Saturday, August 27, 2011

shift the hurt away from herself

A grand father told me a story about a weekend with his son's and grandchildren and when he returned the grandchildren to his daughter they started to act up with her and then he mentioned that maybe she could use some help with the kids and she blew up at him. He wanted to know how I would handle not getting angry back and what popped into my mind helped me also to remember to let go of it because you cannot create anything better from that energy, rather when you find yourself in sanctuary alone and having a wonderful time with your moments, so much so that your moments reflect the very thoughts that are on your heart from that WONDERFUL POINT, and then having those previous "true intentions of the heart" to love her to just share with her as though she was there with You, loving her, through Romance in Spirit alone as having romance at a table with candlelight, revealing those deep intentions.

We then found out she was Jealous and that making him feel bad was not the intention but to shift the hurt away from herself because she felt she had failed.

Tonight I feel also I need to say that in the flesh, all of us need to feel that we have failed since the flesh was never meant to be right or figure it out, and that such a feeling of getting lost and well realizing You put yourself there just as the Spirit through Jesus said "You do not do this to me, but I lay my life down of my own accord" also meaning "I created this and seeing how I did it I now know through the Spirit I can rise back up is a great empowerment to the Spirit because it writes on the heart that You Need To Be Open To Every Word That The Spirit Tells You." And learning to pay attention to what the Spirit is saying and not the person (even Jesus) clarifies so much especially when those that don't do this and follow the letter of the book and believe it is the person Jesus and not the Spirit through the words read that You were to follow.

I also feel a synch with this story and I will post more things about this post in the morning as it is midnight and I need to get up early.

Submit in love like a child desires to please

Submit in love like a child desires to please.

No leader, except the Spirit that IS LOVE

What does the Spirit ask of You except that You have true intention of heart to learn from your moments

Before the law, a child fulfilled the intentions of the law naturally by seeing what the parents did and loving them. The child copies the mother, but once the Spirit is formed and he becomes a man he no longer COPIES anyone, but sees what the Spirit/father does and through love he learns to recognize “even to the fragrance” his life. A woman was designed to recognise a mutual dream and nurture it. (this nurturing has been hijacked by interpretations of the snake just like in the garden)

A man that has given his all to the Spirit does not follow the Spirit as a law but his love for that truth keeps him treasuring his moments and with true intention of heart he fulfills the intentions of the Spirit, or rather he allows the Spirit to fulfill them through him. The organizing principle of the Spirit works through the passion and intention of love. You, like a child, let go of your OWN UNDERSTANDING, and always aware of what would be overlooked You are always OPEN in the moment to the Spirit’s organizing principle. The law is powerless to organize in a loving manner but rather leads to jealousies, and inadequacies, but the intention to love the Spirit and those around you through the Spirit leads to mutual fulfillment. You cannot have two masters, so you cannot have a leader as the Spirit is one master and a leader would be confusion or distraction from the one. In a marriage, though marriage is not of flesh (meaning, you do not marry the Spirit creates relationship undefined by interpretation) a form of marriage happens when two love the Spirit as that mutual love also drew them together. It has to start with this foundation of Spirit and if you do not believe in Spirit then being an unbeliever will lead to death as You cannot please what IS real without believing it is real and seeking to know the Spirit with ALL YOUR HEART. This was the only two laws that You love the SPIRIT with all your heart and that You love and understand others as you Love and Understand yourself. The law and interpretation are the failure of language and the stumbling block of human understanding. Without words like our brothers and sisters in nature we would not be so veiled. For this reason the Spirit HAS TO BE MADE FIRST AND THE MIND SUBMISSIVE IN LOVE. The mind does not follow the Spirit as a law and does not try to change the patterns through effort but by always being attentive and intentional toward the Spirit. The law is condemnation, but in the Spirit there IS NO CONDEMNATION, as we walk according to the Spirit, it is when we forget the Spirit that we loose our way, but even loosing our way is a fundamental part of finding it again. The person that is veiled by interpretation and law in a home will be a thorn to the family. But the person that is showing fruit from knowing the Spirit should be a light to the rest of them. Mutual intention will form around that lover and work through them. Submit in love, not according to interpretation but according to what forms naturally. To make it law or interpretation is to hold on to tightly, so like the song says hold on loosely but don’t let go of love through the Spirit.

There is only YOU and I

This is why I have said for so long that there is only YOU and I

For a man alone in the Wilderness this is where he learns this best. And through his broken heart due to loneliness he does not pick a friend, he draws his life to him.

In the beginning I was called Adam

Which means earth

I was alone, and like a dream YOU came out from me

In my loneliness, in my bewilderness

Through this broken heart YOU came.

This SHE is life that he first draws

With her he cannot create anything

She is not a person but is reflected through experience with a woman

SHE is my life

SHE is my WIFE

SHE came out from me in the beginning, (just like SHE did in this life as I grew to know YOU, SHE came down like a new Jerusalem)

WE were one in the beginning

SHE is my dream and I am the dreamer

Now SHE comes to me in many forms

And it is like poetry, like synchronicity

And when HE and SHE meet they know it is right

They dance like waves on an ocean of romance.

This is the poetry of MY LIFE

To make it interpretation is to misunderstand

But to see it as what the Spirit did for Me and then through growing in the Spirit You create your own poetry of how life works as You are a NEW CREATURE and life will work according to how your dream grows. THIS IS CREATION! Seeing this You see why the law is death as You learn who You really are.

The real lawless ones are those that follow an interpretation but will not submit to the Spirit for they are like those seeking to find the beast or the evil yet do not see they devour the earth and their neighbor. A Wild-heart is like the wildness of a butterfly that is always open to the Spirit in this moment, yet does not hurt anyone while remaining open and apparently vulnerable to all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All Izz Well and endless crisis

Yesterday I had a lot of things to take care of like Pam's State Tax, then as I walked to the stairs up to my apartment I met this angry young guy that had much work to do and I asked if the folks on the roof last friday could have effected the air conditioner. He said he knew nothing about it and had a lot to do. I was troubleshooting what happened to our air conditioner that now has started to work again. I then asked the manager and he said it was probably just the old school thermostat. Then a little later everyone was in crisis because I spoke to that boy and he said "that I got up in his face" about the problem and nothing could have been further from the truth. (those that know me, know I have never react in that way especially over such a matter) He was angry about something and seeing through angry eyes he went and told the Jab apartment people that I was the one angry when it was the other way around. Then I receive this notice that because I talked to him I had broken the sacred covenant and I must fix the problem within three days or evacuate the home I had been in for ten years. All on this angry kid's word. The thread on prophecies about Merc is the perfect place to put this.

Anyway after much anger by the managers that got in trouble for this Pam and I went out to the bird sanctuary where we often walk but for some reason we had never walked behind the information center. There I walked up to this plaque that seemed like it had been forgotten by everyone.

After leaving here we went and rented a movie that was just perfect. It was called "Three Idiots" and it was about the pressure, crisis and passion of what we choose to do in life seen through the experience of three Indian Students.


I highly recommend this movie although it is subtitled

While walking at the Bird Sanctuary the day's experience was summarized by the realization of Casting Your burdens on the Spirit as Nothing Really Matters anyway.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Canonization by those that hate the Spirit and want to control the interpretation

I went walking and the word that came up was about the canonization of the scriptures and I began to think about how on the forums some threads that do not flatter those in charge are removed and other things tweaked. Like when they got into my account and wrote what they wrote above my picture and I still cannot get into the account as the previous post illustrates. So my account on OroborusForum has been compromised.

When those that never knew the Spirit conspired (this is the devil or flesh in humans) to canonize the bible those that had taken control of the words were as the Spirit spoke through Jesus. Those that are greatest among you are not those that take the greatest seats as these are usually those that don't want their shame revealed and by controlling the interpretation and what books would be allowed in and which would be burned they could effectively cover their own shame. The fact that books were burned publically and it was not hidden from history was because not all agreed with the additions, nor the subtractions which were for the controlling of "interpretation".

Even on the forums this is happening right now. Some threads are being pulled out that would embarrass those in charge and some slight changes have been made by those that perpetrated a crime according to their own interpretation it is surely a crime. (Oroborusforum, Prophecies.us)

With the bible which was the accepted books minus the unaccepted books which could be interpretted in such a way that those that believed they could then through their own self rightness appear as though they could keep that interpretation.

Now once these in their own flesh reach a point of self rightness toward THIS INTERPRETATION they then turn and judge the least of them according to their self image which is not of the Spirit.

There is no need for further conflict (dogs barking loud in background)

Those you misunderstood who were learning from the Spirit allowed you to do this to them.
All is paid, even what "each of us" has done to the least of them. This is true, through knowing the Spirit. As it is written but the truth hidden that "there is no condemnation for those that walk according to the Spirit which was in Christ Jesus" So yes, all is paid through the love of the Spirit that is the "true intentions of the heart of Jesus".

There is no need for further conflict (dogs barking loud in background) Will those that have used shame and now feel shame realize the love in the humiliation of the "right people".

The deluding influence is the result of a great feast called "the comprimise", where once all the true meat was scrapped from the bones the bones no longer should have been kept. As the humiliation of some texts were thrown out and others that the self right believed they were able to keep in their own estimation were allowed to remain. But those in charge of the forum/canon decided had gained control of the words and chose which would remain and which would be burned.


As a child I really needed that nurturing milk and that learning from that basic understanding that came from watching my parents and trying to understand them. The law is like that basic learning and the law of love through the Spirit is the words of the law that is the apex of this understanding. But it is meaningless to know this concept of love through the Spirit if we never actually gave our lives to the Spirit. Like in marriage that love is meaningless if we married other than to give ourselves to that person, which if we really loved them and then found they did not marry to share but for profit. Marriage would disapear if it were as Jesus said that You could not be the bride of Christ (speaking to mankind) except You are willing to follow HIM even to the edge of death. (That was the reality of Christianity at it's conception which is not interpreted away) But even the interpretation of the law of love is not to be kept as the truth for life but rather when a greater understanding of the love of the Spirit and the ever present help of the Spirit becomes all that I believe then the partial love that led to so much death and destruction through religion is done away with. When something real begins to grow in You where You interpret nothing especially You do not interpret for others like those that believe they are right because they carry that law/book under their arm, for it is they that the Spirit knew would want to control others that would love the presumptuous interpretation of the Snakes that never knew the Spirit. But once I came to know the Spirit of the father I needed to start new with YOU/my life. So You see I do not want to do away with anything, but like through my experience YOU/my life took what existed and everything changed not by me stopping doing anything or starting to do anything but by what YOU truly did through me by my attention each day to YOU. For every day something fresh and new kept me knowing YOU in a new way. That I might not loose myself "YOU are my life" again.

Consider your best friend that through the interpretation of marriage we punch each other in the gut with shame so that on that last day you are separated and the love grows cold so that you find yourself rejected having used shame and rejection throughout the "friendship" and also found your peers to also shame him further rather than a jury of those that would know and love your friend. True love is through the Spirit and through the truth of the Spirit but contrived love will ALWAYS LEAD TO DESTRUCTION.


My daughter (Raine) happened through coincidental events that led her to try to contact her mother. When she could not reach her she went to see what was wrong only to find her mother unconscious on her floor. She was taken to the hospital and in ICU for two days and I believe only one night. I am happy to say that she is back home and doing well. I called her to tell her that I am so glad especially for Raine that her mother is ok. Her mother wanted to forget the past and start new with her children. She then told me about her cat "Booger Spence" as that cat can be a real booger. I thought about the rock stuck in the tire synch and felt that the two were related.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Liars, Manipulators and those that are in the Power seats

Just like the manipulations by those on OroborusForum and Prophecies where they manipulate using lies and other crafty measures to influence folks away from the truth or any true poster and to rather follow their crafty lie/interpretation so all that follow a leader are following a lie. I have videotaped and will present here what those on Oroborus are doing to stop me from posting further but to let others think that I can post. They also broke into my account and posted above my avatar a snide and deleted complete threads that did not favor their interpretation or that made them look bad. The mods on oroborus are only there to steer folks away from what has happened their and are enemies of the Spirit.

Self Organizing System
Rather than having leaders I caught this in passing while driving and listening to kpfa. If you go to this website and begin listening at 00.44.00 then you will hear an idea for the future of humanity that does away with the control of power and money. Click play and go to section 00.44.00 to begin listening to how humans can create a system that does not make use of a leader or a moderator. As leaders and moderators are like liars and manipulators who have used their skill to seat themselves in the seats of control.

Videos about the Manipulation by Mods on Oroborus that hate me and have used an interpretation about a post to encourage others to do the same
Here are some of the vids

You need to stop trying to manipulate me as it will lead to what you cannot predict.

This same thing happened or Prophecies.us after the manipulation by one mod and several women that hated the Spirit and wanted it stopped so they used a false interpretation of a thread in order to sway their intent to get rid of dnatree.

On proph a new poster (which was really an old poster that had a plan) came specifically to my thread to start an argument and when I said anything back they began to put into action the plan to get rid of me. I also saw that a mod was in kahoots with the poster and also the top predictor that hated me enough to go to Oro and break up what we were doing there. Those on Oro that hated me waited for this chance and encouraged it so that it would look like what they wanted others to percieve. All appearances like those that are on top in government and forums.

The Betrayer Is among Them (22:21)

" 'But the hand of him who is going to betray me is with mine on the table. The Son of Man will go as it has been decreed, but woe to that man who betrays him.' They began to question among themselves which of them it might be who would do this." (22:21-23)
[24] Also a dispute arose among them as to which of them was considered to be greatest. [25] Jesus said to them, "The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors. [26] But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the least, and the one who rules like the one who serves. [27] For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves. [28] You are those who have stood by me in my trials. [29] And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me, [30] so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.


I want to post this video first as it hints to the desolation because humans will not be reached.

We had this experience this weekend at Davis Lake honker Cove and I even did videos of it. We came to this lake near Quincy Ca. and noticed that they were taking this recreational park and turning it into a subdivision. The trees all had orange paint on them that were to be removed and replaced with homes.

This is a pic I found of the cove that is in the vids below.

I was wearing a YooHoo shirt and found myself searching for my partner when I came back from walking around the bend in this picture. I had taken the keys and was having this experience about authority also as I wrote this dream down.

In the daydream Jesus had left with the keys to the kingdom and in the mean time the church had came up with their version of the kingdom. When Jesus returned with the keys rather than seeing what they had overlooked they began to grumble about why he took the keys with him in the first place. Smiley As when he revealed the keys it revealed the hearts of men/women.

Here are some videos done recently on our trip to Reno, Quincy.
Yoohoo1 This is a silly video where I am searching for my own after returning. It clearly shows that cove that was in the picture.
Yoohoo2 Same thing but slightly different
Waiting for her at a picnic table with the keys to the car but my partner's phone had accidently been turned off and it was about this moment that she realized it.
Bong is a video of me playing with my pet dove
Scarlet is the name my partner named our car on this trip as it is like the robe you put on and is the color of scarlet

Shadow of the heavenlies is a video I did at the Japanese Gardens

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sited being blocked

I just got done testing and see that it is only me that is being blocked from Oro,
Here is a video
Ok Pam and I both tested the links and found they worked on hers but not on mine and all of a sudden after posting this I am able again for the first time in weeks to get on Oro again. Games, manipulators.

Meltdown predicted exactly one year prior
Stockmarket crash predicted two years prior
LA train crash predicted 13 days prior,,, exact picture of where the train would be and that it WILL BE HIT

Monday, August 08, 2011

We are traveling and relaxing near Quincy Ca.

We are traveling and relaxing near Quincy Ca. today. We spent some time at a graveyard where Pam used to dream when she lived in Quincy. She came up with the name of Scarlet for our car and it had particular meaning there at the graveyard. Will post the pics.

Writing there

In the shadow of myself my left hand grew gold.
(She) You are the shadow of myself
But you are none the less a part of me

In Jesus it was shown that You Also are God

I destroy nothing

I come to wake You to everything

You have kept yourself a prisoner of a small pond

I am the Ocean and it's turbulent Flood (Rumi)

Noah was not a story about what once happened but the poetry of when I AM COME AGAIN.

When a man and a woman are joined she takes his name
Like through the name of Christ (s)he is honored
As to whether she truly gave her life to him
If she does not have true intent of heart toward the Spirit

I command "you" victim to turn yourself off in 13 months

"Do not fear, go to the Spirit" through physical or spiritual death
with 'true intentions of heart that He might raise you up again"

At the graveyard
The names on these stones made her presume Swiss
As she began to experience her moments with Spirit

Each of my presumptions about Jesus had to be replaced by the skillful accuracy of the Spirit's word. A new stone with a new name (name meaning to know the true nature of the being) like names such as heart soul spirit body these words only separate and like the Rumi poem fall in love and these do not even exist and you will not be separated again.

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Most presumptuous take the leading seats

I noticed that when I posted the presumptuous (person) the MOST presumptuous came out in anger and misunderstanding wanting to cover their shame. Some used the law against their husbands in a manner that if this got out they would be severely shamed and shame in their belief is to only be used against men. Religion as all will know is the congregation of those seeking to cover their shame and reinterpret what revealed their hearts toward those that they hate. So it is that a forum that was started when DNATREE was misunderstood on Prophecies years ago now has those that would hate him most in control and blocking his every access as the videos I sent to the members of OMTC reveal. These members are revealing their hearts toward that post that was misunderstood for in truth all humans are presumptuous.

All my life in America I have experienced this phenomenon where a woman in a relationship misunderstands a man or has some grievousness and sends out an angry energy of lets say 9 decibels. Being misunderstood he then sends out an energy of maybe five decibels and now that he has gotten angry at her, though less angry perhaps than she was she then turns all women in the vicinity against him and once this starts like on Oro the fact that they are all angry is "proof that he is too blame".. LOL Because when women are angry, they are never to blame and they have not misunderstood. So is the magic of women never taking blame but administering it only. How foolish, as in this case as they ever increase this tactic not knowing what is around the corner and that they are drawing their very greatest shame, to rival that shame that caused the veiling from each other in the Garden.

Remember the pain in the garden (10,000) yrs ago. You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your shame/pain. And like a veil, the interpretation is just an excuse to hide yourself from me. Likewise the anger and interpretation prevalent on Oroborus and prophecies.

The most shameful and controlling are those that banned together to make appearances so after I said I was banning myself.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Those that hate the Spirit, gather to control the Interpretation

Those that hate the Spirit, gather to control the Interpretation, that is Religion, that is all the forums. That is the lie that all have been led to. So the Spirit will reveal their hearts in that greatest storm that has been predicted and they draw their own end.

The flower fades, the lies take over, and the definition of being despite-fully used is clear.
Ten Years of accurate predictions relative to the Spirit to reach You and now is revealed why They Will Never Be Reached until after the great loss. No explanation will be given except they be told in one moment to "Get OFF MY PLANET"
Matt. 24:28: "Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather."

Like a flower when it blooms all the energy and beauty radiates from inside. Once it is done all those forces from outside begin to make it what it should be in their eyes and it wilts. So it is that at the end of a relationship such as on a forum those that hate the truth will rise to take the helm so that they might reinterpret through shame and blame. Until they have an interpretation that has nothing to do with the original Spirit. This is Christianity, this is Oroborus forum, and this is American Relationship. So it is that at the end of a world such as the end of Israel in 66ad that the greatest that placed themselves in office were actually the least and the least of their countrymen, humiliated, rejected and denied. So it is just before they are destroyed and humiliated that there is heaped upon those that interpreted and blamed without the Spirit all that they had done to those they said they loved. Each account has been made to appear as though I could actually log in and do something but the video will show that those wishing to impede even break their own law in order to stop what they fear.

My account at Oroborusforum has been compromised and those that are in charge there are there not because they love Oroborus forum or the folks that got pushed out but because they probably are wanting to control what they are afraid will be revealed about them. I mean like the cat lady that plays like she is a bad ass, but anyone can see that she hates Oroborus and she tried to draw everyone to her matrix. She is probably also very jealous of what happened on Oro. The women that have used the law in some manner against a man and want to manipulate any further exposure of women while all ganging up on one man.

This is why Jesus said of the Spirit which is the Earth "This is my body that is given to You" For after great humiliation, rejection and denial, he found they would never allow him to reach his own except first he give them the exact thing they desired which was the King and the Law and then he said that the only way this is to be understood is to go through the right door, as he had already been humiliated, rejected and denied and given them what they demanded. So then turning to those that they would persecute he said: "Now they will kill You and judge You and cast You out from their gatherings (that includes forums) And this interpretation that they demanded they will interpret without the Spirit and control because the real interpretation humiliates them because of their self rightness. So it is that those that hate me control the boards where the Spirit spoke through the experience of many. They have done this unto me, and they will also do this to You as Jesus had said.

Synch of late
Wanted Dead or Alive
The Snake and the women that love that lie gather to control