Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dying to let go of American Shame for money, and Palin

Well I feel done with this whole thing about reaching You.

Micheal Jackson was Born the same year as I was and on my son's birth day. August 29
Billy Mays was born the same year and the day after my birth day on July 20th.

Michael could not live in a world of women and the men who suckle their fears trying to shame him for money and left before what is coming for society which will be a good thing to miss if You have already suffered the sting of death and loss to understand the Spirit. Let's see how effective a mother's protection (see mother's protection post) out of fear is for her daughter like Palin. Self right need to have everything that is important to them taken from them like the Father of this world has.
See Stockman come and he take it all away.

Sucks to be an American Man right now.The way men are treated by self right females taught by their mothers. How it could just all pass away. American women love shame for money (the harlot) Let the universe give them all the shame they wanted to give others. Many leaving the struggle through death in coming weeks. Going to be alone with the Spirit and the company of my friend Pam as what is coming passes over. (SEE LEAVING THE STRUGGLE) Catch Yall on the flip side. I didn't want to be back with You folks, as that would just be a misunderstanding, I just intended to reach You.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Passion and the Teacher

My synchs of late have all the elements of what Yall are discussing.

Right now the movie frogs is on TV and yesterday Pam's brother was going to get rid of all the frogs. This is also related to the Magnolia synchs from a while back and the misunderstanding that happened on Prophecies which also has happened on Oroborus. The fire, the frogs, and the tower are the synchs this week.
fire http://oroborusforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=6549&highlight=

If You will not be reached through passion and the teacher then what will it take. The humility of the change is like that of Japan at the end of wwII and what changed their intent. For it is only when You say "I know nothing except what the Spirit says in this moment." There will be no watchmen on the tower because none of the synchs have been headed.

Post from fistcuffs on Oroborus

So just like all the years of coincidental things that You did not understand until after it all finished I was just writing the synchs as they happen. And just like in all the other threads I have no idea what I am doing except YOU do it through me. So how long have You known me now just like a relationship, and how many things have we been through and the coincidences changed them. This is how it was in relationship that she really never knew me. For I said the synchs as they happened. Even the beer that another was drinking. It is because of this forgetfulness that I went away. It was because in relationship it did not matter how many times I forgave her her fear and helped her to feel like a person there always came a time that I,,,, well it was YOU doing it through me so then,, there always came a time when YOU were rejected and misunderstood and I had to go away. There are no fathers in America,, there are only mothers and those that suckle their interpretation.l If You cannot see I was writing as the synchs said and then everyone of You rejected it even though You had seen this over and over and it changed. No matter how many points I show in this case that You have overlooked You will never accept it and I am not saying to be like those folks being judged now in the news, I am showing what You overlooked about them. So every home has no father already. We coincidentally watched the old Robert Redford Movie last night "This Property Condemned".(tragic love story) This is why the FATHER did not ask if he could come back but requires You and Your children to come to him. I must go away again as I have from every relationship no matter how great the experience we shared there always came a time when that all went out the window and all I am doing was writing the synchs as they happen or living those synchs as they happen as in relationship.
It is not I You have rejected. And it is not I that You need to restore with as it was the Spirit that made the synchs that You misunderstood and I have no idea what I do. You will look for me and not find me.

Sure I was hurt and it shows up in my posts but there is also YOU in my posts that You reject. Do You remember the rootbeer thread?

Your body is not Your own. The Father knows how to reach the heart, but if You will not allow then You are reached through another path that is a replacement for passion. You must soften Your hearts for the Spirit is coming reflecting the words said. I am leaving for a while both Oro and Proph as words do not reach anyone.

There is already enough care for Willow and women but there is the smallest of points overlooked that is rejected. Of course we need to protect the children, but the intent being spread is not protection,, it is a misunderstanding of sanitation and fear. We cannot teach as we have from the beginning because fear has made a law/stumbling block. The father is for protection at such an age. There will be no watchmen on the tower as to reach Your heart it must be in that moment that Your heart is opened. You will not recieve EXPERIENCE that will teach trust, so You will recieve experience on another level that is harsher because of the block/law/misunderstanding.

On Hot Topics right now, If someone walks by and misunderstands how You communicate with Your children is it their business?

I have to go away as You all will misunderstand unless Your heart is first opened to this.
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The path was THROUGH the PASSION of LOVE

The path was THROUGH the PASSION of LOVE

YOU forgave me 70X7 because YOU knew the true intentions of my heart.

For it was to find our way.


YEARNING for a place to put the passion, because the natural place was denied by humans.

Because SHE did not deny me we shared in finding the place of passion.


But not as humans love, that is contrived.

So because there was no place to put the passion,, all love and attention (worship) was given to Spirit, because I saw YOU were able to PROVIDE my love to them "PERFECT".

The law demands an unimpassioned intention. It demands a contrived love towards children and loved ones. But YOUR love is PERFECT. She (the world) wanted to direct it that it would seem as her shame portrayed, so that it had no passion.

The law demands a love that is unnatural and causes men's love to grow cold, because of the demands of how he must be vs his true heart.

A passionate man finds passion in the flowers along the road, but relationship begins with passion and then always leads astray as it is a law not a love. How much is true love worth, and what profit would she pass by to find it?

The woman that hates him hates his passion and she convinces herself that the natural passion is evil so that she can feel good about her intent and what she teaches her children about treating men. She is a trap, but in the end it is her and her children's destruction. This is the way that seems right and those that suckle her make laws to make it seem so. A country that believes such shame is the mother of harlots.

A broken hearted passion has no place to put the passion and the HARLOT waits to trap him as it must come out somewhere.

The blood of billions slain by her shame is in the voice of the hurricane and the great wave, and all that the Spirit does to reach her but she hides behind that self rightness and teaches her children to do the same. This is not about a man and a woman but about society and nature. For he (nature) has given his life that she might know the true intentions of the heart.

I don't want to be back with those that misunderstood my intentions, I WILL REACH THEM. I want You to love each other, Your mother, Your husband/wife. I want You to know that I have always thought of You, though I cannot be with You, as You would further misunderstand.