Monday, October 11, 2010

I remember when YOU came through the heart of Moses

This synch has been happening all day so I decided to put it in the form of a poem.

I remember when YOU came through in the heart of
Moses, I mean He was different than all the other Prophets but I recognized YOU through the fruit of their experience.

I remember when YOU came through in the heart of
Jonah, I mean he was kinda runnin from his true passion but I did recognize YOU through his experience.

And David, I remember King David how He knew YOU through the true intentions of his heart

And John, that wildheart,,,, He really was immersed/baptised in everything that was YOU

And Who could forget Jesus who spoke that he would not speak except YOU speak through him so that he could catch all humans in a net… for the interpretation believes one thing but it was the Spirit that came before through all these strangely different prophets and it was that SPIRIT that spoke.

I will come again and receive You unto myself, that where I am, there You might be also. Now it was not the person/body/beast that was speaking, but it is the person/body/beast/personality…. That those that never knew the Spirit are waiting for. And if anybody believes that it is the Spirit that was so diverse through so many prophets that was speaking then whom are those worshipping and waiting for.

For You see, this is the smallest of points overlooked by all those that never knew the Spirit. And it is this smallest of points that will render all the interpretations meaningless. http://www.stephentree.com/melt1/

Unless the Spirit actually built the house,,,, You labored in vain.