got there I was busy changing out the rigging on one line for a heavier line and told him I needed to finish that before I could drop the tree. Somehow I felt that I had accomplished pulling that extra rope lose supporting the tention on a rope while I joined the rope on the other side to another rope but I had left it there and when the knot got to the pulley of course it would not fit through and that rope failed/broke and we thought it was the weight of the tree leaning back that it would not be lifted but felt at least the second rope worked tough it could have been terrible if it took out the power lines but it did brush them. So we cleaned up and were happy because the tree was down and no major catastrophe had happened and I looked at it like I do the storms I let pass over and afterwards I see the fruit that it worked though the smallest of points I had overlooked changed the equation and altered the outcome to some degree. Happily all worked out and it was just a close shave with the EDGE. But I felt that when I went into this project today so it must be poetry for what is coming in one of these decisions which I saw as manipulations using the law in a manner it was not intended. So we have a veil of interpretation that is separating us and each side believes the other is bad and it overlooking a truth but ACTUALLY IT IS BOTH SIDES as both sides get their presumptions from one source or another but neither side can gaurantee that they have not overlooked something that could be catastrophic thank the SPIRIT that life makes a way for this imperfection and the person that seeks to know the SPIRIT as to why reality is the way it is and we don't have the right information at the right moment. But that does not mean the SPIRIT is not working through each of us and a way through the SPIRIT was intended as in such a situation where you feel you are not perfect but the SPIRIT is the perfection through you as I knew it would work but felt something was off before we began to take down the tree. I would normaly wait until the door felt perfect but for some reason I continued with the schedule because I felt it would at least work though I felt off a little. 

This is the way it was with my life in everything,,, I was having synchs and following the SPIRIT but really did not know what that entailed the day my heart was reached. It was something I even expected sometime in my life that something would happen that made these synchronicities pay off and it turned out to be losing my life in order for me to have nothing except time to work with my moments. A way was made for what I expected. What I expected because of my synchs about comeing to know YOU which was the SPIRIT/namesake of Jesus as my whole life was focused in that direction. After the experience I came to feel who we are and what was separating YOU and I on this planet and that was the intention in growing this tree to reach you. I think many stories reflect what I came to see so I won't reiterate them here but each person following the SPIRIT and yes putting out their own unique intentions while intending to allow the SPIRIT to fulfill their life and purpose will each develope in different ways and the fruit should not be judged by us but by letting the SPIRIT access the fruit. In my dream I expected such as is happening but I must change how I feel about it. For one thing, is really only great when it is guided by the SPIRIT and not greed. That is what lovemaking taught me about creating wealth or just creating a wonderful life and having the basic things that make life worth living.

One thing is my assesment of those who are passionate but overlook the SPIRIT,, they remind me of myself though I was seeking the SPIRIT I did not know what I was doing but was meaning for YOU to catch me if I fall because I had come to see YOU ARE ABLE. 

Now people like my brother or like Trump that may be in opposition to me yet are very passionate and creative people I would like to myself see them according to the fruit that is growing though they may not be aware of the SPIRIT everyone is connected and cooperating without knowing it. Even such as a manipulator who is trying to survive. I am sure the chickens could feel that way about humans and yet they give their all.

So there can be many passionate parts to Trump that I see as good but if they are guided by the SPIRIT and not propelled by a lesser SPIRIT as such would overlook the smallest of points. As for forgivness we need to see there is only YOU and what we put out about others if we don't get it from the SPIRIT then our own weaknesses should be judged by how we judge the other side. Perhaps by not getting our way from the SPIRIT we would find that our judgements are really our own like what those on the right want for the left. I would like to let such judge themselves.

So right now I would like to forgive him and let what is overlooked reveal to human hearts why the connection is so important if we are to go on.

By the way my brother is doing amazing things repairing our table saw and setting up a shop so we both can have equipment to do our projects.

I would like for redemption for all these having true intent to forgive each other and start new each day, not looking at each others weaknesses as much as looking to the SPIRIT and to what we are excited about creating.


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