Sunday, January 20, 2019

The synchroncities that are now coming true

Monday, April 14, 2014

 blood moon eclipse Benicia,,betrayal

Prediction from Monday, December 31, 2012

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pickle


Other related synchs

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Predicted Orange Event and "both sides" synch

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Surfs Up and Wait, Wait Wait

When the deaths begin they will take this more seriously

The End may be coming for many that have chosen shame and blame and are enemies of the SPIRIT as the enemies of SPIRIT on the right will fight against the enemy of SPIRIT on the left and that will lead to spiritual and/or physical death. And rid this planet of all that love their interpretations of shame and blame more than they love each other.

Tonight we are watching the surfs up again that I wrote about in 2007


When My Wave Passes over You, you will be swept into wonder!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Series of Unfortunate Events and Wait, Wait Wait

I am so thankful for my life as Pam has come back so far from that experience related to this synch and is a sign to those "with true intent toward SPIRIT" for what is going to happen.

This feels related to those that have rejected me.

Technology last world before destroyed, the pickle

One of my intentions about the technology from the last world that I was posting about the other day began to flow today and was so clear. I had wanted a synch about the technology fitting the stones together and was very impressed with what showed up today.


Synch with precise fitting together of large stones and another world that Passed Away before this world which is also going away.

So today started with

Puma Punku A Never Ending Ancient Mystery

New Discovery! Egyptian Pharaoh DNA Not Of This World? 2019-2020

These Sumerian Clay Tablets Reveal the BIGGEST Secrets of the Solar System

The Secrets Of Anti Gravity - Hutchison Effect Is Really Frequency Levitation

Hutchison Effect Explained

There were more things that came up to make me realize that this is the point they were before that world was destroyed as knowledge is being increased. (How little time we have left) Came on the tv just now

They don't have the true intent of those they hate and condemn so we have to let them be washed away. They never knew me anyway.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pickle

So this synch seems to be very much related to where we are as a country right now as we are so separated and find ourselves very much in a pickle

Thursday, January 17, 2019

cat and stroke and even what they believed they possess

Cat synch today and the word stroke at the same moment

That led to this post from 2011
12:12 time is up and stroke synch Sept 13 2007I don't wish ill on anyone especially the people of the United States but to reach one to the heart is greater than the desolation of reaching everyone. People who think they are smart without the SPIRIT finding even what they thought they possessed is taken from them.Scarlet Brought to her Knees Sept 19th 2011
444 synch and the end of something
444 and it is just love sneaking up on you
Limbaugh and Just an Ordinary Stick September 8th www.stephentree.com/stick/(You can reach a lot of my posts by taking off the "http://" as they changed this on the net )

And this synch from  2017

 The synch for today from the same day in 2016 is September 13th stroke synch which has to do with how the stress of the job may have added to the stroke that was hidden from the public by Churchill
Completely Unexpected on Over the edge sept 9th 2016 and the stroke synch
For these and more see the blog from yesterday having to do with synchs related to this period.
Ok, just realised the link between my tycoon synch from 2007 and Mara Lago (See what you think)
http://stephentree.com/tycoon/ and this post about the Tycoon synch 
And it was in the synch about the Meltdown about a year before it happened
http://www.stephentree.com/weaknesslaw/melt1/meltdown1.htm Could mean we are headed that way again. All of these synchs seem to point to September as a very powerful moment!!!!! Could be related to the ability to hear also as in my post yesterday about hearing.

Need to add here that a person paying attention to SPIRIT is like a rider on a powerful horse that is in synch with the horse as the rider like the four horsemen. Would not these horsemen be in synch with SPIRIT?  All who have interpretted without knowing SPIRIT will be found wanting, which is all of religion.

I saw a white horse. Its rider carried a bow and was given a victory garland. He rode off victorious, conquering right and left.

Another horse appeared, this one red. Its rider was off to take peace from the earth, setting people at each other’s throats, killing one another. He was given a huge sword.

A black horse this time. Its rider carried a set of scales in his hand. I heard a message (it seemed to issue from the Four Animals): “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, or three quarts of barley, but all the oil and wine you want.”

A colorless horse, sickly pale. Its rider was Death, and Hell was close on its heels. They were given power to destroy a fourth of the earth by war, famine, disease, and wild beasts.

New Fire

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Transmuting Fire

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Without SPIRIT you are nothing, the only message is Knowing SPIRIT

It is very important to understand the only real message is that interpretation about God is nothing without actually getting your perspective from SPIRIT.

I don't know how to love my enemies but YOU/SPIRIT do
If you have forsaken the SPIRIT of God to follow an interpretation/idol
 then you too will be forsaken
Interpretations are seeing scripture through carnal eyes, while knowing the
SPIRIT is the original intention of the heart

All has been predicted post

Since the 249 synch was about prices,  then it may be that 2.49billion is the compromise
on the wall. but it could be 249 days of shutdown. It will be interesting to see how that synch plays out. Of course any synch that telling the powers that be could effect the outcome may not be given very much info about but only things that will not be used against the wishes of the SPIRIT.
Other synchs with 249

Twitter post this morning in response to Trumps Tweet about Democrats come negotiate with me,,, of course by now it is blocked another use of power in a manner it was not intended.
You have to understand that the way Trump uses the office and the law in a manner it was not intended "feels" to democrats like terrorism and he should know you cannot negotiate with terrorists. How is his hearing? Silence is Coming! dnatree blogspot

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Synchronicity grows like a tree, Bullet Bounce Synch

Today I was reviewing the synch with Threat Level Orange  from yesterday
and was reading the second link The Coming Orange Event and Pam was watching Sunday Morning S2019 E2  and I got to the link in my post about every arrow that they try to set people up and on the tv at that moment Bruce Willis was standing in front of a gun
 Quote from my post
So do not fight them, but rather JUMP FOR JOY AND TELL EVERYONE to do the same as every arrow that they try to set people up on using their authority in a manner not intended will come to no avail.

and Bruce Willis said at (2min 52 sec) 


If you pull that trigger, the bullet is just going to bounce off of me and I am not going to be hurt

And I felt the whole of many synchs by SPIRIT that grew into this tree growing in the midst of my being that said as Jesus spoke from what had grown in the SPIRIT for him "I will never leave you, nor forsake you". So I wanted to illustrate how one experience related to how this tree of life grew within me. And such as this cannot be gained by reading scripture but by actual experience which those that want to use the law/scripture in a manner it was not intended tell others their interpretation which is meaningless without You Yourself Getting something fresh from SPIRIT and that is the totality of what I am saying. Not that you follow this man or myself but that you REACH TO THE SPIRIT with the same passion of love for life and God that such as experienced these things had. The imitation of Christ was not imitating Jesus but learning from SPIRIT and imitating that. This is the misconception that Jesus himself intended that the self right misunderstand and would lead to apostasy. Everyone that says that the SPIRIT is not what they have read actually never knew the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus and Jesus knew they would. Such as these would never have received the real message so Jesus knew go give those what they demanded and to speak in parables what such as these would do. This is the truth that everyone is blind and cannot see what is real without SPIRIT, so it is that the blind man spoke when he was healed saying: "I see men walking around as trees"

The poetry of my experience will not be accepted by those that love their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT for they know what they hide. But because if the world does not change now all will be destroyed so it was planned to do it this way.

Related poetry

Like a Tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved
Until the painting took form
I had no idea


Another matter of what I am saying here is that this person in the seat of our fathers is decrying terrorists coming over the border and how we need a wall, but it seems to many that the way he uses the power of the office is bringing more distress and is a form of terrorism in itself and is not as much him being smart but actually spitefully using his office against those that he hates. If this country was really worried about protecting Americans they would be more serious about removing this thorn of separation that is only backed by such as himself to which the predictions of Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray, and The great GOP Humiliation were to predict, and the Bubble Net was to catch all those within his constituents and partners that also do the same. What how the SPIRIT reaches the world to the heart. And rids the world of those that do not have true intention of heart.

Other synchs

Synch with precise fitting together of large stones and another world that Passed Away before this world which is also going away.

Jan 19th and Wait Wait Wait

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pickle

The Scandal ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could a Scandal be coming?

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Threat Level Orange predicted, Orange Event

The Synch with Orange is Coming and with Threat Level Orange and the Orange Event and using the law in a manner it was not intended to declare a national emergency.




Monday, January 07, 2019

Surfing and the Ride

Judging according to the flesh and overlooking the predictions and just like that you DECIDED what kind of man "I am". But you never knew me and because you never knew the SPIRIT you really never knew anyone. Not Jesus, Not Buddha, not anyone. Now after 30 years it no longer matters because there is no real love, except KNOWING YOU/SPIRIT and no one that the world listens to actually reached to SPIRIT either.


I was writing thinking about the surfing synch while watching the surfing movie "Ride" last night and had a great synch about why women misunderstand men and believe men are to blame. A woman complained about "where his attention was when they were making love. She thought it should be on her only, but the evolution of a man is to be connected to his dream and to SPIRIT, his attention grows out of that but when shame entered between the man and a woman he was cut off from both. If you make a norm/law that removes him from this then it is you who have misunderstood. (Click link and find the connection) Love grows for a man and the relationship between a man and his GOD grows in faith similar to between a man and a woman. He does not respond with love but passion until he is convinced that she has true intent toward him. It is the same with SPIRIT the liar cannot get a response from SPIRIT other than in the small things because he/she cannot be trusted... yet. It is once SPIRIT knows you are there for the right reasons that what you have sown reaps. So it is for a man and a woman. A man seems to come in from the other side to a woman, while a woman seems to come in from the other side to a man, faith leads to meeting in the inner chamber, but without some faith no one enters in. The religious are like those that only enter into the first chamber but never go further, therefore it was said what the religious would do to you and it seemed as though they really never knew GOD. Before the veil got to thich and heavy you could reach people with true intent, but because they judge the man and not what the SPIRIT has done they all perish. So it is that we are beyond following any leader and all who follow are being led to slaughter.  There is nothing left after 30 yrs except end the power of the $beast$ to devour what is left.

Pam and I have been watching life below zero on netflix  as our existence is very similar here, and if it were not for money trapping would DEVOUR MUCH LESS of nature because we would not trade for money but trade with our immediate community, this is the basic idea of money related to the beast. Therefore the mindset of money and the sign of money in your hand or on your mind will end in horror for the planet. The lying beast wants you to disregard what has been learned about the devouring relationship of money with respect to nature. But soon, it will be inevitable and all the laws that they make to try to curb what is coming will be futile and all are complicit. And it will be as if GOD were saying "Get off this Planet".

The Wave and the Worry

Ocean Edge Whale Life and Death
How to Get Over It

To go on communicating is useless, it will only cause those that are drawing to themselves desolation to look for someone to blame other than themselves. Silence is Coming!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Famine Synchs

Famine synchs caused by the anger and separation. They will say it is because of this and that but it is because of the great separation which leads to apathy. When one feels disdain for others their ability to serve them and produce for each other  begin do dwindle. Attention goes toward things that bring plaque to land. For if YOU and I are separated then who will give the love and attention needed to tend the garden? I have said that the separation and mistrust leads to preparation for war and acts of war and the a 4 percent increase in GDP is swiftly spent preparing for things that will turn out badly. The greatest weapons will not produce wheat and will lead to mishap and accidents while the smallest of points overlooked and spoken by the least of them will lead to saving life.

The wall is being sold by someone who does not want it for the reasons being said, but so that his name can be put on it, but the separation that it brings is the cause of more pain and suffering and loss the world over than all the criminals that could walk across unhindered.

Everyone except the base that seem to be wanting a wall because of their intention to cause disruption, to cause breakdown and to bring in an end to this world. They are looking for an anti-Christ but history will show that they are that and that they are the very separation which is sin. Separation from each other and from GOD by a veil of interpretation over their eyes which is an idol without the SPIRIT that only leads to desolation.


Pam has come back from the edge and is doing very well now and loving her life. We have been enjoying watching "Life Below Zero" as the physicality of our lives out her in these hills have become very much life these lives and we enjoy creating the systems that are making our lives more comfortable. We want to travel again and look to the SPIRIT to provide a way to get to that freshness and spirit of place that we love and that allows us to be rich in the SPIRIT. That show along with many other synchs suggest a disturbance in the flow of food is coming caused by the separation and negative intentions of those in power and in their base. But many of those that have followed them will have true intent and see the purpose of all this as the SPIRIT will reach You. I may speak of the projects we are working on but do not suggest this for others, but only point to the SPIRIT as the sourse for each person and group through love to look to. Allow your hearts to be reached.