Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Notes about my experience, Love as Attention to YOU, SPIRIT, Wonder, Motion, creating,

 YOU and I and the original intention of the heart, reality came from a place where we were not yet flesh but SPIRIT. The original intent of the SPIRIT through Jesus and how to love not by trying but by love and attention to YOU/SPIRIT as spoke through Jesus. I was led to only see YOU, then YOU came to me in many forms alone, soon YOU came in the form of other people having a similar experience with a WORD or experience. All things are made perfect by attention to SPIRIT and by allowing it to be made perfect through a dance with YOU/SPIRIT. By attention to YOU we draw those that are right for our life and for "this moment" and these experiences are made perfect by SPIRIT and this is love, attention to SPIRIT and drawing experience with YOU into our moments.

search "only you and I" and  the experiences to understand this.

Each person's experience will be different but it is not following my interpretation that is needed, but rather attention to SPIRIT and growing in experience with SPIRIT then you will understand what life is.

Dreaming, Wonder, Motion, Tinkering, creating

Ever dreaming moving tinkering, like a sufi everything I do is a meditation on YOU and YOU take my intent and make it perfect


Odd synchronicity today, I cut wood for the wood stove and this one piece was so covered in moss that we laughed about it and then I came here which made me search the dream meaning So moss in a dream symbolizes prolonged inactivity and immobility. (Due to the Pandemic)



This was the subject today while moving in circles tinkering and working around the property. I was dreaming about how I always stay in motion as I write, dream, move in circles, tinkering. The circles was like a sufi in my walking and in my working. Moss related to moving stone

Journey Progress Movement No Moss, Growth

The idea of having to have FOLLY in order to find your life, everyone makes mistakes but if you get into synchs and reach for the SPIRIT, then the SPIRIT begins to work through your intentions and your experiences and yes your mistakes cause you to be reached to the heart.

The  There is no greater gift than to have a future and There is no present like the time 

Quote"There is no present like the time." That is such a beautiful rearrangement of words. Time. Now. The present. The gift of time and the gift of the present. Time is a present, presented to us, now.

GoldRush is what is important once you realise the true wealth of attention to SPIRIT and growing in knowing YOU. Or what does it profit a man to gain the whole world only to lose his life? The reality of life/pandemic/what is coming reveals this. Therefore I must break your hearts, to do good for you, that you may live from the original intentions of the heart.


Perfect is not what we do but what the SPIRIT does through US. Like Perfect Love is better than a bullet, by intending the SPIRIT take our intention and make the love perfect and wait, wait, wait as the SPIRIT will do it as "we do not do it, we allow it to happen" 


As one individual who has left an incredible sustainable legacy, Bamberger believes that the single greatest conservation tool is grass. He gave his ranch the name 'Selah', meaning to stop, to pause, to look around and to reflect on everything you see.

Over 40 synch and the 41 year old republican 

Volcano fire 


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