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Bonneville and the coming walk to the EDGE

Complete pics of Bonneville Experience
Pic after leaving Bonneville along hwy 95
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I had posted a thread called Bonneville in July of 2008 about the NDE experience related to the earth.

Following is the recent addition to Bonneville

I had left the struggle for some time and returned to the solitude that was my life before my coming out to reach You

But the last few days I had an experience that I need to post here as I believe it is related to what is going to happen. 

I was called to Elko and Winnamucca on business but when all was completed I stayed and spent time alone loosing myself in the wilderness. 

Many experiences communicated many things on many levels but the experience related to this thread started when I turned on hwy 294 and headed south seeking AN EXPERIENCE with SPIRIT alone. After about 20 miles the hwy ended and the road turned into a gravel road. The scenery was beautiful and it felt right to keep going. But the road just seemed to go on forever and soon I was 40 miles out on this gravel road. I looked at the fuel gauge and had the sense that though the tank was now half full that it would be enough no matter what. I did not have a map but was looking for whatever the moment had in store. 

Before I left on this trip I had received a gift in the form of a book from my friend Peter about Solitude and the first page was very synchronous to why I have left thestruggle and returned to a life with more solitude and silence. 

Anyway, I had many country songs that spoke of the dirt road, and the song I was humming for a few days before going on this trip about Luckenbach Texas and how this modern life were living has us futing like the Hatfields and Mc Coys and the road brought out many emotions about loosing my way as I have lately even on purpose. 

A small stone in the road must have pushed a tire plug loose and when I got to a place overlooking the Bonneville Salt Flats the tire began to go flat. The video shows the energy of getting to a place to work on the car and what all happened and how HOT it was. How on the edge this was and You may see poetry in all this related to all the synchs. 

(Movie a Thousand Words is on right now and the tree was loosing leaves (synch with the leaf) with every word Eddie Murphy said. "Life is a Journey" synch with New Leavescoming to a tree near You.) Silence is coming When all my leaves are poured out then I am to die. 

The videos show the whole experience as it happened so with no more ado here are the videos. 
Getting Lost 

Lost 294 

Way Lost but beautiful 

Lost Old Blue (earth) 

Giving Every part of Your Broken Heart to SPIRIT 

Dirt Road Experience 

I got lost, but I found YOU. 
You must loose Your way in order to flex this muscle. So those that condemn will find they have not begun. 

Butterfly (synch) and I want to check You for ticks 

Lukenbach Texas, This modern life were living has us fighting like the Hatfields and Mc Coys. 

Find YOU fresh 

Lost No Map at Bonneville Salt Flats (I did not know until later it was Bonneville) 

The other half of the Butterfly Synch (I noticed here that the tire was loosing air) 

Humming Lukenbach Texas 

Hot Stones 

Polished Stone 

The End of the Presumptuous Woman (Religion) 

On the Edge, Watching the tire in the rearview, speeding out of the Wilderness 

Expediant, Tire going flat 

More Tire Getting Flat 

Back on Paved surface 

Flat Thirty miles from Lovelock 

Note to Self LOL 

Hot Fixing Flat,,, but I like it. Feels Good 

After Flat,, (Stumbling with Cross) 

Hot Cars, Hot August nights in Reno, Monster Truck in Winnemucca 

Speed Week, Week of Daniel, Ghost Riders in the Sky 

Turn at Coal Canyon,,, Mamma Dyin 

Plugged Flat!!!!!!! 

Hwy 95 to Fallon 

Hot, Don't leave me UNBAKED [urlhttp://dailyrumi.livejournal.com/283611.html]Rumi Poem[/url] 

Washed Car, Put tire back on, Met Guy going to Bonneville for SPEED WEEK 


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