Sunday, October 18, 2020

Like the Wind, Those that misuse what has been written

 Take the saying about those born of the SPIRIT are like the wind for you do not know where it came from or where it is headed

So if the SPIRIT speaks through  the people around you by you catching a word or during your experience someone walks by and you catch a couple words and then another person came by and said the same words and maybe you heard one more word which hints to a meaning, the wonder is where it is at! Don't ask that person where the word came from or what their meaning was,,, for the synchronicity of hearing that word in the passing of the waters of your day followed by another encounter is not them but the SPIRIT speaking to you.

Another saying "He who has an ear, let him hear"

If it takes your whole life,, and it will, keep growing like a tree, treasuring every experience that comes from the SPIRIT

Words that came through such as Jesus that were from the SPIRIT will be perfect.. perfect to catching one that interpretted and did not lay their lives down for the SPIRIT, but rather like the robber climbed over into the sheep's pen another way bypassing the door.

A person that is hiding behind a veil of interpretation like Christianity but his intent is to misuse it... don't you think the SPIRIT knows a snake and expected for one to interpret without being guided to what the SPIRIT has for them.. such a person will be caught in a net by the SPIRIT as it was before known that such would exist and those that set traps without true intention of heart will have them set for themselves by the SPIRIT as even Jesus told you things as such. The law may be weak allowing a com man to rise but praise be to the SPIRIT the true intenitons of the heart can be revealed.

Now that will be an EVENT

Met two separate people today who were both from Mascouhtah Illinois where I lived for a year when I was about 11.

Also Wisconsin was in the wind.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Everybody believes a lie and Plan B, Drones, Horror

 So those on the right that love the lie of Trump are not the only ones believing a lie. The left has not taken notice that all their efforts to stop the Liar and Chief have failed but only the SPIRIT has brought it to the place where it can be stopped but nobody has chosen that route so now it appears by the synchs that a great horror must occur and those that are in charge of the watch tower don't want to believe the synchs though everything has come true so many will probably die now because the lies on both sides are killing the earth and it's inhabitants. Here are the notes with the synchs for today

Drone Time for plan b Well DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU BUT EVERYONE WANTS TO IGNORE THE SPIRIT This was related to one of my synchs


Plan b synch may be happening  

Trump will blame everyone except who are responsible which is he and his base for giving their power to a leader to speak for them.



You who are in charge of keeping our country safe had better see what the synchs have been saying soon as many who love a lie on both sides will be leaving soon.

The synchs show that it was when Trump lifted himself up above the SPIRIT that the pandemic which was predicted one year earlier started with the unexpected.



Science also will fail because of the mind and what it overlooks without the guidance of the SPIRIT


Lying to win at any cost is going to pay a huge cost

Related synchs



Trump's lies and division have the whole world turned against us,, do not let him continue after this or the horror will increase though he like the grifter will tell you lies that will only lead to more.


Let the birds begin to fall from the tree in ever increasing amounts


Make no mistake about it, Trump's tough talk has put many countries to begin moving toward war with the US and the synchronicity of events with the Monster Ballistic Missile in North Korea and China's reaction in the south China Sea are related to preparations against America.


Will Trump get a war to USE FOR HIS political manipulations?






Monday, October 12, 2020

The answer to who is right is "nobobdy" and "both sides" are wrong

The answer to who is right is "nobobdy" and "both sides" are wrong. Of course the self right persecute those they hate instead of waiting on the SPIRIT they took the bait and I am very angry at the conservative right but they are my family also as well as those with true intent on the left. A snake has led them astray and done a great service to reach all man kind though his intent may be greed... and though it will not go as planned, it is as was said "You meant it for evil but the SPIRIT meant it for good.

So "both sides" are wrong and should be reached to know this and should forgive each other and turn to the SPIRIT for guidance as has been shown that this is the only way to make it through what is here and what is coming. All other ways lead astray.

For though many on the right are "my own" but have been led astray by presumption these they hate on the left are also "my own" and you have misunderstood how the SPIRIT works. For who can judge the heart of another for many hide behind a veil of interpretation believing themselves right because of interpretation when that was never the way of the SPIRIT.


Those on the left are also mine says the SPIRIT and you do not know whom among them and what you do without the SPIRIT by following a leader is far worse than their passion and love as it is being fed by greed.

The Christian Right would agree that anything done "separate from the SPIRIT is sin" yet they believe following the presumption of interpretations/ lies/conspiracy theories/ and winning at any cost is "good" but the SPIRIT has been speaking even through the storms and fires and covid19 that all have misunderstood and are in great peril due to the separation between each other as what you do to "each other" you do to ME is what is said. But a snake can twist what is written on paper therefore it was the SPIRIT which was intended to lead you into all truth.. 

Well anyway, Trump will fail in the end as the story was already written and those losing home and income etc. are being reached to the heart as to how you are supplied by the SPIRIT as those that put their trust in money are first yet they are last in coming to know how this works.

The synchs indicate that Trump has little time left and he will die in office even if he wins and I do believe it will be early in 2021. Lies and manipulation will be worshipped by those that will be leaving us within the next few years,,, or at least be reached to the heart to where they see what you sow you also reap.

The path for me was not judging anyone and therefore I was able to love them on the left and found how the SPIRIT works through the self right to pressure these to experience such as the early Christians were persecuted by the self right.

If Jesus is your path to the SPIRIT then you should have let the words in red in scripture lead you to the SPIRIT and then the SPIRIT... well the pen would not keep writing and the ink failed as I cannot put that into words except by the Rumi poem

my pen breaks at the inevitable place where love, lover and beloved are one.

But all men endure such experience that without veiled eyes they come to know SPIRIT some yielding a small portion of seed to grow and some yielding more. The presumption was they thought it was the man "Jesus" speaking and did not listen as though it was the SPIRIT speaking through him which aligns the heart to hear for those that truly believed.

You can do anything even what those veiled by a snake think is evil will turn out to be rightious for those believing while their self rightness of interpretation will be shown to be greed, filthy rags but they will believe themselves perfect in each others site until the day they are washed away.

The true faith is not in believing what I can do through persistance but in letting the SPIRIT grow in you believing until it is done through you by the SPIRIT. Those such as now exist believing win at any cost are being blinded and used to reach the world about what is coming.

Yes you can do anything, but after a while your best intentions without the SPIRIT begin to hurt you and by your own beliefs about those that are evil you judge yourself. Watch as this has been prepared for you to see.

The truth is that the snake wants to keep you from hearing the SPIRIT through the storms and fires because of greed he is compelled and he only believes in his ability to manipulate... this was intended like the three senarios and those that are hiding behind a veil of interpretation will follow him.

It is preposterous that those following an interpretation yet never allowed the SPIRIT to lead them into all truth will be anything but last. This was the intention of those following the snake for they love their ideology more than they love each other


Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray,GOP humiliation 2016 twitter.com/dnatree/status The Coming Great American Desolation and Humiliation June 2017 twitter.com/dnatree/status Everything was predicted including Epidemic Feb 2019 twitter.com/dnatree/status

Orange is coming, leaders lead astray, GOP Humiliation stephentree.com/cgophanger/ stephentree.com/event/ dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/02/trumps dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/09/all-sy

Thursday, October 08, 2020

I Returned to the place I started

 Well, where shall I start. Odd, we traveled to Murfeesboro and stayed the night then went to Bell Bucket the next day to get a 2by2by6 tub for a hottub on a side porch. But after getting the tub we heard our neighbor would be at an aution at 3pm in Mt. Juliet and we found our selves arriving early so I took the next exit for a bite to eat and found myself at the very spot we stayed the night before but coming in from another angle so as to be unaware until I noticed the sign a block away which revealed the place we had stayed. It was such an off occurance I know it was a synch but have little idea what it is about yet. 

Oh, maybe this other synch of late with the word inheritance which was my first synchronicity in 1979 when I was studying bible and seeking to know the "true intention of this one Jesus". Anyway,, that being where I started prehaps this is the synch related to returning to that place.


And after 40 yrs the word legacy is also a synch of late.

The SPIRIT know's Trump's intent and for him indeed "This is not going to end well" for his hidden intent was intended in order to reveal man's hearts. Not just his, but those that love a lie and demand a a lie which is why they were given the law to begin with. "They desired a king and the law"

Anyway November 30 and March 5th are in my thoughts




Another of Todays posts


Those that love lies and greed love to manipulate and punish those that know love and the clarity of passion

Two Movies that Pam and I had synchs with last night

 we are led to in order to convey such as are my own

Sordid Lives

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

lovers that are not males or females but angels, you cannot deny an angel

You have misunderstood the true intentions of their hearts

Experiment and pay attention to synchs and you will find what you are seeking

My most honest and unveiled experience was related to such passion and carried the most clarity as to what was in our genetics as a guide to understand the hearts intentions, it was such passion that slung the universe into existence. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/420780-do-you-know-what-you-are-you-are-a-manuscript

Friday, October 02, 2020

Woke again at 4:44 and the news of Trump Covid19 Positive

 Woke up at 4:44 and then read the news that Trump is positive for Covid19 and of course that brings up my Trump 4:44 post

Thursday, April 30, 2020

444 again, Lust for money, The True Wealth of Having a Future at all, Landslide




The Real Wealth of even Having a Future

This blog is ongoing this morning so come back and check out how it evolves today

My desire for just one word from the SPIRIT as it is greater than all the presumption and conspiracy theories and is like gold.

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