Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do you think about while watching laundry in the dryer?

I met this guy while doing laundry. He was watching the laundry go around in the machine and I asked him what he thinks about when he watches laundry go around in the dryer.

Here is what happened. This story is also posted on oroborus

I met Steve and Pam in fort bragg at the laundrymat over the weekend. It was cool to talk about interconnectivity. Steve mentioned they had a dead owl photo and I got on to the subject about how I have a job where I get to search for spotted owls. I've been trained to imitate the owls hoots and search for them during the day. The owls think there's a new owl in their territory and so they hoot back and that's how I locate them. Its a really cool experience. The owls are easily approachable and you can get real close to them. We feed them mice to determine reproductive status. By giving mice to the male owl he'll take it and start calling for a female. The female will start making coos and contact calls from a nest structure and the male will deliver the prey to the nest. I have several photos of owls and of a nest structure I'd like to post. Here's the first one

Monday, January 03, 2011

Bird synch in conjunction with New Years

Ocean wrote: at 9:25 am Jan 1, 11
As an interesting syunch, we were watching the third episode of the Alfred Hitchcock series from 1955, and guess what- a the main part of the plot involved a cuckoo clock that was supposed to go off at exactly 12. It was 12 noon- but still!
They mentioned the Alfred Hitchcock movie related to the birds in the article related to the birds dying in Ark. This was my post to a friend in Ark when the article came out.
Paul Spence
Transmuting this for loved ones in Ark to new life in a New Year after ANY loss
Wildlife officials are trying to determine what caused more than 1,000 blackbirds to die and fall from the sky over an Arkansas town.
Here is the Alfred Hitchcock article out today about the same event. You had a real synch about this Ocean.
The death of animals and species and even the extinction of many species has been a direct cause of human interpretation without the Spirit. You could list the many thousand of species gone forever and the fact that so many billions of animals and people gave up their lives so we can live our interpretation for a season, but when the signs of the times show that the time is complete/12 hours and that we are no longer allowed to continue in the same manner, will EACH PERSON deny the Spirit and not say what they see in their inner being or will they speak what it is they experience as the earth is being crucified and all the thieves with it, because they misunderstand the true intentions of the heart?

For me 12 means complete, like a system in astrology, or a system of months, or twelve hours on the clock. You have heard your whole lives that, Oh, that is just a bird not an important human. Well that creature is YOU!

Other synchs
Jerry Brown today on tv (related to my last post above)
The year ahead will require courage and sacrifice

Well let the rich sacrifice because if they do not, it will all be taken from them soon anyway.

This year will be the year that they take what was originally given to the masses in order to get their cooperation so they could rape the earth. They bound them by an agreement that they felt they would be given, now watch as they take the straw from the slaves and everyone is told they must sacrifice except for the rich. Piss on it we don't need your flat screens and your programming, we need to walk by clean streams and listen to the Spirit in our moments. Let my people go!

Last night Pam and I went walking, she had not walked with me in a while as she interpreted that she needed to do it on her own and her life was beginning to fall apart in her eyes and so she began to walk with me again as when I walk we have great synchs related to whom I walk with. Pam had this fear about loss of money because of her insurance going up so much and she changed insurance because she has experienced (notice I said experienced not learned) much from the Spirit about what you really need. Well when she went to change to a cheaper ppo all her fears came up and the government showed that her payment would be higher not lower although all the agencies that treat her like a customer gave her the intended answer. I had given her some money to get a bottle of water and she stuck in in her pocket of her jacket along with her gloved hands and these pockets are easy to loose stuff. Well knowing her I felt I needed to show her what I felt would happen so once she had forgotten that she had the 5 dollar bill and her glove in her pocket I had her pull it out and sure enough the bill came out too. I then took the bill and put it in a better pocket. I knew it was her fear of loss that was causing this and also the cap synchs we used to have. She needed to spend time with the synchs about having what she needed. The government still shows her paying a huge amount and they cannot be reached by phone.

Jesus was just like You and I in that it was and is impossible for him to do the miracles that were said he did, but it is possible that the Spirit do it through him. This is how those hiding behind the interpretation will be revealed, because they say they believe in Jesus but their actions reveal they never knew the true intentions of his heart.