Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The coming Humiliation of Religion (Christians) Do not misunderstand

The coming Humiliation of Religion (Christians) Do not misunderstand After the humiliation the real reason for being caught in this net will appear

"Whoever loses his life for my sake and the truth's sake will save it"

There is no greater love except a man lay down his life for a new life in the Spirit. First there will be bitter struggles in families and misunderstandings and stumbling to find YOU, my life. But if a man loves his children he will hate them for the truth's sake and go and find the spirit in his own loneliness and humiliation that "through the Spirit" they (his children) might be saved. "For You are able, my life" They will hate him, not knowing the true intentions of his heart. If a man does not love his children enough to leave that he might find the Spirit then he does not deserve to enter into the kingdom.


Luke 14:26 (New International Version)
New International Version (NIV)
Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

26"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple.

Get ready for the Wild Ride!

For more on the Spirit of the Cross see the words below

Leave = Leave the Struggle
Bitter= As in the bitter vinager given on the cross Viewtopic "There is only YOU, my life, all other obsessions turn bitter.
Humiliation= looking unto Jesus…who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame… Hebrews 12.2 Viewtopic
The humiliation of understanding the least on this planet is to be changed and be seen as a criminal, an outcast, rejected by society placed in the group of theives. Then You find that the world that judged You does not know the "intentions of the heart" of the least of them. This is the path to knowing the heart of God.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Though the hurt runs deep

I put this here so I do not effect tender hearts, but this is in response to hurt hearts that feel blame. (on oroborus forum Aug 2007)

Though the hurt runs deep, it is not as You think. It is a misunderstanding where (only through true love) the smallest of points overlooked will show and reveal the "true intention of the heart". First You must love the truth enough to want it to be made right past this veil of apparent interpretation. Now rather than effect tender hearts here we will let the Spirit reveal this in it's own way through a multitude of events. But love is key, (and not our own love, but the Spirit's love through us...allowing) and shame and blame let go of. For we draw to ourselves that which is perfect to "reach to the heart". The ways of my father's heart are beyond our interpretations. Like the man that reacted and picked up the ax is not different than the man that wanted to but was afraid. For if the "true intentions of the heart" were manifested then all would be a liar and a murderer. Should the fearful man be greater than the one that was blamed? If You have thought ever to kill another, You have already done it in the heart but You escaped the blame of society and family. Let go of what You have done, let go of what They (you blame) have apparently done and get to know the "true intentions of the heart" which cannot be even spoken. For then all that is done works together for GOOD.

Let me say that what happens to the Religious soon, who have longed for the Spirit will seem like "My God, why have YOU forsaken US", but it is exactly as they have longed. In order that You might know ME.
Were not the sheep in the end only led to slaughter? And the Flock prepared for the lion to arrive? You followers of liars that loved the interpretations of the world , is not your way clear now? (Got to know YOU, my life, and only through my own experience... interpretations of others, useless, have no power in the heart.)

Only the Spirit knows the whole of what are the"intentions of the heart" and Your apparent greatest enemy may posses the greater love for You than You can at this moment understand.

I send the heart out as "sheep to the slaughter" that You might come to know the power of the Spirit.

Sometimes the victim is greatest served on a plate, having drawn exactly as they had feared or hated that they might be free of fear and hate. This is how the Spirit serves those that have willingly misunderstood the least of the brethren.

Like the misunderstood leaving a brood that hated him (the Spirit) best serves them by "reaching to the heart".

To the pure of intent in heart, all things become pure.
I found this and saw the synch of spirit through these words. Read the Spirit not the preacher.

The Wild Ways of the Spirit

Reflections on the common lectionary (May 7 - June 25, 1995)
by Joyce Hollyday

It is the season of the Spirit. Totally dependable and utterly unpredictable, gentle and wild, challenging and comforting-this Spirit cannot be described or contained. It blows where it will, taking us along on the journey.

This is a wild Pentecost ride, to which we are all invited. Hold on to your seats-and each other. And discover that God can be found in faint whisper or fury of fire. End Quote

Wonder I give You that You might leave the pains of misunderstanding for the comfort of Spirit. DNATREE

Friday, August 17, 2007

Starting Over

I have been having a synch about those that "leave us" related to the stoves burning synch and pentacost, that the reason for the experience of death for the living is that the energy that was "the loved one" returns to the beloved.

"It is necessary that I go away, for if I go not away, the Comforter, which is the Spirit, will not come unto you. Right now the Spirit (the loved one is alive and) lives with you, but then He shall be IN you!

There has always only been YOU and I my love, and You/YOU and I are really one.

Had a synch about "starting over" related to the word "Upsi-Daisy" related to my post here about the daisies.

If you wait
Tommorrow Morning
Something Fresh will invite You to begin a new day!!

Upsi daisy
Pam and I were talking about “upsi daisy” last night and “upsi tree” as it is easier to get up a tree than a daisy. And she said “upsi daisy “ was about picking up a child like you pick up a daisy, or when they fall down and you pick then back up.

Pushing up daisies
We got home and there was a commercial about the Movie "Pushing up Daisies" which after looking on the net I found books and movies with a related theme of starting over again.


Pushing Up Daisies: A Novel (Paperback)
by Jamise L. Dames (Author)
A Tragic Past...
Daisy Parker's boyfriend has strayed one too many times and she's no longer sitting pretty. Having sacrificed seven years of her life to being his faithful woman and raising his nine-year-old son, the only thing that will calm her now is to hurl his beloved wardrobe out their second-story window. Single life may scare Daisy, but her mind is made up -- when the good-for-nothing returns, she'll serve him his walking papers. Only he isn't up to his old tricks that night, and what goes down strips Daisy of the option to choose. She's on her own.

...A Hopeful Future
Left penniless, homeless, and jobless, Daisy struggles to make a home for herself and her son. Just when she seems poised to take control and put the baggage of her past behind her, complications arise when the towering frame of Daisy's deliciously handsome college crush strolls into town. His unexpected attention makes her feel alive, yet she's been burned by love once and isn't sure she can take the heat. As undeniable passions rise, so do the stakes, and Daisy can't stand to lose another round....

A compelling tale of life, love, and hope.

I originally wrote this post without thinking about the daisies I had already posted here but after writing it I saw the additional synch. This is also related to several wonderful sweethearts that have posted here and that will read this as it will be posted on my website also.