Sunday, September 16, 2018

Unhinged, off the deep end

Tomorrow feels like a very pronounced day in the baptismal rain story of North Carolina, too bad so many cannot hear the story because of unbelief. 

  1. mentally unbalanced; deranged.

    "the violent acts of unhinged minds"
To run into the word UNHINGED in several different contexts, which had nothing to do with the new book by Omarosa,  feels as though the insanity of the one person sitting in our father's seat that uses fear and divisiveness to manipulate masses of people. That as this person gets pushed closer to the edge that this word will best reveal how he will go off the deep end. After all anyone that learns a way to trick people seems smart until you see the pattern that reveals it is just a cheap trick. The SPIRIT knows every nuance of such a mind and what he will do next and knows exactly that smallest of points such a simple mind has overlooked and in reality knows how to catch the evangelists, the politicians, and even the sheep in a net and reveal the hearts of all who are hiding by using the actions and reactions of those that believe they are in charge when really none of them are when you see how the SPIRIT uses the synergy of all that is happening in this time of seeming chaos.

The synchs with orange is coming leaders lead astray, and the great humiliation started with the Orange event in 2006, then more synchs in 2009  " puzzling over the evidence"

By believing the synchs and being nice to people we allow the SPIRIT to do what no man can do. This is one of the greatest reasons for just remaining happy through this wild ride we are all on.

I mean be nice because every interpretation or ideology is wrong, because everyone is wrong. But that really does not matter as it was always the SPIRIT meant to do it through the individual and not having a right interpretation as though having one could save you. 

The original intent of "the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus" was your letting the SPIRIT do it through you. Not you doing it... that is simply ludicrous to believe you can be that perfect... no, perfection is the job of the SPIRIT through you, not anyting you can learn to do. Why you don't DO magic,,,, you allow it to happen. But those who love their interpretations will be stumbling over their beliefs and will find it so very hard to allow anything to work without mucking it up with their intellect.

Baptismal Rain, Presumptuous, Audacity to lie, lucky, Jesus, Cats

Lots going on in September, such a wild ride we find ourselves on.

The Baptismal Rain synch that has a connection to Sept 17th and may be the key to saving many lives was presumptuously removed on reddit by someone that thinks they know better. Well that is the situation with everyone that presumptuously rejects the SPIRIT without studying the synchs over the years, your hearts will be broken. Also

This synch feels related to this year
Thursday, October 05, 2017


Been seeing the South Carolina moon and palm tree lately and today with respect to Nate. I have been so busy I can't believe it. Well that is all today

The Audacity to Lie
The Audacity to Lie and Use the Office of the President in a manner that is breaking the law because you know the opposition is lawful and afraid of the law while you have the audacity to do whatever and use whoever to meet your goals. You know this president is leading the sheep astray to follow the lie but what is coming is a broken heart for both sides. These who think they are winning now will look upon whom they have really pierced when they see that like Judas they let what they thought was gain lead them to the OPPOSITE of what they planned. This was known in 1993 that if I could not reach America that they would follow such a lie and suffer the HUMILIATION that reveals they really never knew the SPIRIT.

The misunderstanding of those that believe they follow Jesus when they really never knew the SPIRIT is that Jesus knew the only way to get people to understand why he said what he said while saying "the SPIRIT will lead you into all truth" is by people loving him enough to experience what he experienced in order to understand why he could not tell them exactly but rather in parables what he really was saying. Because what is true about a man cannot be said as it would be misunderstood by all who cannot experience it and by those (snakes) that want to make others believe they are what they are not. So the only way past this is to trust Jesus and the SPIRIT to reveal through your experience what is real and once you find out that it is you by believing what you thought was real.. that it was you that placed yourself on the cross (so to speak) then the equation changes and like Jesus it becomes your story after that and you ask the SPIRIT anything as was written and it is done for you. After your coming to know Jesus through whom was really speaking "which was the SPIRIT" then you are no longer bound by the LAW, BUT BY THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT which was always there but you were veiled by what you believed,,, for unto you it is given what You believe, therefore believe nothing except for what the SPIRIT teaches you.

Always after Me Lucky Charms

The SPIRIT is contrary to the letter and the law in how your heart is reached to fulfill the law.

So the synch with lucky charms is one of my early experiences with how I find to follow the SPIRIT. The letter will cause you to stumble over what I am saying if you follow interpretation and do not allow the SPIRIT to do through you what you cannot do by the law or by interpretation. I too would not leave the book as I was taught it was the word of God when really I found the word of God to be in my mouth and in my heart as I grew to believe SPIRIT. For the SPIRIT is contrary to the letter and the law in how your heart is reached to fulfill the law. Not to follow my experience with SPIRIT for you are a new creature, but to SEE ONLY YOU/MY LIFE and to GROW into whom you were always to be.

Last night we watched A Street Cat Named Bob | Netflix and then this morning woke up to Sunday Morning being 
about cats

Ongoing presumption synchs

Ongoing presumption synchs

The end of the Presumptuous Woman
Women ate the fruit offered by the snake in the garden and gave it to her husband but both were thrown out out of the garden in humiliation and shame. What is coming cannot be seen by the presumptuous that only want to hate and blame everyone else.

The End of Presumptuous Americans  10/8/11

Irene was predicted for the exact cause of revealing the ...

The End of Presumptuous Americans - narkive 7 yrs ago

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Florence, and baptismal Rain, Islands at War

So I posted it elsewhere three days ago, but they removed it and nobody cares about all who will die in this storm or the coming calamities the SPIRIT has warned about. Nobody wants to look at it or try to understand what has been said for the last 20yrs even though they came true. So that is how it is and the coming blood is on your hands, you who reject the SPIRIT.

Also watch out for them bears near our islands like Maine and Alaska on the 17th

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Miracle that carries us through the Storm!

An ordinary Christian like my mother having true intention of heart melded with me perfectly through this love. We came to see the miracle of what SPIRIT has planned for us and how we were delivered together from the flood to show the SPIRIT love for us. Even my brother's intent that I shepherd the flock was made perfect though all my brother's and sisters are different. Believing, be whatever You are with true intent to love and the SPIRIT will merge the two together.

As we left Orlando I remembered the Storms in the way while I was in Denver an
The intentions with my mother to have a real experience with SPIRIT. I told
Mother about the synch with a Tornado in front and one in rear but we were safe
With the SPIRIT in the middle.

So last night pertaining to my mother and others I was given the promise I gave my mother on the trip out from Florida,,,

For the SPIRIT said there would be a storm in back of us and in front of us but that we would be delivered from them all.

My mother also knew it was right and soon we found that the water had just receded and everyone did not believe me when I had told them at the motel that the way would open up. We noticed off to the side by the tracks up above the road that dumpsters and Ice machines had been carried by the water and deposited at the tracks but could not go over them. People were out taking pictures of this as we passed by. Sure enough the way was open but no one was on the road because of the notifications that all directions were blocked

Why nobody believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!

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Russian inquirers seem to have changed how they search my blog since I began to post about their involvement in the bear attack synchs years ago when recently I began to speak of how they are now a major reader of this blog. Every leader that believes they are smart will be humiliated by the smallest of points the SPIRIT has orchestrated in all of this over the years it is impossible for them to anticipate what is coming. This will extend to all who are against my country.

Friday, September 14, 2018

I feel Lucky today!

So as is written in my writings on the table in 1993 I had a synch with Lucky and luck and I found that between the lover and the beloved (SPIRIT and Man) anything "the moment" brings forth for you to ask is made right by SPIRIT. I found that first it is sanctified, or made right in the context of a situation and then it is set before you. Here are some of the oldest posts about luck.

From Altar and Forms
Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can't call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today __________________________________________________________ Love,, the strenth to try once more Fruit of life We're in the love together and like fruit on the vine it gets sweeter all the time Do ya feel like NEW! New way of life YOU AND I will share a "springtime" of our love, that will be talked about for generations and endure many lives. ( ) of relationship Getting past the door "key,, springtime newness" Don't hesitate Spirit you want to fill my every need 
turn the tables,, luck be the lady It's payback time MORE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready for my love,,, my love is ready for you Let's turn this world around.. overflowing loving cup Like an old fashioned love song Work.. feel good... solution is in the problem ______________________________________________________ Love is fertility that another dimension fits so perfectly like the hand and the glove Shaking her tree of seven branches.. menorah Only the beginning Without love..(she,spirit) where would you be now Intent,,, allow _______________________________________________- Get ready baby cause here I come flow ingredients,, make it work smooth 

Yesterday we went to get new cereal and yogurt and I decided to choose a new cereal that I had used with great passion toward SPIRIT in 1993 and that was "LUCKY CHARMS" The SPIRIT taught me that it is not what they who never knew the SPIRIT say is sanctified such as what was given of old but it is what the SPIRIT gives the beloved that is sanctified. That is why I got so excited about giving back to the SPIRIT the object of a synchronicity by putting it on the table and going round and round dreaming of how YOU are to come to me in this form.

slingshot on the tv right now having to do with "hitting the mark" this also was one of my synchs about the SPIRIT giving a stone that will take out the lying beast/system that controls the country.

Ok, getting back to lucky charms before I could pour my cereal the neighbor called and said that the big 4500 John Deer tractor would not start and they had checked everything they could. Now I had not worked on this model but took my meter and they tried to start it to show me the lights came on but nothing. The tractor was stuck in a field and they had called John Deer already. I banged it and opened the fuse box and checked a few fuses and wiggled them then hoped up in the seat and turned the key and it started. The neighbor said, NO, NO, NO way. So they drove it off and made sure it started again when they parked it. I got home to a message I listened to while eating the lucky charms where the neighbor called and asked "What are you, a magician?" But it really is just the SPIRIT in the moment you know.

And here is the picture I sent him.

Everyone believes that their learning is what makes them able to do things but I am telling you without the SPIRIT during this time of the Resurrection even all your learning will become nothing without the SPIRIT.

Oh, and one more thing is needed along with the SPIRIT and synchs

If you ask someone that has been spending their lives learning interpretation but never knew the SPIRIT you will begin to understand in their words why they will be stumbling over their learning trying to interpret away the SPIRIT as I have experienced. Because they never actually allowed the SPIRIT to attain them to what is real. This was what Jesus was talking about, because it is not following the letter but doing as Jesus did which was come to know the SPIRIT even to the fragrance of the heart.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

What If? Mollie

The Devil will come and plant tares among the wheat so that it would be impossible without the SPIRIT to distinguish what is truth from what was put there for evil purposes. Without the SPIRIT "you also" will believe a lie.

How the synchs reveal what is overlooked, but the brazen use of the law in a manner it was not intended is used to keep the sheep looking at the "leader" while the real killer is the leader who also is leading them to slaughter.

What if the truth is that Mollie Tibbetts did know a secret that got her killed?
What if those really responsible used the young man who was attracted to Mollie running to cover them while brazenly using him as a political tool? Hey the synchs indicate something is overlooked.
What if the guy's story is right but was used in a way that was used against him?
What if what he was saying was "yes, I did follow her" and they knew that so they used me, but those who know the truth want the public to believe their lie and have the POWER to make the story go how they want it to?"
Can you imagine how the smallest of points overlooked means that "they" set him up because of the secret Mollie knew about them?

What I am saying is if those in charge are blatantly lying as it seems everyone "with money" in charge seems to be doing then maybe this is what is meant by Jesus saying that the truth cannot get out because of how "these" USING THE LAW IN A MANNER IT WAS NOT INTENDED to beat those who have been taught to follow the law.

The only way the law could do anything against those who have learned this TRICK is if GOD was to have orchestrated all of this to catch those who are really the criminals among us in a net.

And there are many who hear from the SPIRIT and are not veiled by the interpretation that is being used against the masses so it can come out of any mouth even the mouth of a donkey.

This is what happened to me and then to my family and then was predicted to happen to the world. But of course though all the predictions have come true those who use manipulation and blatant lying to manipulate know how to make it all look as they want to in order to cover themselves. What if the truth is in plain site but the manipulators have set it up to use against whom they hate? That is what happened in religion, that is what the whole story is about though it is right here in plain sight.

I mean it is becoming more evident how the LAWLESS use the law to cover their "true intent" and it is ever becoming less UNBELIEVABLE that what would be impossible to have believed in a politician or a person of "power by money" could stoop to but what if that has been the weakness of the law since the beginning and that now that the light is here and all see what is happening the SPIRIT is going to reveal what would seem impossible but is not because of those who have been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes since humans let go of what was real and veiled because of a lie.

We need to start the "what if" and the SPIRIT will help reveal what is HIDDEN.

As it is written "the Devil after seeing what the SPIRIT does comes in and plants tares among the wheat so that "only the SPIRIT" can reveal what the truth really was. That is why you have to give "YOUR ALL" to SPIRIT in order to not believe a lie.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We are all presumptuous

We are all presumptuous but of course it is the SPIRIT that leads to all truth, while the scripture of course would not exist if it did not say what the presumptuous demand, so the scripture is the SPIRIT at work outsmarting those that demand a law. The reason I find to love your enemies becomes very evident because of the veil that separates all of us and what returns across the veil where my own loved ones are concerned. When there is no separation we wait for the SPIRIT to reach us all each according to their separation and disbelief. I often need to leave the struggle and will for good but it is not my word or any man or woman that needs to be heeded but the SPIRIT alone in order to stem the desolation that is inherent in life. It is absurd that those veiled by ideology and not knowing SPIRIT are the heaviest judges not knowing it is themselves they judge.

On this date

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Miracle that carries us through the Storm!

As to Florence the synchs here are related to the aftermath of the storm

So last night pertaining to my mother and others I was given the promise I gave my mother on the trip out from Florida,,, 

For the SPIRIT said there would be a storm in back of us and in front of us but that we would be delivered from them all.

Again from the post BapRain
My mother also knew it was right and soon we found that the water had just receded and everyone did not believe me when I had told them at the motel that the way would open up. We noticed off to the side by the tracks up above the road that dumpsters and Ice machines had been carried by the water and deposited at the tracks but could not go over them. People were out taking pictures of this as we passed by. Sure enough the way was open but no one was on the road because of the notifications that all directions were blocked

Why nobody believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!

Why nobody (heard or) believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Ignite Passion!

This morning I awoke to hearing these two synchs coming together Explosion of Passion and Ignite the fire synchs come together today and I feel it being those that have been stomped on by the right. The the way the right has pushed others aside to push their ideologies that did not come from SPIRIT is as what you sow now you shall reap as those that have been mistreated grow in passion.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The ideologies are about shame and blame so it is to be heaped upon those that believe in such, while those that want peace will leave the struggle and the SPIRIT will turn the right people on the left against the right people on the right to turn up the heat! But those standing at the altar seemingly silent are pouring passion toward the SPIRIT! Those needing reached to the heart on the left and right, democrat vs republican, woman vs men, islam vs christian, let what is separating us be melted like a plastic veil.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ignite fire spark godzilla synchs

YOU and I collide and August

Also like leaders that have set themselves above the SPIRIT so also the evangelists and even the women that hated the SPIRIT and demand Men worship their interpretation of men.

Like the post given me by the SPIRIT just prior to the death of the North Korean leader so these will be brought low!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

North Korea leader sets himself above the Spirit


The coming Orange EVENT posted Oct 21st 2006
Remember to replace the word asylum with prophecies as that forum hated prophecies website

The woman OR man that puts there trust in SPIRIT rather than in other's hate and manipulation will find the SPIRIT WILL MAKE HER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

For a long time, I didn't understand DNA's posts and then slowly it became clear to me (as far as *my* understanding goes, that is). When he writes, it reminds me of the things I thought about when I read Hugh Prather's 70s works, like "I Touch the Earth and the Earth Touches Me." It's about being in the now and looking at things with no preconceptions about meaning. Like Hugh said, we look at an egg and think "egg" because those are our preconceived notions - but if you look at an egg or a thing or a situation without the "word" in your mind - if you just look at it in the now in relation to other things and with no preconceived notions - you just might see some truth there. It's like Spirit is there in everything, there is no past or future, there is only the now, and if we pay attention to what is in front of us, we will see what Spirit wants us to see. Naw, I'm not smokin', LOL!
Thank You ROCK gal as such understanding is the ROCK that true faith is built, that of wanting to "KNOW YOU" before I judge You/ YOU. (You would have to know me) 

The problem is "words" 
But if You get to know me and my relationship with Spirit then You begin to understand many things about prophets of old, that what could be interpreted as fearful is transmuted to a wonderful thing by understanding the "true intention of the heart". And, for those that see something different in scripture I tell You that I have been shown from Spirit that this love is such that YOU MAKE ME RIGHT! In that if You have not faith but interpretation then the coin toss will be given to those that love the Spirit that is life and love according to that Spirit not according to the idol that is lifted up by religion. 

It is coming down to because of the passion given to Spirit in faith that REALITY changes due to that love similar to a husband and wife where if a husband saw his wife being treated wrongly because of those that never knew him, that they say she is wrong and mistreat her, it is then that Spirit would reveal a small point overlooked that would...... 

MAKE HER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It never was who is right, that is a misconception of reality, but rather who is loved and who loves. 

I am here to lay my life down that all might see the hypocracy of interpretation and also that they might see the power of the love of Spirit that fulfills all the love towards family and children. Get Ready for the wild Ride!!! 
Now as for understanding the fearful nature of prophets words. 
Take fire, to those that read my posts and even prophets that went before us this is a terrible thing, to those that learn from the Spirit they RECOGNISE the opportunity and it becomes passion. 

Again, true prophecy is related to knowing the Spirit that gave that gave that prophecy and the intention is not to be plain so that You have facts given You that make You say OK, this is this, but rather to IGNITE WONDER. 

We are all in for many surprises even the greatest prophet knows that it is beyond his "interpretation" but in "KNOWNING YOU" I come to recognize and not fear the mountains crumbling into the sea. 

The interpretations and scripture have been given a twist by Spirit in order to make it impossible to interpret that we might surrender our knowing to Spirit, that each block of our experience might be given us from YOU that the tree grow into it's true purpose which could be seen as a "New Creature" unlike your neighbors except that the relationship with Spirit is recognized. 

I am That I AM in order to reach folks lost behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from Spirit which will amount to everyone on the planet. But the catalyst for such an event is the Message of Jesus. But it is not necessary to know the name even of Jesus but that the Spirit that was in him be evident in Your life, which once all is said and done the miracle will be that ALL OF US ARE ALREADY THERE FOR IN OUR TWISTED LIVES OF MISUNDERSTANDING, DENIAL AND REJECTION we have been baptized. Now it is best displayed in those that allowed something real and those desiring only to be right believing that was important will find themselves last.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

synchs over the years with YOU and I collide


YOU and I Collide - Stephentree.com  Aug 27, 2005

All has been predicted

List of posts of major predictions


DNATREE: The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as ...

Synch with using the law in a manner it was not intended

List of posts and synchs related to using the law in a manner it was not intended

Manipulating the Law, Lying, Using the law in a manner it is not intended

The Ongoing synch with Reach One person to the heart

The ongoing "Reach One Person to the heart" came out of the synch with

20 yrs could not reach America, therefore your hearts will break!  But today on Sunday Morning was exactly the spirit of what the synch is saying in reaching "each person" to the heart and the feeling of what that means. This example I want to reference is a person that exemplifies exactly what I am feeling. 

Here are the synchs 

Here is the news story

She was adamant about her beliefs until a heart attack and that reached her to the heart

I want you to see what is happening with Trump as exactly working through the presumption of those that get their ideology from an interpretation that DID NOT COME FROM SPIRIT.
Making what is happening a great thing!

Now my intention of late like the synch on this date about Mar a lago has been to reach that one person to the heart because his attention to power and money blinds him to what this personal beliefs that are not from SPIRIT is doing to America. But it is also playing out the same separation and misconception of those that have listened to a feed of separation ideology for many years and of those making the programs.

If there was a commercial revealing the synchs over the years in the prophecy websites it would astonish people how accurate the synchs were about what was coming but there is a reason it is hated and covered up.... at least until they too are reached to the heart.
If we could reach people with the message their experience would be so much more meaningful and lasting because of what the whole purpose of the lyrics of the synchs reveals.
If you do not get your ideology from

Help ME to get out the message of the SPIRIT through the synchs as no one is backing the SPIRIT though everything is being done by the SPIRIT to reach America and the world

We need the Lyrics of the Synchs to be revealed to everyone so that as they continue to come true everyone can see the uselessness of interpretation over seeking the SPIRIT!

Allow the Benevelance of the SPIRIT to make desolation be of these ideologies that are not of SPIRIT before true desolation with blood rising as high as the horses' bridles is
a reality in this time. The SPIRIT is the one that can transmute this reality as to
the meaning of these words

Lastly the sheep do not know they are being led to slaughter for it is very obvious that this person sitting in the seat of our fathers, has encircled himself with criminals as to what the American people have witnessed with all the indictments etc. Yet the SHEEP continue to mouth the same lies as the person they worship/give all their attention to. They cannot see that backing such obvious criminality also implicates them when this has been so obvious. And those helping to pull the wool over their eyes such as Hannity, FoxNews, and Limbaugh cannot help but see the writing on the wall. As they too will be responsible for leading these sheep to slaughter. The longer they continue to lie and use the law in a manner it is not intended the greater the slaughter will be beyond just the ideology that they believe they "possess" and the further to physical skull pyramid/slaughter these interpretations that did not come from SPIRIT will cause. All this has been predicted but everyone has chosen to bury this fact but when the tables turn how will they who have know this be treated by those that have suffered not knowing this existed? If they follow obvious criminal intent because of money and power then what is coming will reflect the horror of that presumption.


Saturday, September 08, 2018

Mollie Tibbetts and the Mystery

MORE MOLLIE!    Mollie Tibbetts synchs
So if you read and understand some of the synch I had a year ago when it first started with "Molly, Your in danger girl!" then there was "Molly knows a secret", and then there was Molly, Oh Molly and the murdered bride which I hate to say did come true as well as the Molly you are in danger girl! But the one thing that there has been little said about is what is not known and that is "The Secret". 

Now, the thing about all this is that if she did know a secret and if that secret put her in danger because it would reveal something that would endanger the life of another that the information is used against by those seeking profit, the strictness of the law shall we say causes many lives to be in jeapordised well.... lets put it this way. Humans think the law prevents death and makes things better but they overlook and are oblivious at times to the number of people that like our leader uses the law in a manner it was not intended and therefore puts a lot of lives in distress. So the smallest of points overlooked is it is becoming the reason why some feel that they must eliminate a threat to themselves. The SPIRIT knows the hearts of these and how the law is made of worse effect than if it did not exist by those who spend their lives practicing the manipulation of people using the THREAT of the law.  Like the woman that knew how the courts are biased toward women could say the normal things about a man that would be taken for granted as to why the lawyer said "we always take the deal in these matters" ruining a man's life who would never do such a thing and she knows it. Or a president that lies and uses the power of that office to push through things thinking that they are gaining when really when the tables turn even what they believe they possess will be taken from them. It is what the SPIRIT said through the predictions and anyone even if they misunderstand me when they research it would see what is being created by all this and by each person that is joined in this time to experience this. You think the law protects you but when you see what Jesus through the SPIRIT experienced you find you are being despite-fully used by those who do not keep the law but use it in a manner it was not intended.

The wild and intelligent heart,, another perspective on SPIRIT

The wild and intelligent heart,, another perspective on SPIRIT
Two Completely different people hearing from SPIRIT
Without an interpretation to join them

Today the SPIRIT brought many wonderful things that Pam and I shared. One of them was a baby goat for Pam's MIRTH that came to us today. And another was a program that I had missed a few weeks ago on New Dimensions Radio that has almost every element of what my life was to share with you though because of emotions many may have misunderstood. The program was New Dimensions Radio program ND3645. You won't hear him mention the words Perfect Love That is better than a bullet but it is in there. Wild intelligent heart and most everything that you may have had trouble with from someone that struck you the way that I have. But it may help you to see the love in all of this. It especially may help to understand some of my posts of late.

An Awakened, Undefended and Intelligent Heart

Better than a bullet, perfect love

DNATREE: The coming total Eclipse of the heart/ I will reach You ...

Friday, September 07, 2018

quotes from synchs with this date

Quote from Aug 11 2011

Aug 26th (began) a great loss,  like all the lies coming to a head about the thieves that have sold America and or Christianity for 30 pieces of silver. I feel a great sting related to this date. But a great moment that something real fill that emptiness that will exist.

(many of the synchs were covered up by those using the forums in a manner they were not intended but google dnatree "exposion of passion" or whatever the synch was to find existing posts.

Explosion of Passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom in the Spirit was necessary to get lost enough to have this experience that led to the growing intention and relationship with Spirit.

But instead of the law there is a PASSION AND LOVE FOR PURPOSE.


This pyramid was built by love

Ok folks here is the kicker, for tonight we began to watch this movie and this vision of passion came upon me related to the movie. I then remember the post I had

EXPLOSION OF PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a post exactly one year ago that matched the synchronicity I am having right now in my living room with Pam.

Now for the next synch this night


And this brick synch is also related to this period as it was posted Sept 3rd to the 15th of Sept 2007

These synchs were prepared by the Spirit that is MY LIFE for THIS MOMENT!

Another synch Sept 8th 2010 with

Passion, love, attraction,
This post is also related to Turkey where I lived for a while and is in the news at this moment.

Another Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:21 am
As I opened the door a flock of Geese Screamed above my head
Passion and Your enemies

Words would not reach you therefore your hearts will be broken!
http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2012/09/care-and-geese-synch.html  Sept 9th 2112

Bonnie said:
This is totally awesome Paul. Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight. I am leaning slowly but surely that I don't have to be right. Nobody really needs to be right. What matters is love and respect. And it doesn't take long to find out if a person is living from the heart or from the head. You my man speak from the heart.
Don't have to be right,,, Your right..LOL
I tried for 12 years to reach Americans about the SPIRIT and about not having an interpretation that just divides. Some wonderful miracles worked that expressed what my life experience was about but for the most part it drew those wanting to cover their shame and humiliate a man and as I felt the heartbreak of this it began to do the opposite of what I had dreamed.  And finally, I found that the SPIRIT is gonna do it and I don't have to struggle anymore. My roommate and I watched a comedy the other day where the fellow realized. 
Mike, Your right! But it's only hurting You and not helping anyone. 
So I decided to go back to the life I had of waking up and finding YOU/MY LIFE fresh and new and I don't have to convince anyone anymore.