Monday, July 29, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers,,, Merkabah

Spearhead, Here are my synchs with the Merkabah and the restless feeling because of the WILD RIDE!!! :shock: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... OpKKB1cUWY
I received an email this morning and believe this time going into August is related to reaching everyone to the heart. The vehicle in which humans will be reached. I often walked around Narcoossee florida in the Eighties dreaming and having synchs about the Merkabah Vehicle. I feel it as a Vehicle of Experience that reaches to the heart.

Merkabah Activation – July & August 2013

Shiver Me Timbers Captain, I would expect to feel uneasy with so much energy at hand.


When I dreamed of how I would reach You,,, many terrifying things began to appear,,, but each one my senses mistook and the SPIRIT revealed the true nature as being a powerful and wonderful thing. 

When I put out the intention to REACH YOU, (about getting all truth from SPIRIT instead of interpretations) the SPIRIT revealed the storms and fires and all manner of waves (She is coming in waves) and said, jump for joy, lover for redemption is even now at the door. 
Take all the fear out of the equation of the storm and leave ALL THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!
The Passion is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2011/09/exp ... ssion.html

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She lifts me out of my complacency

We have been having synchronicities with the planet Mercury and about 222 as many are aware and about the prince the wizard the lion of Judah as 222 and the Merkabah vehicle. As we walked we talked about the moonlight and just had a blast dreaming about what the synchs in our life were saying and we walked up on a boat and we were immediately attracted to it. We did not know why but as we walked by it we began to find out why. First the name was PrinceCruiser,,, and it also had the name Cruisesomething 22 and the engine was a huge Mercury engine and we climbed up in it and fantasized that we had experiences on it and we had just talked last night about the Merkabah synchs and the song on the radio came on about riding in a mercury and then the memory of touching the pedal on a mercury car and how it zooooomed off and we got in that spirit as though the spirit itself were taking us away like that in the moment to a new spirit, just as she had so many times before.

Brock Wrote:
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:55 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
dnatree wrote:

Get ready for the Wild Ride!!!

uh, aren't we on the ride?

Time for ONE MORE!!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Audio Recordings over the Years

Finally getting around to transferring the recordings as early as 1980 about the evolution of the thirst that drew the experiences that made up my experience with SPIRIT. It is much more vast over many more years of perpetual attention that might be overlooked by those on the forums.

I started synchronicity in 1980

Here I will post each of the recordings 
The City of Our Soul,, Jerusalem 1987 Narcoossee florida When I worked for Honeywell as a Senior Field Engineer
http://www.stephentree.com/audio/soulcity.mp3 This one is good to help those struggling with synchroncities to see just how long a path this has been for me.

SPIRIT and how the SPIRIT identifies MY FAVORITE THINGS (Pensacola 1997) SHE is MY LIFE! This is about loving life and relates to a woman.http://www.stephentree.com/audio/myfavoritethings.mp3

Altar It!! Milton Florida 1997

MistyBlue/Wilderness/DNA/Journey Perfect example of a single day with YOU/MY LIFE and the synch of the day. Many other synchs with friends 1997
http://www.stephentree.com/audio/mistyblue2.mp3 Very Cute Video

San Francisco 2003 Pam and Steven

Hey Brother Unger Moments with a friend Barry Jones 1997
http://www.stephentree.com/audio/brother%20Unger.mp3 Check out Barry and I talking about Women!!!!!! Oooooh!

Hot and Cold Compresses 2001 Ariz and Utah

My Father (Inventor of the year of the state of Florida 4 yrs)and I doing a tape he wanted to talk about inventing and the importance of the warm base. Listen to the theory. Also Barry's death, he was on some of these tapes with me and here I have synchs with him at his death. http://www.stephentree.com/audio/Treasu ... hLewis.mp3

My Offering Series
WECM got in trouble for talking about folks and not having a rebuttal. They said "actually anyone can have 15 minutes on our radio station" so I started "My Offering" which was a prediction of all that was to come relative to the "TREE" which was heard on the radio in 1990 and 1991.

My Offering #1
My Offering #2
My Offering #3
My Offering #4

Friday, July 05, 2013

Stumbling over the Capstone

Mt. Memory wrote:

Ok, synchs with communication with animals such as this coast program on dogs and several meetings with dog owners who were really connected and my video yesterday with another turkey right up close at the bird sanctuary. I was talking about my synchs on a trip to Utah back when and "those who went before us" and a story I am writing about triping over the capstone of a buried pyramid and came upon this turkey. (The Turkey starts at 3.00 on this video.)

If Jesus is the cornerstone then SPIRIT is the capstone of which we are all being built up to lift up. And the poetry of this capstone story runs DEEP such as anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed. The unfolding story of my life is this man who's attention to SPIRIT led to the TRUE INTENTIONS OF THE HEART of those WHO WENT BEFORE US by falling on this rock. Of all the stones in this vast plane he stumbles on this stone that turns out to be a capstone of a great mystery.

The Mystery of the Missing capstone is the rejection of SPIRIT over those being built up beginning with the cornerstone.

This looks very much like the vision of the capstone I dreamed I stumbled on while walking in Zion National Park several years ago. But this pic is from Gale Crater on Mars. But lately I have been realizing that our stumbling here on the forums may have uncovered the intentions of those that went before us. 

Don't look for it, dream of it (YOU are all things) and You will stumble upon it just by the attraction of the heart.

Let the moment give you everything you need. Let your heart unfold like an apple seed. As on the fruit each moment you feed.

Once the truth about Your wretchedness without SPIRIT is revealed to You, the heart (broken heart) leads one with true intention of heart to desire YOU/SPIRIT to clothe me rather than cover with another interpretation. This is the beginning of true experience with SPIRIT. I must not clothe myself such as those that hide behind a veil of interpretation, but wait for YOU/MY LIFE to grow that experience that IS MY LIFE. This is the true nature of relationship with SPIRIT. Because all that hide behind a veil of interpretation and condemn others are themselves hiding their own wretchedness.

You must first loose Your way and feel the anguish of needing YOU before You find Your true self. Following CHRIST is not the interpretation they teach in churches, but the experience and humiliation of following SPIRIT and being misunderstood and rejected as the poetry of JESUS's EXPERIENCE as portrayed by SPIRIT reveals.
Your Moments in Wonder, will reveal the true intentions of Your heart.