Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whirlwind of Change

Even as far back as 1993 when I began to tell folks in Milton Florida about the coming hurricanes and then in 1995 when Hurricane Erin ripped the roof off of only Raines bedroom and drenched the walls which had Rain and Fern Gully posters on them, (poetry of the passion of the father to reach his children that had misunderstood the true intentions of HIS heart, humans) even back then the synchs indicated that the coming Whirlwind would be one of change among people. A stripping of beliefs (possessions) that came from interpretations given by a preacher and replaced with "true experience with life" such as the experience of the athlete in the movie Peaceful Warrior. The poetry of the fires, of the winds, of the shaking (shiver me timbers) and of the wave of synchs that would pass through humans. (I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh) Finding that there is no God separate from our own hearts, that the wildheart is the experience we call God. Not one person but a body made of the synergy of You and I, "in our midst." So the wild ride was poetry for the intent of events speaking to You and taking You to wonder that you might through wonder realize the true intention of the heart.