Friday, September 25, 2020

Haunted Mansion,,, Whitehouse

 I have been thinking about the post dated Friday, September 27, 2019

Manipulators Now Reveal Themselves Friday, September 27, 2019 dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/09/manipu I was feeling Trump would trip up now and realise this post says that and the thoughts began to synch with what I was hearing in the background and had a synch with this morning also.

Haunted Mansion and I threw in "Whitehouse"

We are in the depths of the predicted "Wild Ride" which has been predicted since 1994 as in this poem from my years alone. I was dreaming of how a message would be sent to the world with what happens to
Trump and it will come out of nowhere so that he cannot blame "them" because it will be life sending a message like the smallest of points overlooked that changes everything!

I began the other night with a similar thought that I had when I went through a door similar to what America is experiencing where nothing could help except I hear from YOU/MY LIFE.

Nothing really matters
Except I get my truth from YOU/MY LIFE (The SPIRIT will lead you into all truth)

As I though about all this in the background I began to hear things that were in synch with my thoughts.

Haunted Mansion,, I thought about the July 4th rain that was a sign that trump would trip up and because he is a fraud and does not have true intent I would like the SPIRIT to send him a message. I saw where he would trip and bust his ass. I of course do not want anything bad to happen to anyone but this is a vision that says you have overlooked the SPIRIT. The storms and fires as predicted are shouting but Trump is doing his best to turn everyone's attention away from what LIFE IS SAYING to only listen to his filth of hate lies and division. All who follow after him will be humiliated. This was all planned, don't ya know.

Back to the Haunted Mansion as to be against the SPIRIT is a very scary thing as you will see.

Comedy of errors, laugh, GAG, Haunted mansion Whitehouse Cob Webs
Notes from my synchs
Gold Rush Mine Train. I mean money is meaningless once your dead or if life changes it's meaning

Here we are coming up to the Arguing fox attraction "Animatronic Fox On Splash Mountain" debates and two politicians arguing and fox news going into sedition. What a wild ride on this roller coaster through the haunted mansion

Imagineers and the wild ride

Nothing really matters,,,, well,,, except you hear from SPIRIT and respond

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