Sunday, December 23, 2007

Experience at Marie Calendars

from post on Oroborus forum

It was through the wine of experience with my wild heart that I came to know You. The tree has always been Misunderstood.

The Young girl that seated us at Marie Calendars had a frown of disgust on her face as she seated me. She wanted men to feel the loathing and blame she felt in her life. I thought if she (like so many young women) knew the source of her enmity with the snake she would loose that chip on her shoulder for the glory of knowing YOU. As it is her blame will lead to all sorts of discontentment and she will blame him (whoever) without every knowing him for everything that happens bad in her life. (piss on being male, I was so tired of women wearing this veil) The misunderstood father that learns through this passionate wine to know You would ask that You (child, girl) let go of that veil of interpretation given You by those that never knew me and observe through love "the true intentions of Your heart", that You may lay down this burden of contempt.

Let Go of the Veil of Interpretation given You by those that never knew me (society, religion, Your mother) for she never knew the true intentions of the heart.

Get Ready for the Wild Ride! This is MY Passion Play.

As for the picture above.
The coming fire,, (passion when transmuted by Spirit) So hot!!!
It will melt the veil (melt her panties) and leave those hiding behind any interpretation....... with nowhere left to hide!!!