Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Soul, The Tempest, Shakespeare

Just thumbing through the "just added" portion of the netflix movies I came upon Robinson Crusoe and decided to watch it yesterday. Little did I know that it was to help come to light another show later last evening. Shakespeare Uncovered. I was taken by the idea of forgiveness in both Robinson Crusoe with "Friday" and in Hamlet and the timeliness to those having their scabs lifted lately.

Without doubt I know exactly who Shakespeare was in that what he was saying was "Tell My Story" that You might KNOW ME. And it is a deeper intent that is the same passion of Jesus even that You might know the true intentions of the heart.

Consider my passion in this play we are experiencing for like in the story of Hamlet I too live the story of loss of my father

Which as my father lay dying I was given the words to speak to him "To Know Me".

And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain. To tell my story.


Death, To Sleep, To Dream

But even greater "The Tempest" for whom my passion to reach my daughter and all mankind as well of what I have found.

For after watching Robinson Crusoe then came on Shakespeare and the Tempest which of course has been the passion of the collective soul.

The Father, The daughter, the reason for Forgiveness such as in the thread "Power of Voice" we don't demand forgiveness for the man only my friend was struck to the heart by her experience but for her that she may return to joy and freshness with the SPIRIT and not hold this pain/shame.

Perhaps the reason to destroy this world would be in seeing the true intent of a man's passion being covered by the lie that seeks to humiliate a man and then in believing this the snakes of this world give reason for so many to do evil against men believing their sin of using him is less than their interpretation of a man's evil nature, so that the system might use him as their sacrifice. For this reason so many are led down the garden path, and I can see coming a sea red of bloodA MOST BITTER TEMPEST!!!

What has been the underlying story is that salvation is not for the "self right", not the snake, nor a woman that loves shame and the lie given at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil/shame and blame which always leads to separation. But for the labeled sinner, like Hamlet that once he knew he had to avenge he was no longer of the world but defiled. The SPIRIT through Jesus was fulfilling the intention of "using" the self right to propagate a truth/love for those having drank this cup and hated above all men as they seek to cover their shame by heaping it on those they deem "worse than their own shame".

For this reason the Bitter Tempest comes through the soul to vanquish those hiding behind a veil of interpretation covering their shame by blame.

In each life such as Robinson Crusoe and Shakespeare plays there is the soul, the storm, and the passion that You KNOW ME. Even if I be hated above all men by those comfortable in shaming by an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT but they will kill anyone that does not worship this lie/interpretation.

It is so easy to hide and blame until the moment You with true intent sought to know LIFE and drank the cup of wine that leads to the cross. Liars hide behind a veil and say the blame for THEIR experience is on another yet the SPIRIT could expose all their hearts and what they thought was hidden revealing the true nature of the victims unforgiveness which is to hide their own shame.

On another note, I now realize that my passion here among the "normal people" of my country is but to generate the story/textbook for such as have been offended by society. For even after the storm that proved presumption their is still only those that seek to humiliate. So I write for those like my cousin who serves time in jail for when he himself was very young he had a girlfriend that was 17 but he was older which is normal in the part of America I am speaking about and when they had a bitter breakup, she found it was convenient to use the law about statutory rape against him because she was 17. Who is the criminal? It is for those humiliated daily by the snake teaching a woman to use men and the snake reinforcing the belief in girls that men are inherently evil and women in their fears are righteous. I know that Jesus was saying love them that would do this to You, and despite-fully use you, but You don't have to believe their interpretation of being good is following the law, but rather to follow the SPIRIT that leads to fulfilling the true intent of the law and so that those under the law like a child not weaned off milk and those following the SPIRIT can coexist through love and not the treachery of those using the law to manipulate and cast their shame on those they never new the true intent of heart of. It was before known that the snake and the women that love that lie would be attracted to the interpretation that they might cover their hidden shame using society's bias and interpret to flatter themselves.

Ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.