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Jonah synchs and the sign of the whale

Several Jonah Synchs the last few days

On "The Sand Pebbles"
When a coolie dies in an accident due to the faulty machinery, the other coolies blame Holman and the white crew begins to view him as a Jonah (sailor slang for bad luck personified).

Mai Ling is kidnapped and murdered by Kuomintang (Jiang’s government) thugs. The gunboat is surrounded by Chinese junks. They demand Holman be turned over for the “murder” of Mai Ling. At this point the Jonah label is in concrete so the crew is cool with turning over Holman and mutinies when the captain refuses.

On the news this morning

The person seen as a Jonah is the one that is blamed for bad things that happen when it is not them that caused it and or might be being blamed by those that drew the storms.

Jonah and the sign of the whale

Sign of the whale synchs "(ongoing)

This was posted yesterday related to the sign of the whale and my family

https://scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hph ... 0674_n.jpg
Awww thats so Sad But so very True Your Never Promised tomorrow so Love your family & loved ones Tell them often Don't hold Grudges You may not be able to say Your sorry or I love you I know first hand How Quickly your life can be taken away & you may Never have that second Chance I was Lucky GOD heard My Kids My Family & everyone they had Praying for Me when I went into a Coma They said I had No Chance of coming out of So Be Careful of Your Hurtful Words Hurting others feelings Saying bad things about others to make yourself feel better Because You Do Love Your Family and close friends & if they Were really taken from you How would you Feel if the last thing you said Was Mean or Hurtful Tomorrow IS NOT PROMISES JUST A THOUGHT I have a special love immediate Family My I LOVE MY KIDS Raine Spence Michelle Cummings Watwood Jeremy Cummings His wife Brittany Raye Nichols
I love my Family Dearly Specially My Sister Pixie Dust Her daughter Karissa Cummings Her Kids Family & Daniel Webster Their My immediate Family I have had all my life I love the rest of my family as well

Previous posts check out dates as far back as 2003

http://talk.origins.narkive.com/bwaxZdS ... -the-whale

It is the SPIRIT that did this


I am posting this because it is the SPIRIT to be lifted up so that we can keep what has been given

The movie "The Fountain" and Jonah

Here is a movie that speaks of humans learning from the rising water,,, also metaphorically 

Everything that is alive has a heart and a soul and everything in the world is born and dies.

An extraordinary story of a boy and an immortal shadow.
A first feature film from the internationally awarded short film director PV Lehtinen.

"The water about me rose up to my neck; the ocean was closing over me. Weeds twined about my head in the troughs of the mountains; I was sinking into a world whose bars would hold me fast for ever." Jonah 2:2-6

A little boy drowns tragically in the sea in 1947. Miracle occurs and boy is found alive three days after. The boy no longer utters a word. In 1952, a Spanish grandmother moves in with the family. There is a special silent bond formed between the boy and the granny. One night,the boy sees things that will change everything.

Like in the movie "The Fountain" a tree born of love and intention is planted in the heart of the Constant Gardener that Pam and I watched last night. In this movie, Tessa dies and it begins such a seed in his heart to fulfill her intention much like the energy of the tree in the movie the fountain where the same actor plays Izie in The Fountain.


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