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In response to the Natalee quetion on propheciesonline

As I always do, when this subject came up I put out an intention to have synchs related to this and then just let go of it. If the synchs came, they did, if not, then it is not for me to delve into.

So yesterday Pam and I watched "Love is a very splendid thing" and had synchs about China and Korea as I had been having. The fact that he died and the pain she suffered in the film but that it just happened was one of my feelings. No one to blame. The fact that she got to love again was the important thing though LIFE IS SHORT! This theme of the movie also reflects the synch about blame and love and really living.

I was talking to mom this morning and mentioned the movie and she said,,, oh, yes, Natalee Wood, she died out on that boat.....and then I began to feel something about the situation. I called my friend Bret because he is always up on names and events and he began to tell me about Natalee drinking and doing sleeping pills and how the actor on the boat had said that Wagner and her had argued but that they had gone to bed separately and there was not noise that night. 

I then listened to Joran and his confession and yes, I am pretty sure these are related and that yes it was a terrible accident and Oxci feels like the drug mixed with liquor. 

But in this day and age everyone is looking around for some PERSON to BLAME and I really don't think there is anyone but the person that was young and experimenting.

A lot of foolish things are done by all humans during their existence, but without them there is no shedding of blood and no remission. In other words, you can't say to life I want to know how to fix this problem and put out a hypothetical... no You have to experience the actual event. Not by creating one to see how to get out of it but by just living and getting stuck in a situation. Life is not life without having that experience and excercising the muscle of your heart that YOU/MY LIFE will help me to overcome this,,,, and,,,,having this experience we move on in life with greater trust and understanding that something will be there to catch me in that event.

I will catch You! The Leaf
Emotions like a rock caught in a bike tire and I will catch You
Pam exacerbated? her symptoms when she got in fear about her health. Written on the door to her fear corridor/cross was "I will catch You" as she was afraid of death and falling. MS depth perception.
The edge is where all life exists. I am He, Victory, driving his chariot along the EDGE of life and death. She, she is as the horses, and the crack of my whip only excites her. DNATREE

From Theology Forums 2002
Yes I am life, for life itself speaks
I am your life
I speak along your path
As once you believed and they taught you to fear the fall.
You believed all the more that I would catch you.
The voice that says "I may fall" is the child.
The voice that says I will catch you is spirit

Consider the gazzel that jumps from cliff to cliff, he has no fear blocking the door between where he is at and where " I will catch you" And should his foot slip, he again can be caught, and should he further slip another chance and another so that if he then looses balance he falls on gold. (for should I be in real danger, the miracle shows up at this point in believing ) For by having fear we draw the fall, but having the spirit of " I will catch you" we learn to leap unhindered and unhesitated.

What I am saying is all who go to the edge without this hope may not return, and each person creates their own life through what they sow in their thoughts. 
The practice of looking for someone to blame needs to be attached to a mirror.
When You are living on the edge as all real life is on the edge things may happen but if they do and You have grown to believe in SPIRIT then this verse I believe is related to how it works for You. If you have a problem with blame then this reveals your problem with trust also and it is probably someone closer to CHRIST and having faith that you are blaming fulfilling the meaning of "You do it to the least of these, you have done it unto ME". So as the fearful gather together to persecute the SPIRIT and those with greater true intention of heart than their own fulfilling all scribbling by scribes. 

How then shall we use truth but to add love and forbearance and trust before looking for a scapegoat, but through showing faith You lead others to create greater and greater trust and forgiveness as in real trust forgiveness is passed up for only wanting to start new and to have those that block that freshness to be dealt with by life as all other beings besides humans reveal in their DORA Spirit of just moving on and let SPIRIT do the judging of hearts as we always find out we judged wrong even worse than the judgement of those we deem at fault.

13 No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

The tendency to always look for someone to blame reveals the truth of the heart that You do not trust life and that You are afraid that something can happen that it may not be that [b]LIFE/GOD/SPIRIT/I WILL CATCH YOU!!
 The SPIRIT indicates the JUDGEMENT ATTACHED TO BLAME IS A GREATER MISTAKE THAN THE ONE BLAMED once the true intentions of the heart is revealed. Let go and Let GOD judge and discover the freedom of living without shame and blame.

That is what I got this morning


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