Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wait on the SPIRIT

Interesting synch with a case I bought Pam for her phone. When she first received it she thought she could not use it because it did not have a place to keep cards like her old one. But then by coincidence the next day some pharmaceutical sent some info with a free gift which turned out to be an attachment to that phone case for holding the card... exactly what she said it needed to be complete. What we have found is that when a synch occurs and you say "that can't be good because it appears to be incomplete" do not discard it as the SPIRIT works exactly that way. Or when you think the messenger is wrong as if you begin to "wait" on the SPIRIT you only find you have overlooked something.

The First teal colored case has the added card holder that came in the day after Pam said she would rather use the old one because the new one did not have a card holder. But the old one (second pic) seemed to interfere with wifi calling.

Then as I was posting this my friend Johnathan had sent me a pic of a pouch he made and from the two dimensional

pic  the "pink" thing sorta looked obscene and he realized after we joked about it that he had to send a pic of only that part to reveal it was an otter.

So the synch is to "wait" on the SPIRIT instead of dismissing what you misunderstand as dismissing it leads to you feeling you were right because the SPIRIT does not give more when you presume and you later are revealed to be presumptuous. Of course we all are presumptuous as humans but the idea is to increase humility and WAIT on the SPIRIT. When you interact with a friend you both see what has been overlooked in the first communication and so it is with the SPIRIT or FRIEND as Rumi calls YOU/SPIRIT. It is this intimate relationship that works to convey the true intentions of the heart. Now the unbelieving and obstinate people are those that require the law because their hearts are hard such as shown by those on the forums. This is what the SPIRIT said concerning the presumption which has taken over and is leading to great desolation, because they cannot see I was sent to reveal what was overlooked. Therefore, their hearts will be broken.
All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations-- See also hardened hearts

DNATREE: The Series of Unfortunate Events and Wait, Wait Wait

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Help reach America!

The predictions the SPIRIT gave DNATREE revealed years ago about the Hurricanes, (Irene, Katrina, ) Stock MarketRussian manipulation and attacks on our society and about the coming separation that is the Trump administration those under the hat and the GOP Humiliation as well as the lies and use of the office in a manner it was not intended. (The predictions reveal the true intentions of the heart of Trump.)  Also the predictions about the passion, the presumption, the fire between you and I, 

(Be sure to click on all the links to learn the reality of what is being posted here)

The humiliation is growing as predicted for those that know of all these predictions and those that conspired against the tree, and want to "intentionally misunderstand" or are ashamed of the SPIRIT. This includes the forum members of Theology Forums (2002), Prophecies.us, Oroborus.us, and Propheciesonline.com AND the news agencies that have been given these posts over the years as well as those in other countries that use this blog. Because they knew of this and know that it will continue to get worse until the country is reached by this message. (See Stone in path) They don't need to know about me, but about the SPIRIT that is overlooked and the misunderstanding of interpretation. This is the message of the SPIRIT since the beginning "Let Go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me."

Therefore I/life break Your heart that You might become passionate about what is truly life that lives beyond death. 


DNATREE: Kim Jong Predictions

ST. Patrick's Day 

I am in Clover

Monday, March 12, 2018

Embryo thaw, bubble net

Waiting for more on the embryo freezing and the coincidence of two storage locations experiencing a thaw. I feel there is a message in the occurrence. Such as

Jesus turned and said to them, "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children.

The original intention of the heart to "reach you" is on target as all under the hat of Trump including the interpreters/evangelists are being herded (sheep) into the bubble net by their intention to make themselves right rather than waiting on the SPIRIT. This was the original intention that this stone/Trump was not to be removed until you are reached. 

It is in the best interest of those in Christianity on the left and those that understand synchronicity or have similar premonitions to help this get out. As well as other countries that follow my blog as if you don't you will also be affected by this.

Pam and I need help to travel and keep this effort up. Organizations that see what we are doing and want to help can contact me at steven@stephentree.com

Bubducere,,, to lead astray , Trump, get ready for the wild ride - dnatree

DNATREE: The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as ...

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Trees, poetry, men and other processes that grow

Since the poetry of trees has been prominent in my life I have often pondered the meaning of trees in the bible. But when you look up trees in the bible it is as though those that consider trees and their meaning in the bible have a veil over their eyes that will not allow them to see the most obvious of considerations about trees.  When Jesus healed the blind man and he said that he "sees" men walking around as trees. And it also is written, that a man that delights in thinking only of YOU/SPIRIT shall be like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water,.
    Now when you take this idea of a growing spiritual being as a tree and relate to the synchroncities of my life experience then go back and rethink what you have interpreted the scripture to say you find it has nothing to do with what we had presumed. Take this verse in the bible.

And the LORD God commanded (the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die."

This changes the meaning to you can partake of the fruit of any man's life in the garden, but do not eat from one that is separated believing that there is good AND evil. For when you do believe such a thing you become separated in your mind. For GOD is all things and all things are good when looked from the perspective of the SPIRIT.

We attract everything that we get into our lives though many like to blame the other/evil ones. But really you get what  you get because of your beliefs and you really cannot blame anyone else, or that person also could blame you probably and many others and so on and then you think someday GOD will come and sort it out. But the man who keeps his eye on SPIRIT has it sorted out through SPIRIT in each moment and already and attracts good into his life though others mistakenly INTERPRET otherwise.

Now the letter of Scripture is said to lead to death and "they" demanded a law anyway, so if we do not do what the real message of scripture is about and find the SPIRIT of GOD then we end up listening to the greatest source of rubbish which I would say was preachers. Because they believe the word of GOD is what is written and not what appears in the moment via the SPIRIT. They have followed the deluding influence instead of following the SPIRIT.

Take this verse
Job 14:7 - For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.

This says to me after knowing the SPIRIT that a man that gets knocked down or even dies has eternal life and will continue to grow even after what appears to be the end. A tree like what the cross was made of resurrects itself because of green growth via SPIRIT.

Matthew 7:17 - Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

Healing MS

You get what you need from SPIRIT through SYNCHRONICITY at the moment you need it. Especially such as with illness when the illness is a catalyst to your growth. What the SPIRIT gave Pam and I to keep her out of her patterns that cause exacerbation of symptoms of MS in California was effective there but was not easily implemented here in Tennessee. This has been on my heart as I Pam is getting older (she is 6 yrs older than I am) and it has been difficult to keep her  Healing her Beliefs, Inner Conflicts, Repressed Emotions and Past Trauma related to MS. You can see by the synchs over the years in California such as the Wave and the Worry and how well she did by what we got from SPIRIT and how moving to Tennessee caused an influx in fears and tears returning. Lately I began getting things from SPIRIT such as the JOLT needed to unseat a childhood trauma.

Then last night while in sanctuary dreaming with Pam I had this thing about beliefs of people with MS and looked on google to see if anyone else had studied this and found this site which is exactly what I was looking for.http://healingmultiplesclerosis.com/ All of us have such trauma in our lives but some develop MS symptoms because of a specific way it affects them. I am looking forward to the SPIRIT leading Pam and I toward healing inner trauma.

Position wanted Ambassadors

The word last night was Ambassadors. This is what I want for Pam and I. Like our experience in California where life gave us the opportunity to travel to wonderful sanctuaries to pick up the synchs that led to all the predictions Pam and I would like to be sponsored somehow to travel both in the states and internationally to continue this but in a direction for those that want good to come out of all this. It is plain that the synchs revealed that those under the hat such as the Christian Church in America that backs Trump were to be reached by the synchs eventually and the Bubble Net is designed to reach all these to the heart that love ideology via interpretations of men. Looking for a sponsor via some like minded group. We have our own home and income but it does not allow us to travel and experience all we need to as we would like to continue the synchs in a more positive direction by co-creating with like minded people. As those who have actually taken the time to see what the synchs are saying nothing is going to go the way the interpretations believe and we have a magnificent opportunity to influence the world to come. So those actually following the synchs that might see a mutual intent here I intend that we synergize in great way! steven@stephentree.com

Pam needs to be jolted out into such fresh experience to keep her MS at bay also.

Friday, March 09, 2018

World on fire

The World is on Fire, so hot it WILL MELT the veil separating YOU and I
There has always only been YOU and I
The Illusion/veil will be consumed in flame

A life that is bittersweet is greater than a life that is sweet.
Sweet lathers the heart, but bittersweet reaches to the heart.

I have not condemned you, I have told you what you are attracting that you have overlooked
Just like my partner, I love her immensely and it brings me such joy the way she showed me true intention of heart through all we experienced. Just like her I cannot condemn you, therefore, I warn you that you are doing it to yourself but it is an easy thing for the SPIRIT to change as you receive the miracle I have wanted for each of you that have been reached, as it is the SPIRIT that will do it.

Words do not reach you, they only get in the way and are often intentionally misunderstood by our minds. We are to be connected to those we love through the heart and let go of what is not love. Speaking to the heart of things and how Pam and I experienced the SPIRIT reaching us both through the heart in such as in the story of Mendocino.

The presumptuous, if they want to die believing they are right it needs to be soon as what is coming will change everything.
I was presumptuous when I was reached by the SPIRIT through the experience of seeking to know YOU. I allowed my heart to be reached. To allow SPIRIT you are made right in the moment through the words the SPIRIT gives you. That faith and not what the world condemns you for is how you are made right, not by your interpretations or beliefs that were not given by SPIRIT.

This morning was the synch with Energy and so I will post two old synchs about energy

Molly, Ressurection, IGWT

Molly... You in danger girl.

Today I am worried about someone and realize it may not be the sister I thought. It may be the person that matched the energy of the Fella that I was writing about.

DNATREE: The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as ...

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Joy, March, Pruning

I need the words to express the joy Pam and I shared last night with SPIRIT in sanctuary.  I did not want to leave California but I knew I needed to because I asked my life for the change in order to jolt me out of growing patterns. I also needed more exercise and I certainly got it in Tennessee. Like Pam and I our other relationships are deeper in Tennessee though there are also more people that are veiled by their ideologies here. I have never lived in a town where everyone seems to have read the same playbook. We are getting older and Pam was traumatized at first coming here because of  how she was treated by people. We know the time in silence and sanctuary really helps Pam with her fears of MS and the almost 20 yrs of jolting into joy that took her whole attention and being allowed her to stay off the medicines for many years but here in Tennessee they do not allow her to use the cannabis that helped her leave the thoughts that were damaging but the SPIRIT is helping her to do this through the memory of joy. They have replaced that with the drugs they give MS patients and she seems to be doing better than she was for the first couple years in Tennessee. Waiting on the SPIRIT to give us what is needed to help her in this environment. One thing last night was this, I saw a woman with a childhood trauma that created an illness. Because of her true intention and love toward SPIRIT she saw that it was a gift and the JOLT that grows to heal, it is equally wonderful and shame free.  WONDER-ful and SHAME FREE like the door to the SPIRIT is.😂

The Truth about what Two people and the SPIRIT can create vs the Hell that those without true intent create and the pruning of the tree.
The March Miracle and the synchs in March
White Stone Hidden Manna

I will edit this post to add all the links to the synchs which predicted some of these things.

The coming Storm and Stormy Daniels and how the smallest of points overlooked by those that manipulate and lie to cover their shame and use their power in a manner it was not intended. The woman on his head and the idea of money and the place of the whore of Babylon.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Pruning synch yesterday with my neighbors showing me how to prune the trees around here and with the new gardening program we started watching Big Dreams, Small Spaces.

So I am going to post my synchs with pruning

The wife, the tree, the fruit

Just as it is appointed to a man to lose his life and then face the judgement so it is a man lives a life with a wife and then like a tree that does not bear fruit it is cut down and thrown away

Sunday, March 04, 2018

March Forth, and Funeral synchs

March Forth (soldiers of the SPIRIT) Pun on March 4th
Something Haunting is Coming (On the TV right now)

Funerals are the synch today and this pic from this post (http://www.stephentree.com/bear/) seems to be related

And this pic
They looked like isolated cases: a hit-and-run and a celebrity murdered during a fling with a prostitute. No one could ever imagine they'd be linked to a brutal crime in the city's steamy past - and that the race against the clock to corner a determined serial killer would stir up secrets long thought buried with the dead. As Detectives Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial are called to investigate, they have no idea what they're stepping into.
Another synch on my bear page
 Another synch that started at Diner in Santa Cruz and then showed up at Rancho Del Oso was the synch with the twins and Gemini.

Pam and I had a funeral pass us with a 4X4 pulling the casket on a trailer today and then many other synchs with multiple funerals today.
This was in the bear synchs but may be related to any of the bear participants which are the manipulators in elections such as the Russians (Stalin is a synch today also) And the manipulators related to Trump and even other references to bears in the synchs.

We also watched "The Good Fight" Season 2 ep 1 and it was about the strange number of funerals.

'The Good Fight': Ominous New Season 2 Trailer Warns 'Death Is Everywhere'

The March Miracle where something good starts to happen

Important note: Murder on the orient express, Everyone aboard the train was guilty. (see meaning of train synchs)

The narrow path will go on, while the masses will take the wide path that will lead to desolation without SPIRIT.

Walking around the sanctuary with the altar in the middle and the fire burning in the stove.  Throwing that which has no place in my world into the fire, while keeping what/those I love on the table.

Just in case, I added this to this post and also the synch indicates multiple funerals. I also do not want anyone to perish but my intention is only to post what is being drawn to those fellow citizens I wish to reach about what is overlooked related to ideologies and SPIRIT.

So I began to think that maybe this Carl synch might be related to Trump and so I looked and found Carl Icahn and 

Before Trump Announced Tariffs, Icahn Sold Off Millions In Steel - NPR

Let us hope that this is not true!

With interpretations you are nothing, only living real experience with the Divine has any worth

Friday, March 02, 2018


Just the words "GOBSMACKED" yesterday and today "Death by Astonishment"

Keep on a-grinnin boy
You know how it has always been between you and I (speaking to my life)
So for others it can't be other than what they will accept (And how they have judged GOD according to their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT)
So get ready for the wild ride!

Is there "GOD"
The synch says there has always only been "YOU  and I" (Mutual Intention)
Even if YOU and I are Us and them
Creative synergy
There has always only been YOU and I and this veil of interpretation which only separates us.
When we pray we speak to the heart of all things, we seek to cooperate with everything

So GOD is the synergy of YOU and I and all things which is activated through love

If I touch on the mutual intention at this time to "reach You" then those unveiled and believing can connect with this.

Thursday, March 01, 2018


For what is coming arrogance will get you killed humility towards spirit and love toward all men will go a long ways toward your multitude of misunderstandings.